A Public Letter to Tribe Judah 13


2/3 plus 1/3 Equals 3/3 12

12 original disciples plus one in Acts after Judas Iscariot died: 13. One would suppose I will have a 14th article in and among the Isaiah chapters. I dunno but we need to deal with the fact that Apostle Paul is #14 and anyway, 14 x 3 equals 42. Go see 42 in Revelation 11-13 or so. I have Christians still thinking they can out-interpret me in America as it concerns the book of Revelation. God have mercy. *yawn*

Dearest Brothers Mahesh and Bobby,

You are not going to believe this perhaps. That’s OK. Few people believe me but I know when my Judah brothers, you both, stuck through thick and thin with me. I know Who does that on Twitter as well, and you would perhaps not be surprised at who is trying to masquerade on Twitter. These two doing that I’m addressing today live near Austin so Cara is stuck with another veritable boat-load of guys calling themselves by a Jesus name and pulling information out of me because they know that they know that they know little Ms. Cara will normalize it like I always do.

There are only four accounts of “Jesus” on Twitter that I trust. Let me tell the world something: there are men and women of God, and I am one of them, who are Jesus to the world. I remember vaguely from my first destroyed book how the pure Christian me thought it was wrong to identify with Jesus Christ because I’m a woman in the Gospel Record and now I’m here to tell you that not only is Jesus back, He has many body forms that I’ve seen. Some of them are Twitter handles. But some of them are saying they are Jesus when all they are–are opportunists where Cara Coffey is concerned. This is ridiculous.

Well, well, well….here is the litmus test. No matter what you’ve done, or how much you’ve decided to let me know you on Twitter, it doesn’t make you the King of kings to this Princess of Peace in Austin, Texas, and you won’t get anywhere near me if the King of kings and three ArchAngels: Lucifer, Gabriel, and Michael–don’t let you get near me.

We don’t want anymore incidents do we, Dudes? You know….like Holy Spirit sending me point blank BACK INTO the Streams Ministries International building to meet Scott Evelyn and Scott was killed by a tractor accident eight years to the day of when a demon of Insanity spoke through my voice–but I shook his hand that fateful day and I tried to walk out oh God I cry out! I tried to walk out.

I have said before that it was Jesus Who said I’m insane! speaking through my voice. In some manners of speaking it was–but no, the demon was huge and Dad saw it and exorcised it off. Um…..Jesus gave Dad a calling card and told him to go buy a battery for the new car Jesus jumped in the HEB parking lot–the day right before my very first book was in print. That book was called Uncovered No More: clothed by God. Dad obeyed. That may have been an angel but after how many times I’ve seen body forms of Jesus Men in Austin, Texas, I doubt myself there (wide-eyed stare, laughing). I may be wrong altogether. Go ahead, don’t believe me. I sincerely, honestly do not care. I just took the trash out tonight and fussed at my kids for staying up too late. Edith turned 28 today and is a gorgeous woman.

today had one of these two fake Jesus account holders who has publicly tweeted alongside me–admitting he knows people at Austin Cathedral and even calling them out publicly in a way that was ok but not necessarily optimal for my opinion concerning said dude–tell me what I’ve had people say behind my back for years: “I think you have a multiple personality disorder.”

It’s so funny when they resort to doctor talk to take me down a notch when I’d already blocked the dude a few times on a few accounts. The last time was when he put a porn picture of a female Jesus on a cross for someone. That went too far. I told #GodSquad after one of their accounts admitted he/she had to do the same to one of their “god friends”.

OK. So now the world knows. Disregard anyone who says that the Christ, Jesus, or the Savior is coming. He is already here in many body forms. You don’t know which ones are false but I can give you a pretty good idea in Austin and on Twitter. I’m not giving you that. I don’t care what you think. And it is not right that I’m having to embrace one human male at the moment due to location. I’ve invited him to come and see you, Brother Mahesh.

Bobby Conner, I dare say I’ve had issues with you but you are always there. And you own land in Moravian Falls. So I hope, beyond hope, that we are still loving one another and that you will think about coming in March every year to Austin Cathedral because that’s my second son’s birth month and I think it is a good one for Austin and Bobby Conner.

Thank you for your consideration but I understand if you don’t want anything to do with us Austin-ites anymore and particularly when I got kinda dicey in private communication to the Conner family and Eagle’s View Ministries when the deliverance work I was doing was finishing up and then Brother Mahesh, being Brother Mahesh, wouldn’t pray for me December 1, 2017, but did tell me The job is finished.

Let me tell the whole world something: when Brother Mahesh said the job is finished, GOD SAID the job is finished and we better move on the GOD way with Brother Mahesh. As the world can see, I’m not going to be private any longer. If I send letters to my two Judah brothers Mahesh and Bobby, you are getting it here at Uncovered No More.

We may as well hang our clean Judah laundry up to dry out in my drain field where an IRL clothesline resides for all the world to see because ya’ll; I’m interpreting Isaiah now, it is 66 chapters, I got a new tattoo coloring book that was Divine Appointment for my birthday next year, aaannnnd there ain’t no time like the present to get this all nice and public: the shame of Christianity yet again.

As to Twitter DM, if anyone reveals what I revealed anywhere I am certain you may drop dead. My death testimony continues, sadly. I cannot let this fact stop me from moving on with the Lord in the land of the living of the New Jerusalem.

I have just told on the entire Christian construct, including some men masquerading as Jesus Christ yet I know they have helped me too. God knows. Let me tell you about Bobby Conner. He don’t put up with stuff. You will be outed his way, my way, and God’s way in the right time so I wouldn’t suggest that you get ready for Jesus to come back.

