Goat/Sheep; Tare/Wheat

Goat & Sheep

Tare & Wheat

There isn’t much else to say

Save when it is obvious

You better duck in this fray

I have a tale to bare forever

You never did, lazy crew

With all your machinations

Despite my love of you


September 25, 2018 doesn’t have to be here for me to tell humanity goodbye. You deserted me unless you are elect; and, as such you automatically gave glory to God despite what else was done around me. It became obvious in 2018 that I had lost in Old Jerusalem and won in New Jerusalem. But here in Austin, that doesn’t amount to much when dealing with deliverance work to get my ten white children and white mother (tons of her relatives are brown or darker) out of that wilderness of Goat and Tare.

They are out. You are gone. They are saying good-bye to humanity as well whether they think they are or not. I don’t care. I did and do what I did and do for I AM. I have never hidden that fact.

All machinations and Old Jerusalem habits of my past life which rendered this destroyed life still typing are null and void. I have three Twitter accounts. It is obvious what is going on worldwide if you desire to watch my Twitter accounts. I would not suggest you say much. The gods and goddesses won’t be amused. And….I spent $25.42 on gas which simply freed my son Patrick and me today. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name how we led out what still refuses to come with us. We smile, tell to go to hell what should, and keep moving in this Beaty-Coffey family like my daddy led us all to do. My father asked Patrick not to view his dying body before February 3, 2016.

Dad died about 2-3 hours before an anniversary of my life. I don’t know why Dad asked that. It was hard for Patrick I would imagine. But it’s like this: the Beaty always protects whether you think you needed it or not and what is more, even when it looks like you are controlling us, you aren’t. We are.

I am that one. My name is Tara until it is Cara. My name is Cara until it is Tara. And all I had to do was lock my oldest child into the heavenly door I led her to construct. It is called her Roo House, it is under a Magnolia Tree, and that is on Royal Woods. You got that right. My kids are coming with me and hell didn’t stand against me all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. (Rev 12. 21. and 22)

It has been understood in the second heaven that in America I’m white skinned, elect, and probably the only one of this season of living after the World Wars like this. There may be a few other females like me who are white-skinned. I do not want to inquire of Satan, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, God Father, God Son, or God Holy Spirit what the percentage of white people in the United States who aren’t racists are–but and if you are go to hell on earth as it is in hell too because you are a goat and a tare and that is that. Some other skin colors are struggling too; some religions are obstinate and some sin wants to masquerade a lot. You have killed the Lord King because of this fact. I’m still standing and He saw to it. amen.

My Periscope 9/15/2018 Null and Void

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