Pigeon Religion by Dr. RT Kendall

It wasn’t a good idea to destroy the author work of Cara Coffey. It wasn’t a good idea to think that she would submit properly and backtrack to pull out while justifying yourselves to pull the wool over her prophetess side.

But it was expedient. To whom? You go figure that out and maybe next time you see me, figure out a way to hide the fact that I know you were in on the masquerade around me. But I consider that a waste of your time. Reading Pigeon Religion and Letter to Lucy A Manifesto of Creative Redemption in the Age of Trump, Facism and Lies by Frank Shaeffer & EJG2 isn’t a waste of your time. But you never believe me unless I’m doing it your way and not His so whatever. I’m going to backtrack and redo this book review anyway. You go on and pretend you are repenting as a pigeon. I dare you to keep living in your fake world,  America.

The bright green words say, “I hate mistakes” because mistakes of a human nature are inevitable. When Eve took that bite, it was such a decision: well meant but nonetheless disobedience to God. She didn’t blame anybody: Adam did. The Holy Spirit is Whom I’m being nurtured Within to be this honest. I can’t even have discussions in my heavenly door living room without a strong spirit of Cain Sin within the father of old Adam using the conversation to turn to me and say it again to God Father: “It’s that woman you gave me….” Happy 19th Birthday, Mary Hannah Coffey. I fixed it last night and today. I command my daughters, all of you Worldwide, to get up. Love Adam still. But do not ever trust that side of human male that would rather say, “It’s that woman you gave me” instead of allowing Holy Spirit and the women in his life within that living water sacrificial love of Jesus Christ help him to run to God Father in greatest weakness and surrender his ALL to I AM in Jesus Name. (Breathin’ To Death by Lecrae)  There will be no more womanly enmity so help me God and so help Mother Mary God in the New Jerusalem. How do I know? I called her up yesterday as I suffered….for King of Kings. He is her Son. There is no other woman of God who can vanquish this sinful perspective of human male. And this assertion is according to Revelation 12. (June 9, 2018 Hannah turned 19 as testified beforehand I was enacting more deliverance work with Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr and Robert Jackson written concurrently within The Mother Mary & I, Part One.) Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary — JMT Gospel Reflection

On to a book review with two others: Letter to Lucy A Manifesto of Creative Redemption in the Age of Trump, Facism and Lies by Frank Shaeffer & EJG2 and Inheriting the Fullness of God’s Names by John Paul Jackson all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen.


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