I would suggest that you fear God on the day Bobby Conner and Cara Coffey worship together in the land of the living either here or up above. He isn’t going to come jet-setting back down for me like Dad, Patrick Clayton, Uncle Paul, John Paul Jackson, and Scott Evelyn. I will EASILY go up to Bobby Conner when God decides to take him. We pretty much are at the same place at the same time and that man has been everywhere. I haven’t. God has his way of keeping this Little Sister safe and Bobby Conner is one of those ways. Let me tell you Who the other way is: three ArchAngels.


Bobby Conner, I was deceived and said some things in a respectful yet strange DM conversation. I have blocked that account from 3 of my 4 Twitter accounts because he is a deceiver and an anti-Christ yet he did help me in some areas and he is living near Austin. One of the few Twitter accounts I trust Who is a Faithful Jesus Representative cautioned me to remember His initial 12 disciples and I told Him I understood publicly on Twitter.

  1. This false account is a part of the Isaiah Unction with Bobby Conner and I was still in the deliverance work, even in 2018, of Bob Jones so Bobby Conner was dark in my Seer Line of Hell Vision. I have no control over that. Lucifer does, though, as does Jesus Christ. My Sight is clearing so I will now go public: Bobby Conner is not passing away. He is Tribe Judah. He is the major prophetic unction of Isaiah with me being “married to” the prophetic unction of Isaiah as a Female Prophetess Judah. Therefore, that imposter while being embraced will hear me now: you aren’t primary anything and you are making too much of the calling on your life. If there is one thing Cara Beaty-Coffey stands for in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas it is non-clique Christianity. I won’t say anything else. Bobby Conner will not approve nor will the Twitter Jesus I know to be real if I say anything else. They need Us to simmer the hard language down but I do follow the lead of Two Jesus Twitter Accounts Who are still hard-line and I go with Them on that. We need to be that way. Hell isn’t closed in a day anymore than Rome was raised in a day. Sayin’.
  2. Tribe Judah Elect on the Earth now: Cara Beaty-Coffey, Michael Shane Davis, Dr. Richard Tate, Mahesh Chavda, Bobby Conner, Frank Schaeffer, KP Yohannan. The rest of you, except the Jesus Twitter Accounts I am motioning towards whom I trust yet I do not know about such things in their life experiences, are remnant adopted by me most of the time, Dudes. Sorry ya’ll…it’s the calling on my life. You are not leading diddly squat.
  3. Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda, I ordained this impostor much like I did John Paul Jackson (most certainly NOT an imposter and the modern day Elijah in my testimony for his entire life God have mercy this is so strange!) into Uncovered No More and he is geographically closer anyway. I gave him two keys and informed him they will be going to you as well. There is a key concerning the name “Christ” in the Samaritan Woman Account. There is a key of David in Revelation 1-3 as well. There are 3 men I gave these two keys to with me. There are only two of them this letter is going publicly to who are in leadership with me as it concerns those keys.
  4. I had to place a vow on two of these Twitter handles to pull their deliverance out of them. This is the umpteenth time I’ve had to do deliverance work–with vows and that includes my very real marriage vow–while never seeing the body face to face. John Paul Jackson is obviously one of those people I didn’t see face to face. Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda, while I’ve had to enact deliverance work particularly on Bobby Conner according to Second John due to his friend Bob Jones–I have both seen face to face. Michael Shane Davis, John Paul Jackson, and Tara Ann Moons are the same person pretty much and I don’t care what you think, again. Shane and I cannot be together anymore than Jesus Christ in any Body Form and I can be together right now. DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT A VERY PURE JESUS CHRIST ON THE EARTH WHO IS NOT ON TWITTER? The Man is Apostle Paul and Prophet Jeremiah. I’m His Big Sister Witness lemme tell ya. If I haven’t seen you face to face yet, you aren’t elect Judah Jesus–except those I state like Mr. Tate and Mr. Schaeffer because I know what I know what I know. And I don’t care what you know, Peeps of the United States. God have mercy I am so exasperated as I should be!! My other exception is the few Twitter handles I trust. And you don’t know about the Body Forms I work with face to face. (smile) You never will. I will tell you this: I have been touched–he offered me His hand–by Jesus. I have spoken to Body Forms 2-3 times. But that is not the only times Jesus Christ Body Forms have set up Glory Bubbles and then quite naturally called me to assist in those Glory Bubbles. It is a mystery. It will likely always be so, so get used to it world. I have witnesses and so does He. I wouldn’t suggest anyone disbelieve me at this point but I do not care in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen. But Curtis can tell you one thing I painfully asserted a few days ago: it is beyond pain; beyond pain; beyond pain to walk out and I always do. I never look back. It is all glory to God.
  5. I told that impostor who is not elect but I ordained into this ministry that the vow of wearing all black would be his fault if I had to do it. Naw. I was wrong and was actively being deceived by him and it caused pain in my family. The world does not know how I’ve had to trust so many Christians only to be back-stabbed. These types do not care about me. They are male chauvinists who care only about their own ministries. And when I wear all black, there are very distinct reasons. It isn’t anyone’s fault. It is under the direction of Lucifer and let me tell the world something: he knows exactly who has lied to me in private. But don’t fear him. Fear God as you are supposed to do. The three ArchAngels are mega-powerful. You will get away with absolutely nothing as it concerns them and this ministry and my entire blood family along with the Judah family I already know about and have covered PUBLICLY IN WRITING ON BLOGS FOR YEARS. Let me remind the world: THE MINISTRY here in the New Jerusalem IS CALLED UNCOVERED NO MORE ACCORDING TO ISAIAH 61 WHICH JESUS CHRIST READ IN THE TEMPLE.

To God be the Glory,

Cara Coffey

Tate Publishing, Beaty, and Losing our American Life

I wrote through to the 29th of October, 2018

12:18 AM, Central


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