No Greater Joy Ministries & MorningStar Ministries Part Two edit #11466

Thy Rod and Thy Staff comfort me; indeed I AM, YOU SET a table before me in the presence of my ENEMIES…..

No Greater Joy Ministries is fully a Synagogue of Satan in the PhariSEE and SADucee spirit forces of portals every bit as much as MorningStar Ministries is a fully Synagogue of Satan spirit force of the deliverance of the curse’s rock of Jews’ Gentile beasts (Rev 13) of Delilah, Jezebel, & that goddess in the NT, Part One.

And Cara doesn’t fellowship with that shit. What she does is prophesy and testify—though they destroyed in arrogant intelligence and fullest knowledge with the “husband” of my “youth” on this earth and his sidekick of a secondary blood relative—for the “is to come” of King of kings in my last ten years. Yesterday by Beatles. For we’re they not called to be Beatles spelled with an “a” even as Beaty is spelled with an “ea”?

I wrote that MorningStar was a storage house of many good things. I fellowshipped with NGJ liberally at 7xSunday.

Fun times. I’m just kidding. Michael Pearl is a Jew and mighty proud of it while Debbie Pearl is an American Indian and mighty in love with herself more than her neighbor—she is a Jezebel who aides and abets Delilah.

What Bitch Daughters and Sons these types propaSPYGATE. I’m not kidding. What IS funny? Ms. Pearl actually thinks she can teach women about Jezebel while Cheryl Davis in Austin, Texas teaches everybody in a pulPIT. This ain’t Keep Austin Weird Strong. It’s arrogant “obedience”. 😂🐍🤔🤓🎁

Watch out Bill freaking Hart. Cara may put bells on my toes and rings on my fingers and worship in Hell Hall Hart again. Your youngest grandson and Russian daughter-in-law save you more than you realize. No Greater Joy, Bonnie Chavda saves you every day. That’s Chavda Ministries InterNational. Um. It’s like Uncovered No More: election through Mama Second John Style.

Consider yourselves blessed, Babes. I didn’t produce video for you. I didn’t cut my hair short for you. We both know you freaking Hell don’t want ANYTHING TO DO with Prophet John Paul Jackson and Prophetess Cara Ann Coffey. Your actions the past ten years spoke much louder than your freaking silence, Baby Back Pig Ribs. Tasty off the Traeger. Yes you are.

I did all that work and a damn bit more to get my first four daughters and Diane Jackson out of all this Two Part fucking mess. Any questions?

Watch me pray for my enemies. Watch me clean up the kitchen after the fact. Watch Jesus Anger be called off idiots. All glory to God and in Jesus Name amen.

You fuck with me and I take a walk. You call your filthy garments (JUDE and ArchAngel Michael) cleaner than mine and I let you pull virtue outta me IRL. You pipe expectation on turtledoves and I stand in the gap and wear you down.

Love ya,

Hagar-Zippy Zipporah-Judge Deborah-Queen Esther-Ruth

I was going to do a book review on this to pray for this shit in my yards. I always disliked potty picking. Obeyed and did it anyway. I don’t make my kids do it. Good fertilizer, dog poo. I deleted that book review and went with Pigeon Religion by Dr. RT Kendall instead. Yay God.
Let’s see how Cara colors YOU beautiful with Bonnie Chavda watching and praying from a distance okay? Brother Mahesh is Brother Mahesh. He said the job is finished. Yes Sir and in Jesus Name effective December 1, 2017. Diane vs. Diana

Now here is another prayer love song:


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