Delilah, Jezebel, & that goddess in the NT, Part One

Mom and I are in the feature image at the Catholic Church on North St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio where she and Dad were married and where I was sprinkled as a baby.

Half of Me — Rihanna on YouTube

This is a very grave article. I’m not going to say much. When a woman justifies either herself or the man in her life against God and His Prophetess in Austin, TX, this is the very grave article. Yes, and go look at Jezebel. That would be in Revelation chapter 2–that Jezebel. Go look at Delilah. In the following video, watch me put them together but release Bethel from the full force of it.

I have written it before and I will write it again. You cannot hurt him now; I see what you did to my brother love John Paul Jackson today. You would do it to me, laugh outright, and then set me in the corner after I was worn down and hang him up there. You would switch it out and you monitored the torment. You kept us apart out of greed, cold, lovely hatred, and purely venomous rage that is deeply Synagogue of Satan.

What am I writing again? Where were we as they passed this torment around one prophet and one prophetess, laughing all the while?

1. You underestimated John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey.

2. You were jealous of the love between us. It was deeply pure and beautiful. How long did I know that John Paul refused to see me because he knew the attraction in the flesh life would be too great and I would be judged, not that lovely man, for something that I was completely innocent of? I knew this before I was born. I always knew John Paul was there for me just like I knew it about my brother. John Paul and I, my brother and I: we three made an original Adam and Eve. The third brother love is Michael Shane Davis. We all three on the earth for a while took turns staying on the second cross of Christ with our free wills, separately and unknowingly. Patrick didn’t do that work. He stayed deep in hell’s heaven and nakedly danced in prayer. I saw him one day in the fifth windowless bedroom where one of the purest Lydia’s of Thyatira is watching and praying now. She is my daughter #6 and you have tormented my daughter. You have tormented my Esther Grace. And John Paul, Patrick, Michael, and I stood against you going farther.

There is a shed out back. I was going to have it removed about a month or two ago but my daughter #5 Eara up and bought a punching bag and hung it up. That’s the portal you used, American Synagogue Satan.

That’s the portal you used to alternate between hanging me there and hanging John Paul there. You whipped him mercilessly. You punched me; laughed; touched my private parts (that’s rape in the spirit life; nothing more or less) and the laughter was even into the fourth generation of children. Mocking me; you didn’t even do that with John Paul. You just kept whipping him is all I see but Jesus protects me so this isn’t how bad it was I can assure you. You were convinced that I could be broken; that he could be broken.

We are still here. You are dead while you live. Go figure out Delilah and Diana the goddess and Jezebel on your own time America. I have my people. Leave me alone with Jesus all glory to God. We aren’t alone. You know it.

I hear the 🐍 s. Esther Grace kept me informed about John Paul and I would help her keep people safe. Robert Edward kept defending me and now we have forgiven the fourth generation that hate me but Jesus is fathering them gently because they truly were not to be blamed. (Exodus 20)

If you raped me, you raped John Paul and Shane. If you whipped John Paul you whipped me and Shane. If you put Shane out of business, and Amazon did ($2 million from a glitch), you put me and John Paul out of business. If you slashed out my publisher to destroy my writing, and you did by January of 2017, you did it to the least of these my 13 children.

Laughter in the street Revelation 11 style? Yes, oh yes. And I covered John Paul Jackson and Scott Evelyn with my sweat, tears, and blood/water of ten live births all my life to get them into the New Jerusalem despite the ravages of what Christianity across all of sinful time did to them; to us.

Why were they guilty? They love God first and they loved their little sister neighbor Cara Coffey like they loved themselves. They dared to do simply that. What did I do? I stayed silent. I shouted. I stayed under your wire. I could have risen above it and acted like I needed to. I saw what you were doing to my Loves and I stayed in that Revelation 11 street with them. We are there no more.

No worries. I ordered a coloring book made by a wife whose family live in Jerusalem. I kept up with it all until that breakthrough. You will see me around town with it and another one or two.

I will color John Paul, Scott, Shane, Patrick, and I into a room some day some way with the Saviour of the world. He says so I suppose. But if I fail at this endeavor it will never be my Love’s fault. Nothing is His fault and that is by the suffering of testimony of Cara Ann Coffey, John Paul Jackson, Patrick Clayton Beaty, Michael Shane Davis, and Scott Evelyn with a few others: Robert Hilton Beaty X2, Eara Davis-Beaty, Mary & John Davis-Beaty and I’m not kidding, Robert & Esther Jackson, Robert Davis my beloved other Mississippi brother with Shane and Scott Evelyn. Without dearest Scott, I’d have never made it. See, Jesus picked me up and brought me out of some sort of hell, carried me literally spiritually, directly after the fourth blood moon. But And Scott collapsed in black armor with me one time–it was the Robert Room of hell. I stayed with Father; Father cuddled me; Scott rescued me. And that was the time I was like, john paul, shaboopie. You are dancing (praise in the Throne Room) up there in that hell throne place we all love to love colder hot still. 

I Want to Live by John Denver

It is my testimony that I literally pray for my enemies. I hurt there; I’m demolished. Praise God!

Delilah, Jezebel, and that goddess in the NT

I got this coloring book right on time: today. Maybe by tomorrow, I will not feel like the veil that was rent in two or the seamless garment they threw lots for. Maybe.


Esther Grace rode her blue bike, I walked wearing blue. Here is our reality: we love you. PS: Esther didn’t kill the big spider. She said God told her not to. But Rich doesn’t go with that and says to her it is her own self saying it. I never know; I never knew; why in the heck; siblings always spew. But it was worth it; ten births of me in all; for when I floundered, all I did was call

John Paul… Jesus, Scott, John Paul, Patrick, and Shane were always there. They took way more damage–at least John Paul, Scott, and Shane–than I could ever have to be privileged to be sitting here typing another testimony before I grade Eara’s schoolwork and finish my laundry for once in my pea-picking life (smile). I’m going to drink a little wine but not until I’m ready to sleep. And…Apostle Paul told Timothy to drink some so I’m good, I’m good. amen.

And then there is Bobby Conner. He carries us all with Jesus. It is that simple. He is always there. And that is so much like I AM that i am speechless with the miracle of Eagle’s Conner’s. 

Redefinition Statement of Turmoil & Persecution

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