Shall We Dance? Part 22

No Matter What We Breed… Jasmine Thompson Part 21 on Rivers International

Praise, Seer Me

Shall We Dance?

I said somewhere in this monstrosity of a 22 part series that I was going to implant “Shall We Dance?” into that article. *yawn* I can’t find it. So here we will Introduce the world to the lovely relationship Satan and I have had for a 52 year life. Oh I’m sorry America, didn’t you figure that out the last ten years? *witch laugh Revelation 17*–no.

No you didn’t. You have to love Satan to cast him away. Easy to figure out. Hard to do. I did it. Yay God and in Jesus Name, amen. Hate, oh Christian Nation Worldwide, does not nor has it ever conquered love. And while God gets angry a lot, HE SAYS love never fails in 1 Corinthians 13. *yawn again* because I’m tired, oh so tired, of Christians trying to tell me how God feels about me. About Uncovered No More. I’ll just fuck Satan and go take a walk this morning. Boom.

At least he and I enjoy it. Christians? Naw. They too busy hating him. That’ll never get the kids free from this shit called Humanity.

We Danced, Satan, Part 22

Mirror mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all? She who dances with Satan and loves it. That’s who is fairest today and that is Cara Beaty-coffey in Jesus Name, amen.

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