The Burning Bushes, Little Sister, Blood 2

What Have You Done to Me & Father, America? 1

Apostle Paul and I, Part 14 Conclusion

Mahesh Chavda was at Austin Cathedral tonight and for the first time in ten years; no, actually it was 42, I was home. I wasn’t a Little Sister wandering; wandering; always wandering between death and life, life and death looking for the Man, the One Man, Whose Testimony defines Me.

I sit here at my computer and cry. Esther Grace comes out of her room again but she should be in bed. We will go back to Austin Cathedral tomorrow because it is Sunday and that is where she and I wish to be. (12/10/2018 Patrick Clayton Beaty is now 56, on the Earth with Jesus Christ, and Their Little Sister is making changes for the Love of Jesus. Esther did not go to church with me that day. This mother protects children. The only time that this will not be the case is in the future and I already know what is happening but I have never, nor will I, demanded a time-line. That is the Office of the Prophet King of kings, Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I will act accordingly. In other words, I’m going to make changes to my life so that I can love Myself better. I already love Christianity and I have nothing to prove to any other people group.) 

In my waking visions today, Edith Renae was with Us. I want that vision to come forth in flesh but we will see. I don’t believe in forcing adult children to be what they didn’t decide successfully to be. As my Dorothy and I have learned in our own ways over the years, you can’t allow others to define your success.

My children, none of them, know what I’ve been through. Well….I tell them the hard so they can understand a little bit–a true mother knows how to tell them in a language not too hard to bear or she tells them in silence or screaming. They don’t understand for a while and then they do is what I’ve learned in ten years. But all in all, this Prophetess knows the darkness of hell is best left with Jesus, with Father, with Lucifer, and with #TaraAnnMoons.

God Father hurts too much. I don’t know how Jesus Carries Us. But He does. If He ever genuinely, freely, laughs and it goes to His Eyes, I hope I am there to be His Witness with Others.

I cannot tell the world how it is a privilege to have the testimony that the Lord has appeared to me as He did to Mary Magdalene and others after His Resurrection. The reason I cannot do that is Jesus Christ Himself. He does not care for #ThankYou. He does not desire the word “privilege” in His Presence. Dwelling is His Life Core as King of kings. It is that simple. The rest of It isn’t for forever; it came to pass. It comes to pass.

Revelation 14:19-20 And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

I have declared “blood to bridles” several times the past three years in testimony if my memory serves me correctly. This is the pinned tweet series I wrote tonight as I went to two churches and then testified somewhere or other that I need to stay with Judah now. You will see why when I type the series. I cannot spare what tried so hard to stop me. Jesus looks at me at times here and there. He says to me in that look, Do it for Me and You; do it for Judah. We need You Love. All is right now. He Led Us. This is #TRUTH for eternity and now that the eldest burning Bush of America came home with Moses in the same style as can be read in this MSN article today, now America knows the fullest story.

There were two burning bushes. It was Texas Born as is this woman named Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey. There are no COINcidences. There is #GOD.  There is I AM. There are humans, immortals, angels, and Creation around us. There are universes with possibilities no eye has seen but minds have conceived. I like that we are like #GOD there. It proves how we are created in His Image. Ya’ll go on and figure it all out. I’m here with Jesus Christ and Tribe Judah in Austin, Texas and #PatrickClaytonBeaty came home here instead of Garland, Texas. Here is the testimony, and the interactive song list was given to me today on my iPhone. I wove in both faithful and unfaithful church experiences of the last ten years. People plotted against me. I saw it clearly tonight. I snatched what I could. But when Redding, CA had the awful fire this year, I knew that Bill Johnson and my second cousin Recie had conspired against me. These people are in Austin, and I blessed @Bethel by sending them my third volume of testimony and writing to Bill and Beni Johnson in the book. There is faithfulness.

But the world must listen to Mahesh Chavda of Tribe Judah in his 29th year. You will do that and #TaraAnnMoons will forever see to it. If they are Tribe Judah, you will listen. That is according to the ministry of Jesus Christ King of kings to #TaraAnnMoons and #PatrickClaytonBeaty across a 52 year life. It is all glory to #GOD and in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ amen. To be clear, I cannot review any of Brother Mahesh’s books and etc, pure and golden as they are. He is ministering to all of them as am I. But right now, Christians are too segmented and political for me to get involved and so yet again, Brother Mahesh is protecting a Little Sister that He cannot even speak to except to say The Job is Finished early December of 2017.

I have lost everything and everyone. The Chavdas have not. Sometimes I am lonely about it. Sometimes I am OK about it. Most of the time I am desperately missing Jesus. That is, I’m missing Him until He is there. And my greatest terror is upon me. He may vanish for a while. I feel alone when it is like that. But I have a loving family. It’s just that…………………..

Tweet #1: .@theChavdas that was a #BaptistLaugh last night about Pentecostals. (emoticons) #letsdothis #TaraAnnMoons

#2: Here’s Benjamin tonight. (Revelation 7). @BethelRedding is in Austin now. They meet in Hope in the City’s Monterrey Oaks spot. Funny. Austin Oaks is right across the street. They denied me membership. #ANATHEMA to #ChristianChurchSin #TaraAnnMoons #PORTALDOORCLOSE #PORTALDOORLOCK

#3: .@theChavdas Bonnie: He dated a Michele. Forgive That Baptist ok? KK but lookie here Brother Mahesh. #PentecostalPatricia worships this way Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson Funky Woe Jesus! I need my Pentecostal Family @kennethphillips why ain’t ya @ AC?

