What Have You Done to Me & Father, America? 1

When she cannot even go into a church building without knowing degradation deep in her soul,

She knows every woman is feeling this same apostasy, and her child, and they give us no voice to cry foul.

The pain rips through my Judah heart anew; and, I don’t know how to stop pretending to be American Jew,

But this one is Old Jerusalem and sucks the life out like as if a vacuum cleaner is attached to the pew.

Cara cannot even remember why she keeps going in the doors of churches because it stays the same,

War torn and bruised she keeps bringing angels to the pew but they can’t stay away from the tormenting flame.

And then there are the Jesus Ones Who have lived like me and I didn’t know about it until late 2018,

So to go back and be salt pillar after having already been that caged animal of a slave girl is what is Satan.

God Father, God Father, surely You must stand Up and take Us out of hell on earth soon because I watch You,

And what I see is a Man who desires to be Free so He begs off the Bible Record and leaves my Love BLUE.

I thought it was wrong to forgive God Father but now I see that He needs me to admit I wrote a poem once.

And I asked forgiveness of humans who betrayed Me and me so then I lost everything and am a complete dunce.

GOD! GOD? oh GOD? I forgive YOU I forgive YOU I forgive YOU I forgive YOU I forgive YOU I forgive YOU.


They know I express Your Heart and they don’t know what to do with YOU but I do; I do; I do; I do: and I am Tara Ann Moons. I was made for this all glory to GOD.


Triangles of Love was written February 14, 2014 when Bob Jones died.

George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States, dies at 94

Washington Post

Wake up America. You have been in a Death Sleep. Cara Ann knew it and kept to herself but my Soul is Tara Ann Moons; my Spirit is Tara Ann Moons. And there is no way in Heaven, Hell, and Earth that I will stop telling You about the Dwelling of I AM upon the Earth now. I will never stop. HE has decreed it in Jesus Name, amen.

Psalm 51:11-13

Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.  Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.  Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

The only One left to Restore Me is He. I desire my Dwelling Place to have a Man Who understands Me. They don’t understand me; they now at least respect Me, and that is that. I Dwell Alone. It is not good for Tara Ann Moons to Dwell Alone. Until then, I have much to Teach Humanity. I do not care if Humanity pays attention. You will die that way, I will lay you to rest, and that is that, Too.

Zedd–True Colors (Empire State Building) by Zedd

The Burning Bushes, Little Sister, Blood 2

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