For Me, Part Four

For Apostle Peter, Part Three

Did America know I’ve never written just for me? So ten years after a demon of Insanity spoke through my voice, I’m going to write for me.

For all the times somebody told me what to do, I have forever to do what I want to do which is dwell with I AM.

For all the times people shouted me down and called me wrong, no matter how old or young, I have forever to dwell with I AM.

For all the times people point blank lied to me, in private aggressively dominated me, and otherwise tried to restate what I needed stated so you could “call it” your way with no regard for me as a prophetess or I AM as, well……..I can’t believe I’m having to type this…….


I have forever to dwell with I AM all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen.

For all the times I didn’t let them tell me what was what, back down, or allow someone else to define the new me across the last ten years, I have forever to find myself again within I AM.

Love is patient, love is kind, love does not promote itself. I didn’t exalt myself. For all the degradation I still feel because adults took what was my life story and twisted it through gossip, demoralizing statements and actions toward me, and their own embarrassed actions which compelled them to walk  away because I was right and they were wrong thereby increasing my work load to this day, I have forever to learn to rest again and work out my salvation again and it is within the context of I AM and none other.

I am a Christian again. The “Christians” who did this to me, even younger than me, I have this to say: you must earn your working out salvation with fear and trembling back on the other side. I hope you don’t experience second death but you may.

I have forever to look to GOD to wipe my tears away. I can’t figure out what happened to me ten years ago when a mere man told me I was going to write a book called Uncovered No More and then the next day Insanity decided to try again with me and Dad.

Dad exorcised all glory to God and then I led him to die. He told me a year ago to take care of Mom and that’s what I’m doing. I didn’t give in. You are gone out of my life no matter who you are and what is more, you will be required to come back if that is what GOD says. I love you still. You don’t love me but you didn’t actually hate me either.

Whom you all hate is I AM or you’d have found me by now. Guess what? I never knew that this day was coming but it is here. It is here. It is inconceivable that people calling themselves after the name of Christ are doing to Him and to me what you have done and still intend on doing–but a place has been provided for me and I am grateful.

I have defined time-frames many times over now and I have power in God for some reason to do that. A very definite 10 year 1000 year reign stopped abruptly today. You have no more power over me. I’m a new woman doing what I’ve always done. Whether or not the rest of you who know me try to get to know me again is up to you. But coming into my mother’s house and attacking me then having the oldest child tell me that I must prove myself isn’t the way to do it and God knows. That person is most definitely leaving Austin, thank God.

Wearing white jackets as Christian women isn’t going to cut it, Babes. Producing little “divine appointments” for the Coffey family when I’m the Beaty and you never care about me or the Beaty side of my children isn’t going to get you anything, either. You are where you were before you tortured me in flesh privately and in spirit life directly after today ten years ago: you are still dealing with God and I have a new life. You lost. Deal with it, adults who know me. I don’t love you less. I like you none at all.

Deal with that too or guess what? God will move you out of Austin is my guess. You need to decide right here and now to become likeable to Cara if you live in Texas because it is Beaty who needs to be heard, not Coffey.

That is as plain as the noses on all my children’s faces whom I pushed out of my vagina. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name–stop your theatrics in Austin or wherever else you are–stop it on Twitter because we are all just like *roll eyes* what a stupid waste of your time.

Stop trying to worm into my life’s story that you destroyed. Ignoring me like a lot of people are doing isn’t going to work, either. God help me ya’ll are a mess, people. Deal with it.

All I have to do is not look at you and you are taken out if I decide it. Sorry to be so spiritually point blank, but people are still arguing with me and pulling little “incidents” that are not divine appointment. It’s so obvious that it would be laughable but it isn’t. It’s pitiable and I’m not even doing that. You’re adults now and most of you were ten years ago. So again, deal with it.

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