Apostle Paul and I, Part 14 Conclusion

A Public Letter to Tribe Judah 13

Yeah there’s some misconstruin’ going on about Apostle Paul so I have decided to take a break and do a part 14 as a freaking book review. If there is one thing I don’t want to do, it’s read about Donald Trump.

But Apostle Paul be directing me and anyway, let’s see what For Apostle Peter, Part Three has to say because I am here to tell America that I’ve had it said about me so much I’m a little tired of identifying with Apostle Paul but identify I will.

He is my mentor in reasoning. I’m just kidding. I don’t reason with anybody. I look at you and walk off. You never knew what hit you and why. But unless you ask me to interpret it New Jeru style, shut the living hell up in your thought life where us real people are concerned. You didn’t understand us when you denigrated the 44th president and you got a “wicked break” that Russia by and large gave you with Trump. Your time is coming. Praise God!

When I have #QAnon in my writing room, and I do have that (smile), there ain’t no telling what Cara is gonna write. Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham family keeps being an idiot. Supporting the worst of these called Donald Trump, going state to state to pray in tandem with Cara the Prophetess in Austin, Texas,  which I’d done with my home schooling children in 2012 and 2013, and then pretending you know what’s going on with the Earth called America and telling a bunch of idiot “Christians” how good Trump is when that is a bald eagle-faced lie, is what we have right now. Thanks America. God bless America–I’m saying that this way:


2 Peter 3:15-17 And consider that the long-suffering of our Lord [[a]His slowness in avenging wrongs and judging the world] is salvation ([b]that which is conducive to the soul’s safety), even as our beloved brother Paul also wrote to you according to the spiritual insight given him, Speaking of this as he does in all of his letters. There are some things in those [epistles of Paul] that are difficult to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist and misconstrue to their own [c]utter destruction, just as [they distort and misinterpret] the rest of the Scriptures. Let me warn you therefore, beloved, that knowing these things beforehand, you should be on your guard, lest you be carried away by the error of lawless and wicked [persons and] fall from your own [present] firm condition [your own steadfastness of mind].

I have this to sing to the stupid Christian crowd: Mark Ronson — Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

OK ya’ll, drop the rapture doctrine. God ain’t destroying the Earth so pull up a seat and stay a while. Get your white-ass self off the stupid doctrine Christian pavement and high-tail it back to reality-land.

I just told one recently: belief is a moot point these dayz. Shut up about it if you are still believing unless you need to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and come join me with the real people who are bringing in the NJ according to the Lord’s Prayer. I am saying again: rapture doctrine idiots ain’t believing the Lord’s Prayer. Obvious. Sheesh!

Yuppers me and Apostle Paul are going to keep dancing to Uptown Funk and that is that. Have a nice life but don’t expect us to have our nice American life without working out our salvation with fear and trembling one day at a time. Kings….they are being turned to do the will of God (Revelation 17) and I do not give one rat’s ass for belief about all that. Live it NOW amen.

So why a book reading extravaganza I don’t want to do? Lemme art it here:

I remember back when the second President Bush was in office. And we obviously had a Burning Bush Tragedy during his tenure there. But what I want to focus on for a moment is how he and others were talking about the “New World Order” and he was even thought by conspiracy theorists to have been a factor in 911’s planning–nope. Conspiracy Theory abounds, and the Bible even says that. There will be many Christs, and some of them are anti-Christs. I think one thing we cannot begin to understand but concede the point of is the sons of God being revealed.

Yes, the New World Order is here and when a demon talked through my voice on September 25, 2008, that was brought to my conscious thought for ten years. I survived it and the deliverance work apportioned to me as a normal woman of God who has had 12 pregnancies and then another woman of God the Angels have revealed to me in preparation for the New World Order I have a rather large part to play within. But that isn’t what Bush was talking about and as a mother I remember feeling fear. Now, I can still feel fear. But I’ve learned nothing whatsoever to say it is all glory to God how this life called Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey exists for GOD and #mystery until I’m simply taking care of Mom, kids, the house, and etc. I’ve tried to run a billion times; it hurt bad. How many of us remember the scare of Y2K?