#4: Here we go! @kennethphillips (emoticons) [This is the pastor of PromiseLand on 51st Street in Austin, Texas.]

#5: The Beautiful Dancer Queen was Slain in Love as we Worship #TribeJudah with @theChavdas. Oh I lost it ya’ll. Worship Pastor Darren Shaw led in a song and “dry bones” came forth w/ Michael Davis #Jeremiah [and I need to add #ApostleJohn because my love Shane cannot be killed–he has witnesses–deal with us America, deal with Jesus]

#6: Brother Mahesh declared #TRUTH about the worship team of Austin Cathedral. Non-professional, Glory Enabled, and of the Levi calling are Words Mahesh Chavda spoke tonight. You are never Ready. We are. Come Lord Jesus Come! #TaraAnnMoons #ComancheCara #LeviathanAnn #PentecostalPatricia [@leviathanann is one of my three Twitter Handles because I am a dragon in the waters of Time; I am fed to the people; and, professionalism belongs NOWHERE within the Church of #GOD. Worship is for the people by the people in our New Jerusalem Churches and the rest must die away; you are a Charlatan Race; a Masquerade; it is that simple. Levi knows; Tara knows; Cara knows; Tara and Esther Grace and Edith Renae will show the world #LOVE, #WORSHIP, and all else that is #SACRED #FOREVERMORE. You cannot kill our #SpiritLife in #JesusChrist but you have broken Us Three. You knew what you were doing. #ANATHEMA in Jesus Name, amen. #ApostlePaul and I know how to turn into the Serpent of Time. We hiss and strike. amen.] Leviathan Ann Me from Letter to Lucy by Frank Schaeffer & EGJ2 book review which blog article is under construction from You will not destroy my Love Brother Frank and Our Judah Families any longer. You will listen to Him; You will listen to Me. That is not a promise; that is a Command. We have suffered; and what of all 12 Tribes world and Time-Wide? What of God Father Whom I must remove from #HELL with John Paul Jackson, Scott Evelyn, Patrick Clayton Beaty, and Lucifer? Jesus suffered; Jesus died; you do not care for the sacrifices of the Angelic Trio of Jesus, Lucifer and Me, oh World. I don’t care; you never knew; that is that and all is now blue. You are dead; we are Alive; #GOD is among Us on the Earth; it is Time to Thrive. I will turn into what Jesus Speaks within my Core so Go to Hell and learn Life Lessons Lore. I am a Mystery; He is Not; there is that; the war is done fought.]

#7: Blood to Bridles in every Catholic and Protestant Church in America and then the Western World save two: St. Catherine of Siena Catholic and Austin Cathedral. You are never Ready. We are. Come Lord Jesus Come! #TaraAnnMoons #ComancheCara #LeviathanAnn #PentecostalPatricia

#8: It is left to Judah to raise it up. This is all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. Tribe Judah Revisited Page on

#9: Willow by Jasmine Thompson by Jasmine Thompson takes me back to my parents’ first house in Garland, Texas, where #PatrickClaytonBeaty died twice in a street (Rev 11). We had a willow tree in our sandbox in the backyard. It was Crestview Drive. Remember Patrick? #LittleSister

#10: The Last Day came for me. It’s good to be exactly where Jesus puts me forever. (emoticons) [The Last Day for Uncovered No More is September 25, 2008. You cannot outrun the love of #Jesus, oh world of humanity and angels. But you have killed me trying. I am still here typing. Where is Jesus? At the moment in the chair next to me, on my right. He is young; he is smiling; I am never alone.]

#11: A Stutter (feat Arnor Dan) by Olafur Arnalds #PatrickClaytonBeaty stuttered terribly. At age ten he was healed and saved through faith in Jesus Christ and that not of himself it is the gift of #GOD. He died in Garland streets at age 15 and 17 [1976 and 1978]. By 2014……

#12: I began to learn he and Jesus live in Austin, Texas. It is the New Jerusalem by the testimony of Mahesh Chavda at Cathedral of Praise December 5, 2015. I remember Him earlier this year 2018. It was a truck, window down. I remember Him Smiling at Me. He turned in and I drive out…[He put a make-believe crown on His Dear Head to let me know it was Him–He has looked very obvious several times the past three years so that I could tell the difference between Him and impostors or the Men or men that are purified to serve in His and My Presence in Austin, Texas. It is all glory to #GOD how we see the New Jerusalem Priest-Hood Levi come forth in this blog article for the New Jerusalem by the testimony of Cara Coffey and Mahesh Chavda and the worship leadership of Darren Shaw. It is all glory to #GOD and in Jesus Name, amen. I will release 12 Tribes Name and Artwork some day(adoption here for all the world; Revelation 7). I’m not sure which website address it will go upon. I can guarantee the World of Decadence and Opulence of the West one thing: It is beyond relief to explain to you how this authoress and prophetess is thankful I can do my work of the ministry and simply dwell with my people now.]

#13: ….shaking my head in wonder at My Love’s ability to be very, very Human indeed. Now there is the Good Place. We have White Walls. Amen. #TaraAnnMoons. White Walls Are Already Arisen from

This is a strange article. Get used to it World. amen.




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