Jesus Told Me I am Strong, Part One

The feature photo was taken November 6, 2018, as I was standing in line at Randall’s off Loop 1 and William Cannon to vote a Democratic straight party line ticket after which I will pick my daughter up. Thanks for the pain again America but I’m thankful my privilege to vote hasn’t been revoked. Lemme say. Everything else, and I mean everything, was tried on me from about 2012 to this mid-term election. Dudes and Dudettes, I didn’t scream at you for ten years REVOCATION. I screamed RESURRECTION; UNITY; REVIVAL; REVITALIZATION; DWELLING. Whatever! Hallelujah!

I don’t believe Him of course. You don’t know where; you don’t know when He told me this. But the point is He never tells me what to do. I’ve always said the Man is the Best Feminist out there and I am right. This time, He simply told me He knew I would do the right thing. When I told Him there is a War inside me so I was choosing to allow one right to trump another one, He said I would do the right I would rather do.

I was choosing to go against my own free will; He knows how many times I’ve done it in this 52 year life. He knows better than I do because, after all, He is the One that initiated my divorce from the bride of Christ because I am a physical representation of the wife of the Lamb from Revelation 19-22. All the way to the beginning of the book from Genesis to Revelation, Jesus took 52 years to let me know what I never believe. I just hurt too much. God help me. 

Lists…I’ve written so many lists. I’ve typed so many times. And in two minutes I need to go and make pork with rice with a side of black beans for my family then take Esther Grace to volleyball practice. She fussed at me this afternoon. But she is obeying anyway. Score!! (laughing)

You don’t need to know details. What you need to know is that they lied to me. It happened through silence. And then it happened through persecution of me that is hidden; and, some of those people I am sparing. I have told the Master this. He knows. I am crying; He is crying. Do not cry for Us, my Loves. We never lost hope, He and I. How wrong would that be for the King of kings to lose hope? He can’t. That is obvious. I owe it to humanity to be somewhat wordless today. You have suffered so much to have realized Cara is an angel. Did you know around 2015 Patrick my son asked me, well Mom, are you? I looked at him and said nothing because I didn’t know. And then, when it got real bad, I would tell him and a few others that I will never deny the testimony of Jesus Christ in my life. And then later, remember my loves….remember that I never denied the testimony of Jesus Christ in your life.

And I never did. It is all glory to God and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

I don’t have to choose anymore. He chose for me. But I told Him it is at his command and it wasn’t. I hope that makes him smile. He didn’t command anything with me. He never does with His Women. He trusts us as men should. Things would go a lot more #peaceonearth a lot faster if more men would watch Jesus IRL wherever he is around you. You never see him–until you do and I can always tell when you do. (smile)

Michael Pearl, the Jew in my heavenly door midst

Aaron Hicks, another heavenly door minister in Texas who has hurt my son Aaron Jackson so much I am hard put not to write about it.

Richard Joyner

Franklin Graham

Jim Bob Dugger

Dave Eichler known as @I_Am_The_Christ; @I_Am_Inside_You; @I_Am_God_Above on Twitter. He scared me, fed me information, and provided a few details I needed for confirmation. He lives close to here in Austin, Texas. He has done untold damage to my family as has Rick Joyner and Franklin Graham so I will not tell it. amen.

I have held my hand of authority in the grace and mercy of God through one Twitter handle: @LeadersJesus. Dave set it up with a password, gave me the account, and deceived me to think he is That Man. He is out of the country right now so I know he and his family are safe. Do not ask me, Loves, what I had to do under the surface to come to this list that will be placed on all three website blogs. Do not believe anymore rumors about me.

You have no idea; you have no idea; I tell you:  you have no idea what John Paul Jackson, Michael Shane Davis, and Cara Ann Coffey together withstood with all our families for this piece of gold I am writing to be here; and, that is from when my grandfather, Robert Hilton Beaty, was born in 1903. He lived, he died, I arose in 1933 amen. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

Dead prophets in the street: Robert Hilton Beaty; Patrick Clayton Beaty; David Wilkerson

Revelation 11

Another article will be forthcoming as part two. It is about the deaths of my Loves Africa America which I faithfully testified in Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (volume three) and the current horror of deaths in a Jewish assembly.

#TakeAKnee when Bastard President Trump denigrates any woman or her child and do it twice if it was against an American Indian and/or African and\or Immigrant.

#TakeAKnee in front of me anywhere and I will join you, put my right hand over my heart, and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tell them all we the New Jerusalem Demon Horde are here. We will love you in your worst nightmare, remind you who you are in your self-hatred, and take your love when we fall.

Give them the finger silently and proclaim in loudest quiet #peaceonearth. I don’t know what else to do. They are idiots, and they keep lying. We don’t want a riot but they don’t know anything else. Let’s keep moving.

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