TRUMP in the White House

By Bob Woodward

Prologue, p. xxii “More than anything else, it’s the security of our nation….That’s number one, two, and three……” This is what Donald Trump said to Mr. Woodward and Bob Costa as they discussed the situation of removing the United States from “The United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement”.

This man, our president, has used Christians to twist what Jesus Christ is here for. He is not here for the United States only. It is the New World Order (NWO) which is already here and no president will override the King of kings; however, we Christians must do our part in repentance, work in the fields of harvest allegorically, and simple life in love with God first and humanity called our neighbor as we love ourselves–living. How did it get so complicated? I do not know. But I’m simply showing myself that yes, there is this NWO and you cannot have the narrow view Trump obviously has and continue to foster peace on earth and good will to humankind. President Obama did that nurturing necessity as the first African American President, and the 44th one at that. This is monumentally a heavenly detail. Trump is not doing anything of the sort, and the digit sum of his atrocious 45th personage is a nine–judgment is beginning in four years again all right. I have been testifying it and being destroyed. Let the plot thicken, people. amen.

Chapters 1 & 2

These two chapters underscore in testimony what I explained already without having read the chapters. Why am I able to do that? I am a Seer. I can see where God is using the leadership of this nation to turn to the NWO of GOD, and nobody else.

But the NWO of GOD will be and should be pure. So in the current process of American History, it is evident white, male chauvinism and racist mentality toward a navel-gazing “make America great again” slogan became the four year reality we are horrifically living now.

Why is it horrific? Is it because my life in this four years has changed abruptly and I am being separated from my children as a white, middle-class, American woman? Well, actually, that was tried on me under the surface as I wrote three books which were destroyed even through to my publisher by January of 2017, as I continued in my normal life for the last ten years, and as I realized the calling on my life in an epiphany that is still under the surface to a degree and right out there in the open otherwise, safely.

Do not ever forget: Kellyanne Conway was made to feel that she was the leadership of the Trump for President campaign when in actuality Bannon took over to get Trump the White House and Trump showed his ugly elitist, racist, white ass during the campaign for this 45th presidency.

As for me, I’m still here typing on a computer on this property and my life has changed to a power that has nothing to do with money–through failure. This fact of true reality is the still, quiet waters I belong within of Tribe Judah, and there is no human on this earth who will remove the power God laid forth in Austin, Texas, of which I continually testify about and cleanse the Temple according to Second John toward the NWO coming into more, and more, and more power that can be seen.

This country, no matter the leadership, has the bedrock of “we the people” from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. Those who lack the fear of God are being outed but this takes the honesty of time to mature.

Do I have any earth authority to speak thus? No I don’t. Do you see this middle-class, white, woman shrink from the racist, sexist truth of the matter which happened in this country to put Donald Trump in the White House? No you don’t.

And that is a good thing because the reason I am stopping long enough to read a book I do not care about is for this very reason: Revelation 12 testimony that the hard-hearted, wicked generations (Exodus 20) and nay-say-ers of American sin cannot silence because, supposedly, I’m only a small voice in a tide-less pool of a cave somewhere in Texas. (I’m speaking in the tongues of mean and angels to a degree here on out today, and I’m admitting this for those who get it. If you don’t get it, shame on you, America.)

I can tell you the cave they locked me in: it is at Circle C Park off of Donald Carpenter. (smile) You destroyed my writing. I lost everything and everyone literally and that story is never going to be told, but it happened in the United States for ten long years. God is restoring my honor and as He does that, He is restoring His True Honor in the United States of America which is and will forever BE the land and home of the free and the brave.

