Becoming a Beast of Love 10




She turned today and looked the other way. It was in her family Beaty’s one congregation life that was pre- and post- civil war of Cara’s live, living, spirit-dying, love life but not forevermore; not forevermore; it is only temporal, this 52 years.

Tara, why are you so treacherous in love and so silent in pain? Why are you so ugly in love and so horrendous in peace? Why, little love, do you refuse to accept anything but that which is He Light in your perception, harmfully atrocious toward people that the “opinions” you hold can be? Why do they call you recalcitrant when you are love’s song in the New Jerusalem? 

So she turned today and looked out that door. She turned and handed someone a key after she saw blood flowing from the River; flowing from the River; flowing from the River. It is thick, hot, blood of the persecution and they are too political, too ethereal, too masquerading naughtiness of simplicity to realize that you cannot be a navel gazer and see the truth of the Red Sea coming fourth from Thee, oh Congregation Catholic, Protestant and Protestant, Catholic. 

See when she was young; oh so young; she saw the River flow into Protestant doors. And then the murder in her hands of love became apparent but she didn’t hear about it all until she was in Austin again and Asia’s Wife came and told her the awful tidings. A cult here, a cult there, cult, cult is indeed everywhere and even her little light was removed in places, yes it was.

This little light of Cara; she is gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. And they hate her for it still; but their virtue has been removed as has been their power though she knows not when they will believe what it is: America’s love grown cold thinks it is free when it is sinfully still too full of glee. To stop, to look, to listen deep is inexcusably the wrong thing to do and Tara learned too soon that it was so; that time passes too fast and too slow all at the same time. “Demons” by Jasmine Thompson…..”and the saints we see are made of gold. And the dreams all fail…..”

I wanted to hide the truth too, my little life. Tara cannot do that. Do not hate me, America. I never knew Tara would come to the point of admitting through the life of Cara what I’m admitting: I am a voice like John the Baptist. You don’t hear me either but I have determined not to question our Love Jesus Christ but take it one day at a time instead. He is tempted in the wilderness by Satan so much; so much still. 

Where is the Beast of Cara? I am becoming that which I do not will to be: the love of my life past that willed the destruction of me and elected Donald Trump. It’s called standing in the gap again. How many times have I been John the Baptist and Zipporah? How many times? Let Scott Evelyn, who passed away from a tractor accident on a mountain in New Hampshire eight years after a demon of insanity spoke through my voice (September 25, 2008 through until 2016) speak to you but not from the grave.

No, my America. No, he speaks to you from the Throne Room with love for I listened to one of his teachings long ago in 2015 and was released to write a poem and then he like the Gentleman he is put on his black armor and we fought together with the King’s need in our gaze above and below. They are careless with my keys; however, I take them back at will and make sure the keeper of my heart is seen for the True Love He is to Me. A Public Letter to Tribe Judah 13. When Cara finds out Lucifer is Her guardian Angel, that means the earth, the wind, the fire, and the sands of Time with the Storms understand one another finally, finally, finally. Tara interprets what Lucifer commands. It is that simple.

When America figures it out, well, then we will See what we thought we saw but arrogantly demanded from God Father instead. You cannot know what God needs on the earth. It takes the Morning Star to understand that and it takes His wife, the wife of the Lamb, to interpret the intentions of Father through Guardian Angels, you see? No you didn’t.

That’s a crime against turtledove humanity that you didn’t see what I knew deeply because I’m just a woman. You never listen to women, oh mortal flesh. Lucifer the TV Show, Season 1 is where I lied to humanity. It is a white lie to save your soul from more hellish hell on earth. And I refused to interpret the next season, but America, I am watching season two of Lucifer. How did I lie? It isn’t spiritual fantasy. The entire TV Show is not fantasy. They began to tell Our True Story in 2016 and that year plus one or two forward facing are the worst years of Cara’s life. It is all glory to GOD. amen.



