Mafia Protestant Republican Mess

This is in the Second Heaven. Don’t believe me? Fine. Die your own way and leave US REAL PEOPLE alone. Stop aggression tactics and lying. This is in Jesus Name amen. 


YouTube videos are not working for me right now; how strange. I don’t have any voice.







Churches of the Protestant world by and large are so fallen away that I am not so much devastated or in shock as I am not sure what to do with this kind of apostasy. Complete blindness is happening in church buildings and it does break my heart. KP Yohannan understands. It is confusing and I pray for Protestant Churches today that the severe disillusionment, hatred, deception, and joviality be removed ever so gently toward restoration in Jesus Name.

I mean. At least I got silence when I reminded him about those lists of somebody’s I get in my Apple Music that I pay a meager $10 a month to be privileged with so that I can hear the Lord in song everywhere and not just from Christian bands. The ones which aren’t somebody’s are in alpha order and very, very irritating. Don’t tell me when to listen to music or what to listen to, people. I know you’re out there fooling with us.

What the crying shame it is that you just keep going. Here is what Lecrae has to say to filthy lucre folk. He is dead on but he ain’t one I’d have said to go home and die–in spirit realms. I’ve done it a billion times and keep doing it all glory to God. It’s called picking up your cross. I tell you what. Jesus would be blocked on Twitter and misunderstood if he was in the public eye. He weeps (“Jesus Wept” by Sia was in this list as was “Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga or JoAnn).

I wish you no harm. Get help if you are tempted toward suicide. BUT quit with the stuff that is simply apostasy because you aren’t wasting anything but your own time. And you aren’t hurting me anymore, but you are hurting children and Jesus. You should stop in your tracks and think about that after last weekend and through this week here at Uncovered No More. Whatever.

Got Paper with Lyrics (by Lecrae) on YouTube

Blue Morning, Blue Day by Foreigner on YouTube

Jesus has his people. And no, Synagogue of Satan, false bride of Christ so to speak, you never see things His Way. You proved it across ten years of my life and I am thankful beyond any way to say it that I don’t have to fellowship in ugly unified falseness with that stuff. That ain’t what fellowship in any church or home structure should be.

You simply tried to get me to prove Jesus that way. Like as if I never told you, in writing and otherwise, that I’m not in control and neither are you. If I ever said that, people just got angry. I don’t know the emotions of people about what I wrote and what is more, I know some people, many people, wept bitterly at my destruction. The others simply maintain that they are in pain too, they are wronged, and they know what is right. They deny the Him that is in me in wicked ways and they are calling themselves of Christ. Thankful right here for Angels of God. I don’t have to deal with this.

What is more, you can change and you simply never do. I don’t know why. Wow. I’m so disappointed in this testimony about people, real people, that I believed really care about Jesus. You don’t. You don’t. I SAID YOU DON’t. That makes me angry and it should.

He is a Foreigner in His Own Earth, Part Three, off Rivers International

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