Praise, Seer Me

Praise, Seer Me



I shared this article on my Public FaceBook Page with this testimony:

Oh “Christian”, perhaps it is time, no as a matter of fact I know it is time, for you to learn to praise God in America and do nothing else. You have messed up so bad according to the second beast of Revelation 13 that there is no other way in hell on earth but praise. You will never figure God out, America, and that was your downfall and will continue to be your downfall as you pass away. The rest of us worldwide are in the New Jerusalem on the earth with Jesus and we are already about doing the business of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

A song list of my invention of prayer, praise, political statement, and love dance on the earth in the New Jerusalem is following to complete this article in Jesus Name, and all glory to God, amen.

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