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By the time October of 2018 rolled around, it was time too late; yes, it was time too late. And I was patient. I was desperate. I am still alone in a dark world. I never ask why because I am faith, no belief. Belief is a waste of meaningless time, and yes, time is meaningless for many people in America. You need to shut up and get moving. MAKE LIFE MEANINGFUL AND STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF AMERICA.

As according to “Rainbow Promise” and Steward Delight 5, I need to finish the interpretation. I am not doing the group of people like me, who have an awesome testimony not yet revealed but is sealed, a disservice to not reveal the truth.

But I am also not doing my former Love Life any favors either–that One named the bride of Christ, if I don’t make the rubber meet the road. Maybe I need to make the wood, hay and stubble meet the road. Maybe I need to make the goat, unwise virgin, and unprofitable servants meet the road. You KNOW, lots of goats were sacrificed in the OT. That can come in handy with Tara typing like she does.

I never thought there would be as many goats in America which are actually IN America. But that being said I call out to GOD for I have seen goats glorify God anyway–way better than those who serve the Prince of the World Satan. I can say that even he wants a break but I don’t know if he gets it or not. I care. I really do. But caring about, say Hitler, is an entirely different matter than caring about Jesus Christ tempted in the wilderness by Satan. Jesus Christ overcame the world. Let’s prove it some more, shall we?

And if I don’t trace the wickedness, how can the goat return to former love so that Father can stop spitting Laodiceans out of His Precious Mouth? He never tempts us, that much we know. God is love. That much we know. Every knee will bow. That much we know.

Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda: false prophets with Bob Jones, Kim Clement, and many others. Prophets of God in the modern day: John Paul Jackson and Terry Bennett by the voice of my father from his last days on earth as it concerns Terry. Shit. John Paul and I have been through so much together it goes without saying, Idiot Heavenly Door Ministries. FREAKING DUH!!

Dad could listen to Terry. Whom my father could listen to before he died is primary whether anyone thinks what I type is true or not. If African Americans want to hate on me because they of the prophetic realm are all white, shut up. Yes, your life has been hard. No, you aren’t the only ones historically. And so we need to bond together in the unity that has no race and let bygones be bygones of history in America. That is a freaking choice and America is God be praised and damn the rest to hell gonna make that choice so help this Judah prophetess named Tara–GOD!

Bobby Conner is giving power to Franklin Graham. Mahesh Chavda, a non-white male whose wife is white and works with many people groups all over the world righteously as does Mahesh Chavda, actively supports Israel, Kavanaugh, and Trump. That ain’t cool. And we shall know them by their fruits as my son sang in his CD Come Back and had published a little before I published my three volumes of testimony that are now destroyed–all of us.

I will yet and continue to worship and praise GOD. I obey my father still. He told me in Spirit life to take care of my mother early in 2017, and I did it. I got her back from a betraying situation despite the ugly gossip and now my mother is with me. I obey my father in Jesus Name, amen, and as according to Exodus 20. Don’t mess with a 2 John mother who still obeys her father. I know God hears me here.

My Lord suffers. I see it. I will keep writing all glory to God and in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior amen. I appeal to these men. Do it. BECOME sons of God. Do it now. I don’t know how. Just do it.

Interpret THIS America: when you play with I AM’s EMOTIONS, the She Part is like me. First of all, I will play your games. I hate what you think I shouldn’t. I used to be perfect. I gave up perfect, body-wise to be me. To be real. To be in love with myself. And you still hate me. You took my love and twisted it.

I used to call myself a Twisted Kitty. Well guess what? I’m now your worst, high gifted nightmare. I have People in my midst that none of my past Christian acquaintance in heavenly doors can even begin to understand their ability to control, yes control, my gifting. I let them. I have no choice and neither do they. You’d just torment me more. I used to say it this way: I’m the wife of the Lamb (Rev 19-21) and not the bride of Christ. That is true. And there is a difference. You are about to see that until 2050–and beyond if you survive it, America. I cannot care anymore after what you did to me. To Jesus. To God Father. You all never knew WHO I actually see and saw. I never told you. I held on to the real testimony sealing it in my core. You lost.

The real wife will burn the bed and put on a mask. The wife of the Lamb will do what She does–for She is the physical representation of the Female God Side Who NEVER takes glory for Herself–for I AM ALONE. She stays Alone. I speak from a 52 year experience and counting. There are others like me. We are neither male or female, slave or free, Jew or Gentile. We just are. And everyone knows I have no control over death in my hands.

Sia–Fire Meet Gasoline

We are monsters. We crawl to GOD day in and day out. You cannot stop us but you better stop trying in America first and worldwide later. Otherwise, well, just keep going. There ain’t no Energizer Bunny gonna fix your fate. You are not going to enjoy the message of this blog article, ever, America.

I have learned to hit delete when you didn’t like the message. Not this time. You forced me to the point of blowing up the ministerial complex of this country’s past Christian Experience. Many of you interpreted my dreams and made them a reality I never said you could do that about. If they were of my family or my origin on this heavenly door property–forever for the heavenly doors are mine worldwide because Jesus bought me with a price and I glorify GOD first always, always, always–you should have remembered to submit to me, to my father. No you didn’t. And you consider me expendable.

So I allowed the Lord to blow me up. It was of my free will and I would do it again. I would do it again and have already said I will. I will not stop writing. But this article series I will not delete. You will watch me BE the monster you created and there are others who are with me. I don’t know them, but I’ve met some in some manners of speaking.

I deleted a gargantuan, true series when my family were in Washington, DC. Good for you Loves America. I’m your friend now. I blew me up and in the meantime, I blew you up too. I wonder which of us will survive and thrive in this time-frame of reality coming from Austin, Texas, the New Jerusalem of the World by the testimony of Mahesh Chavda of Chavda Ministries International at Cathedral of Praise on December 5, 2015.

Babes, you don’t pull back testimony, prophecy from the Bible like the Perfect Storm by John Paul Jackson,and silence of the lambs like me. It is all heard. All our tears are collected by God. You forget the deep truths and just keep trying.

Crawl by Breaking Benjamin

Creed — Torn

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