As I pointed out on this very blog not long ago: it doesn’t take a day to close the doors of hell as Revelation very clearly points out is happening any more than it took a day to build Rome….or the United States of America. Do I have fear that I am wrong? Of course I do, for I am human.

Do I give in to that fear? Of course I don’t, which is obvious, or I would do what ex-patriot Christians like false prophet Franklin Graham is even now doing: put my trust in an old, wicked, rich ruler waiting to die and having a little glory on the earth because Donald Trump follows “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die” quite a bit more honestly, actually, than Franklin Graham does. He can do this, though, because he had the money and power given to him by God to be a little something called dishonest and point out the rest of the dishonesty in the political system of the United States of America.

The bedrock is still there; the chaff will be driven away; and, God is sovereign. It is Jesus Christ the King of kings Who reigns forever and ever and none other. You go on and wait and see. Oh taste and see that the LORD is good.

Why is Franklin Graham and others within the largely white, male and female leadership, of Evangelical Christianity being used by God here? That reasoning is in Revelation Chapter 13. The point of no return is abortion. The Bible itself tells us Jesus Christ prophesied that it would have been better had they never been born. Yes, it would have been but they were born and they will do what God ordains them to do as vessels of wrath all the way from Billy Graham ministries down to little bitty rich, old ruler Donald Trump.

It isn’t funny, though. It is horrific to see our children and others being shot in different places by ugly people who think their excuses for such murderous intent is righteous. It is horrific to see Hispanic children being ripped from Hispanic parents in a fear-mongering ploy that uneducated, white people think is righteous when the rest of us are left to defend the defenseless in love with God and country on the streets because money-hungry power players like the NRA are still the driving force in this country.

But it is coming down, all of it, right here in the United States of America as the whole world watches. For the rest of this book I will not delve as deep into Heart of American Sin Issues. I have set the stage for my book review to skim over details of powerful, yet very wicked, players in the game of humanity vs. God going forth.

All I have to do is read two chapters, tell you the key points of temptation which brought the conclusions that sound very right and are dead wrong, obviously by this point in 2018, and keep moving in faith, hope, and love these three and the greatest of these is love which I, and the real heavenly host of Angels, humans, immortals, and GOD HIMSELF make up WORLDWIDE, and keep moving in my life where I rejoice, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks for this is the will of God for me in Christ Jesus according to First Thessalonians chapter five. This is a free will choice I make today, each day, and in the Name of Jesus Christ amen.

Now let me write the key for my brash, true statements no matter what happens to mortal me the rest of my life: Lucifer. Lucifer is blamed for human temptation because humans will blame, and particularly males, as it was from the beginning. Females tend to be more honest as Kellyanne Conway was in chapters 1 and 2 of this book. Males stand there at the beginning of cursed-God awful-time and say, It is that woman You gave me, GOD. 

Lucifer and I stand there for I am one of them who travels the realms despite what the world thinks, and we cry, he and I. We cry because we love them and they never see as humans with power and money.

They never see how it is self-discovery of your true and honest, created in the Image of God yet fallen to this state of despicable, wicked humanity, SELF that loves itself more than God and you never admit it.

I am moving on with three ArchAngels, GOD, and humankind in Jesus Name, amen. But don’t ever doubt Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey’s real, human reality: I am alone with angels and I AM now. Those on the earth born of two humans, no matter how highly-gifted or righteous in the work they are carrying out on the earth in this place and time–only just survived my testimony. I am a mirror image from 1 Corinthians 13. I have seen Images of GOD in perfect safety in Austin, Texas. I don’t know why. I simply know that love never fails, I am cleaning house today, and that is that, amen.

The Apostle Paul was the same way. It is openly admitted that the man who wrote the most of the New Testament was not understood upon the Earth. He is the 14th Apostle. There are 12 of what is termed Elders in Revelation who bow before the Throne and throw their crowns evermore There.

