When Mortals Prevail, Angels & I Sail, Part 15

I Will Be Damned No More, Part One

Vows Three Seals America Thee, Part Two

Be Me, Be You, Let’s Try Harder, Part Three

When mortals try to be Jesus Christ, what Tara Ann Moons does is help them along the way to accept where they are truly called in their Christianity. Let us remember Joel and Acts Chapters 2. The Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh and therefore, it behooves the Christian, no matter how they are gifted and called, to help other Christians and bear one another’s burdens.

We are called to that in the New Testament. It is an obvious skill that much be tended and practiced in the modern day considering the fact that first of all, the very real Jesus Christ is here and manifesting Himself and the Sons of God in the flesh life. Secondly, that very Holy Spirit Whom is poured out on all flesh is very Powerful in Teaching and Comfort. None of Us will ever out-love the DEITY where humanity and all of other creation are concerned.

As a matter of fact, the Three In One has it easiest in some ways and humans have it hardest. If one is an immortal as I am, we tend to have it hard as Elect. And I will tell you as the Seer, Cara, that I’m not lying to anyone to say that Three In One has it easiest. I’m just in heaven instead of hell to have said that.

(smile) That is where angelic marriage is helpful for this person named Cara Coffey. I automatically understand some things in an angelic sense that I shouldn’t know IRL. This is a balancing factor for me but angels are complex and their thought processes actually mimic human, mortal men. So they are the same as us. Entertain them; you are entertaining a man who needs to be here comfortably however long He is supposed to be among us.


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