The Mother Mary & I, Part One


Finished at the YMCA of SouthWest Austin (or @ the Y in Oak Hill, sort of) on Robert Edward Coffey’s 10th birthday of 5/21/2018 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.
Finished this other side at my house on Esther Grace Coffey’s 12th birthday, May 24, 2018. We the People, Part 1


Now the second son of Diana, Princess of Wales, is married. I sent Diane Jackson a beautiful Tree of Life Rendition across an 18 part Testimony Series here at Uncovered No More and at Rivers InterNational. I testified my latest Time Warp Experience in a five part PeriScope yesterday.


I have ministered with Mary, the Mother of Jesus. It was no vision of which I speak. The first time we met, she was wearing a jacket with a lighthouse stitched beautifully on the back. We met in a Synagogue of Satan where Justin rescued his Little Sister on November 19, 2016 just like I wrote he would. All of this work is linked below as far as blogs and PeriScope. As to my Lord’s rescuing of this Little Sister, I wrote it in my own hand from my book Uncovered No More, Loved by Jesus, shown at the end of this ferociously honest article.

I am testifying here in the Voice of Master speaking through Comforter Holy Spirit for you see, Jews do not speak to the Female Side of GOD. It is a Mystery. But I’m simply a human who spoke to Mary. And she has shown her face to me once in another time warp experience. They never speak to me—the real humans in the New Jerusalem—when they are ministering to me. But that changed drastically in 2018 as I turned 52. I love myself. So you don’t get that testimony, World. 

Yes, he loves US. I now never assume American Christians love him. Here is a piece of math: 33-14=19. There was no Way, Truth, and Life that Jesus Christ was eternally going to leave his littlest sister, a mere “kiddo” for real in the angelic realm of the second heaven, in the mathematics of our 52nd year as His People of Blood Israel turned 70:



In my 51st and 52nd years of flesh life, I was in jail. I was caught in the middle just like for a season of treachery John Paul Jackson, the modern day Elijah with his son Aaron being the modern day Elisha, was caught in the middle of Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. and Cara Ann Beaty but I don’t have that testimony anymore; America destroyed it in unrighteous hate with John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Coffey.

IT was the hell hole on earth of the number 666, little children.  Have no fear, little child Cara, for I am with you. My Rod and Staff comfort you. I have overcome the world.

Jesus came to me as that masked man, the Thief, directly after my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty died for the second time in a Garland Street on September 27, 1980. I was 14.





I am no longer caught within the 666 all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. My testimony is true. And my youngest son will be ten on May 21, 2018.

There are those who still refuse to believe my testimony. But in a conversation last night, one of my betrayers acknowledged I gave up, and continue to give up, everyone and everything in this life called Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey for Jesus Christ.

Yes I get afraid, even last night as someone persecuted me in discussion. Will America literally throw me out on the street and refuse to pay my bills? But I’m a good trophy wife so She can’t quite justify Herself to do that. Checkmate in Jesus Name amen.

If you still don’t believe me, I command you to drop dead and stop persecuting Jesus on the earth in Jesus Name amen. Plagues are handy. I pray for you. Drop like flies in America in Jesus Name. He is no thief.  He is King of kings and the Earth is his FootStool.

That isn’t my business. But I want out of American Unbelief so for once in this Beaty Life, I’m going to love myself. I’ve just given out the mathematics of my testimony three days before a little boy playing XBox with a friend is turning 10. He is my last of three sons. I love Jesus. I love America. I love the world.

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It is kinda like the drama Wives & Daughters which is a favorite BBC movie of Dad, Mom, & me in the largest scheme of things. We know when the emotions are real. amen.




John Michael Talbot, greet Father Pat with a Judah Holy Kiss on Convict Hill


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