I Speak as a Witch Tonight, Part Four

Tower of Babel Part Three

I am henceforth unafraid to be me. Today, a Satanist had to be dealt with in Austin and so the place where it happened was obviously over run with both sides of the Armageddon war. I was sent in; an angel came. We walked out of our shopping at the same time and I acknowledge him. We both got in our cars and drove our ways home. But I was the witch who walked that parking lot and locked eyes with an old man whose license plate had a 7000 on it before we walked in and took care of IT, whatever that was. If you think that’s the first time I’ve done that, you are hilariously an ostrich with your little bitty bird head in the sand.

I’ve had someone rub their eyes when I lock eyes. I’ve had people fall asleep beside me because the glory strips through. People get goosebumps with me around. I have the Holy Spirit fall driving, cleaning, schooling kids, and walking in to my mother’s room where she is in therapy right now to kneel down, touch my forehead to hers, and get that shit off my Mama with witnesses who trust me in the room. Now we have a plan to keep her laughing how we made her laugh today amen. But I saw who was doing this; who’d done it to John Paul Jackson, Scott Evelyn, and Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. You killed Uncle Paul. You tried to destroy even more but now you have lost and I haven’t won. I was never in a competition. You, most of you who’ve dealt with me either close up or from a distance, were in a competition. Good for you. Good for you.

I’ve seen a storm thrown on my account and it happened today after this incident. There was a death hex put on my mother from 2016 through until today. I removed it in Jesus Name, and you will not choose when my mother dies. That is between her and God.

Now. I’ve had that whole “show up and kick demonic human butt” incident with Free masons so don’t mess with me in Austin. I broke up a similar situation with lower level witches on this heavenly door property after the satanist and I had a little todo.

People have watched me and think they are ministering like me. The only thing that is wrong with this apparent, obvious assumption in September of 2018 is that one word people hate: submission.

You humans, none of you, submitted your teachings, interpretations, and other necessities of the ministry of Uncovered No More to me and now your relationships are in disarray and you think you can’t come to me and fix it. You are still hiding my past ten years and what you did to Him. You didn’t do it to me; many of you knew about him and informed my contacts. You all made your own worlds to survive me and to thrive off me. You pull virtue as much as you are able. There are a few exceptions. (LOLOL) Don’t think I care except I really do. I always did. But now, I’m on the other side of my life chapter called 1 Corinthians 13. Yay God!

OK. That’s all over. Here is the real story. I take my quadruple, gold swords and slash across with one swing. In every heavenly door, that arrogant work is cut to pieces instantly. You have no more glory of your own.

You are henceforth shown as the humans you are and I’m not. I have learned I’m a hafling. What that means is my business and none of yours. But here is the deal again: I can posses you to keep you safe. You should have trusted me. I never, ever, ever, as a matter of fact I can’t because I detest this so much, I never, ever, ever mimic GOD authority. I never took it. I took torment on myself to be writing this article.

So now you know. It was cut to pieces today. Start over tomorrow. You can’t hide from me if God does not will it. I gave all authority to I AM for my blogs today. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. Expect me to be a witch or a prophetess or a mother in any moment.

I close my eyes and back off if I need to for your comfort when you are dealing with me. Don’t take offense if I have sunglasses on or if I choose to cut you out of my walk through a parking lot to get into the store where Jesus may be somewhere….or Gabriel…or Michael….I never know. I never knew. You laughed at that fact and used it against me.

He was bound to my pain, you see. So He had to wait until you saw my love of Him enough to realize I will go through any pain for Him or I will do something like hit delete here and there and drop back to “normal” if you choose to put me in too much pain. You tried. I died inside a billion times the past ten years. I hit delete. I’m still hitting delete but it is out of your sight now so you won’t glory in how you keep destroying me.

You are now at arm’s length with me. I have no idea what you are with Jesus, people. That is his business. It will be my business if He makes it my business and not one freaking moment before He blinks his eyes, decides to do whatever he would decide to do to “make it my business” and then do it. Until then, Jesus knows I love him, I take it one day at a time, and I am very capable of traveling the realms to stay out of the next experiment people throw my way to try to get more information out of me, try to torment me in a hidden way to where it looks like I’m just stupid, and etc.

It used to be “Walk on Water (feat. Beyonce)” by Eminem. Now, it ain’t that. It ain’t that. It’s Cara Beaty going…..WHATEVER and moving on. amen.

Here is where I hope Jesus is going tonight, every night, until that precious man of God has a place to lay his head his way on this earth. Perhaps he already has that. I don’t know. But he can know I’m here. I stayed. And I will keep knowing that I am faith, I am hope, and I am love and the greatest of these is love. And I am not ashamed to liberally use 1 John 1:9 in my meantime like my dearest daddy taught me to do. (smile)

I have one message I need to leave in this article: Margaret my Love, it is going to be okay. I’m with you, dear one, and they won’t make me believe what I shouldn’t about anything. I understand. You are my daughter. I will not abandon you so don’t listen, Love. Listen to me and I command all my ten children the same way: they cannot have you. They will not possess you and I simply keep moving with you. I do not listen to what they controlled you to do, I will never listen to that shit, and you are with me because I willed that long ago, long ago, and my brother knows what I willed. He is seeing to this on the earth as it is in heaven with me. amen. John Paul Jackson is doing the same thing but his family abandoned him and I had to carry him in death and life for a season. We are fine now, John Paul and I. They can’t get either of us anymore amen.

John 17:1-3  “After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” 

Come, Lord Jesus, come!


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