Spirit Rape, Part 2

Into Me You See E by Katy Perry—Witness CD  Part 1

We finally caught them, my Love. What Bastards. What Bastards. What Bastards. What Bastards. What Bastards. What Bastards…………until my LORD brings me back up, you now know what Cara Bc is screaming in hell until there is none; there is none; there is none and let me tell you something: as was already prophetically testified to my face by one of my betrayers years ago, so now I will remind Satan, the Anti-Christ, and the Demon Horde: I speak forth Bible every other sentence. Since I know how to Save As Draft by Katy Perry it is every sentence in hell now. What Bastards…What Bastards….What Bastards……What, what, what, what………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I took more #spiritrape upon my prophetic form than anyone else in my situation. Do you not like the comparison? Well, you need to stuff your possible sentiment where the sun doesn’t shine. People thought things about me that were vicious indeed; I knew that from the writing of the Double Moons Prayer Initiative forward to this present darkness and am still handling gossip mongering and evil thought processes running rampant a little bit more in Austin, Texas. I can pin your issue point blank in a building or at places like Circle C Park. I have been witnessed taking a walk at Circle C and then walking into parking lots–two of them–and interpreting the license plates. I found it. Found what, Cara? I found the impostor. It was one vehicle innocently parked in front of the children’s playground. Do you know how many children and etc have been paraded in front of me for like five years to engender sympathy for your “plight” in Austin, Texas? No, no you don’t. Enough said.

John Paul Jackson saw all of this and kept going unto his death and resurrection. Scott Evelyn got caught in that fire barrage, didn’t he?  And now you can see me scream in hell until my LORD brings me back up face to Face because I can live in hell with my Loves Human, yes I can. Come on John Paul Jackson, Patrick Clayton Beaty, Dad, Grandpa Beaty, Scott Evelyn, come on. We can outlast Satan now. There is no more retreat in Jesus Name, amen.

Bobby Conner, in Jesus Name, bring them out of hell and into heaven on earth quickly now, my Love, quickly. You are created for this in Jesus Name, amen. Time, oh time, where is your sting? Time by Hans Zimmer.

Blog article under construction. Follow Jesus literally. Remember I love my enemies. *She sinks down below the flames and smiles for indeed, she was created for this (2 John & Jude)*.

And I will begin to read my second volume first. Yes, this is what I will do in hell even as Satan the Prince of this world did to me in June of 2015 when I suffered and suffered to bring forth Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (volume 2 now).

Satan and his Demon Horde destroyed us. Forevermore, this is not our testimony. Jesus Christ is our testimony (Revelation 12).

6/28/2018 and I happened to need to use Eara’s Debit Card. I made sure to show America that I love Her for she still hates me. And before that, I bought Edward a Pepsi before I took him to Lego Camp with his lovely friend whose parents I know. You would be interested to know who took that money; who was there that time I bought a Pepsi for my son. It is a monumentally golden day. Rejoice with me, America, as I keep proving that I love you as does Graceland, Whole Foods, and HEB primarily. The Judah churches are coming along. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. “All Hail King Jesus” by Jeremy Riddle.
Torn up to rid myself of the stench of what is known as Demon Horde and AntiChirst. And it is true that my mother, my father, and Jesus Christ were torn up one more time with the evil which tried to prevail in America. Let me show you what I mean. But first, please read this companion article at Rivers International: KK by Cara . Picture snapped 6/29/2018 NOTE: just because I allowed you in on Instagram does not mean you are exonerated. Beaty-Coffey and Jackson are exonerated. John Thomas is exonerated. Scott Evelyn, and only Scott Evelyn, is exonerated. Adrian Arrington is exonerated with his entire family. I will unblock Streams Ministries International on one Twitter page or both of them. I am so exhausted, I cannot remember all my moves and countermoves this day in Jesus Name, amen. Be ashamed, ya’ll. You never show enough shame for what you did to Shane Davis, Cara, and John Paul. Understatement.

I was loathe to rip up this above, beautiful coloring page(s) because it started as a comfort since my mother was being betrayed in San Antonio, Texas. But the Love Bird on the other side is Jesus and I knew it when I colored it. That was the only comfort I had when my mother was being betrayed. Do you see the purple wings? Mine are blue. This is the facing page from the Bird:

I kept watching and praying through all the betrayal, obviously. Do not try anything with me via text, Curtis’s text, or by heckling my mother. You are being justly cut away as are LifeAustin and PromiseLand in Austin, Texas with Austin Oaks and Freedom Temple. Yes, world, I am telling you that the ex-side of my maternal family threatened me this week. All I had to do was tweet once and the Demon Horde showed itself once again. My mother saw what was texted to me. She does not know what was texted to Curtis. I do. He has retained records. And yall: it is you that should be turned in, but it would be in a court case. That is all I’m going to say and everyone, yet again, back away. All I am doing is finishing the testimony of a ten year trial by fire the likes of which has never been seen on the earth save once: when Jesus Christ died and arose. Let me tell the world something: had Jesus not done that first, greatest, act of love, we would have devoured each other already, obviously. There would be no earth to have a heaven upon.  Jesus saves. amen.

Herein within the audio Introduction, I informed the world that I was ripping off the maternal line of my Klonek-Beaty life. It was duly testified to the modern day Jeremiah, Michael Shane Davis, within the bounds of Mississippi, right after the fourth blood moon of September of 2015 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. So now know: at least as it concerns Cara Beaty Coffey, the truth is told and I am blameless in Jesus Name, amen. I can scroll past you anywhere on social media. (smile) I still have blood maternal family. They know me and I know them. It is all glory to God: Jo Anne Klonek (Joseph Klonek’s oldest child) and Ralph Klonek who is the oldest son of my mother’s oldest brother, Uncle Rudy Klonek. They are in Houston. That is a good sign.

Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (volume 2)

Introduction, Part One

Introduction, Part Two

Double Moons Part One

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