Here is the key: humility. Not taking glory on yourself has been the acid test of the ministry of Uncovered No More. It is a death knoll to the humanity, no matter how highly gifted, that thinks it is in evermore of the New Jerusalem with the little girl now a woman scorned in hell who executes judgement whether I like that about this me or not. I can assure the world I don’t like me, but it is convenient for people around me to forget that as they don’t believe my testimony to their hurt and mine.

I have been and will continue to be lethally honest on all three of my blogs. Now you know. I never knew. And God is pleased with that in 2018 though my soul is still weeping, weeping, I am always weeping with Lucifer.

Michael and Gabriel are determined, pure, and holding up the Arms of two images–one a little girl and one a fallen ArchAngel–and their names are Cara Ann Beaty and Lucifer. I have been told in writing anonymously, I love you Cara and it is going to be the death of me. I couldn’t even save the email I am so hated for who I actually do not know that I am.

But this is the truth so help me GOD. It was this anonymous personage who sent me back to Judah with Brother Mahesh Chavda in 2017. I was scared as heaven to have talked with Someone I do not know, but I am grateful in 2018 for that person’s simple love and clear direction–return to Judah and trust them. Then Mahesh Chavda came into Austin on December 1, 2017 and told me the job is finished.

IOW: Tribe Judah is to be trusted NOW and not one minute before. Didn’t you know? It takes a woman of God like Cara Coffey and Mary the Mother of Jesus to call it just like it took Mary Magdalene to call it about the Jesus Man’s Resurrection; or there is Rahab the Harlot, Hagar the Concubine, Tamar, Rizpah, Martha the Sister, Lydia the Business Woman, and Priscilla the House Church Executive.

Don’t pay attention to other women. Yes I’ve been them and a bunch of the males in the OT and NT too. It’s called Spirit and Flesh A-Sexuality. If you want to know about that, ask Cara Ann Beaty and Michael Shane Davis in the modern day. We are from Texas and Mississippi. We do not give one #WTF for your ideas when it comes to Tribe Judah.

We load up the weaponry, we ride into town on horses clearly expounded in Revelation, and we do what we gotta do, Shane and I, for the King of kings and Lord of lords. You want to know two humans who GET IT with Lucifer the ArchAngel who Has NO PARENTS? Cara in Texas and Shane in Mississippi. That is simple, hey?

Shane can’t even read my website blogs. They make his eyes burn. You damn right. I’ll burn up my Brother Jesus Michael Shane Davis even if I have to. I love three ArchAngels and Jesus Christ and God Father and God Holy Spirit in ANY BODY FORMS they choose to be in that much and more. You have no idea.

Shane knew that when we met and sealed the fate of America in his kitchen in 2015 right after four blood moons. Witnesses? Yeah I’ve got two of them: John Paul Jackson up above and Michael Shane Davis down below. Hell froze over February 4, 1989. Go check the American Weather Records. Then, Heaven came down and everybody freaked out from September 25, 2008 until the job was finished December 1, 2017.

Jesus says so and nobody else. What did ya’ll expect? That the King of kings was gonna bow to you? Get your knees on the damn floor wherever you are and for however long He says because if there is one damn thang that I hope is gonna happen some day SOONEST it’s Cara and Jesus in some Body Form or other in a room talking about IT. What Cara? I do not KNOW. I will not be telling you. HE IS IN CHARGE. amen.

I got through Chapter Two. Apostle Paul and I are like WHATever. We have and continue to see THIS…….shit. But it won’t be forevermore. Moving on amen.

Now as to the feature image, it is hilarious to me that Trump is obviously a strong anti~Christ figure and I don’t know what to do with Lucifer. He doesn’t know what to do with me. As we say in Texas: dad gum.

Here I will tell Him something: I’ll hug You some day. You gave me a run for my life. God gave me my life back. Some of my helpers are Christians and Dude guess what? If God gives me a choice I will take You staying down here over the Christians. You aren’t nearly as persnickety and judgmental as Christians. 😂 Dude…take a bite outta my Apple. I’m just kidding.

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