Churches have been destroyed across my life; or, they have prospered but the core is still useless; Laodicean or worse as far as their heart relationship that is wrong; and, arrogant enough not to care about systemic health issues of spiritual life in general and in particular.

They continually throw money at this part of the chasm of Old Jerusalem (old wine) and New Jerusalem (new wine) {Matt. 9; Mark 2; Luke 5} that continually separates all people groups in this nation from the building sitting on the corner.

And whether this is a worldwide sentiment or not is impossible for me to ascertain in flesh life though I know the largest church in the world is in South Korea. It is no mistake all church sin listed in Revelation 2 and 3 is from the Asian Churches. America isn’t Asia, but Gospel for Asia, tribe Judah is in America and particularly Texas. How is it that Tribe Judah ends up primarily in Texas? How is it that Bobby Conner has a PO Box here as does Streams Ministries International but they are all….sort of…..useless in Austin, Texas now? We didn’t realize that our premier prophet John Paul Jackson wasn’t the ONLY one Cara was going to encounter; we had too materialistic, cliquish; and worldly look in our seeing eyes of flesh and spirit; we never asked the Dragon Lady of Austin what she thought. And they never met my brothers of obscurity. No, they never met them but counted on John Paul to take me out of my wrong-ness….is what happened in Texas.

They still hurt me and just keep going. Bully for them; yes, they are bullies in spirit but I am even this moment preventing them from being bullies in flesh. You will stop hitting my Tribe Judah. You will support liberally my Tribe Judah. And right now that’s Gospel for Asia globally. I never hid that fact of the matter in all the writing you people destroyed along with my publisher.

Two churches denied me membership: Austin Oaks whose previous pastor submitted to me via email privately and has a bald head with the name Robert. He left the church. I was there when they ordained the new bastard. The first pastor was no bastard and Jesus spared both of us but weeps anew how He has had to use Tara to ordain churches in so that later, later, later, the blood running out of the building can be turned into living water rushing out and in because people will bow the knee and want to go to church Someday. This is a faith statement in Jesus Name, amen.

Life Austin is more vicious–Pastor Oaks denied me entry into the new chapel in 2018. Oh I forced it out of Pastor Randy. You know Cara–she will make you mad to get the stink out of your dying flesh.

Jesus Christ and I had a moment of ordination into the ministry of Uncovered No More at PromiseLand in early 2018. He touched me that time, crossed the aisle. He was a 70 year old Israel there. Jesus is never representing old wine so now you have the hard work of Tara with Jesus Christ to love you all in Austin.

And then there’s St. Catherine of Siena’s Catholic Church who is most righteously NOT a protestant church in this freaking backward town. Father Pat is from Ireland and is not an American Citizen–he forgave Protestant Me on the steps of the Adoration Chapel and gave me a holy kiss. But that is not Jesus Christ, yet again 70, kneeling in the little chapel with His Mother pregnant with Him as a beautiful statue that I released on social media. No, that isn’t He.

I’m not making this up. But you don’t have to believe me when I tell you He’s been about 33 at a wedding there, too, on Pentecost 2017 while I was wearing a white top, shorts, and my hiking boots. (laugh) Oh how Austin loves to hate the prophetess who just keeps moving in Jesus Name, amen.



Revelation 5:5-7 Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Then I saw a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.  He went and took the scroll from the right hand of him who sat on the throne.

Cara is crying tonight for the beauty of love coming forth from the Lamb to the Lion and the Lioness; to the Rock and the rock; to the Father God from Mother Love. He accomplished this reality in love with me; for he accomplished it where my father and mother had been in fellowship many years ago before ever I knew anyone at all. Now you can see me surrender to all that is for me to be on the earth as it is in heaven. How was I to know that Apostle John and I have so much in common. How was I to know that I would some day simply write what he saw. amen.

November 19, 2016, I saw the Lamb slain. God, how did I carry His Love for 52 years? How did I do that and survive? I never know and I never knew but this I discern how Jesus loves you.

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