Today 9:21 AM Part 18 all glory to God

Righteous Disdain, Part !17!

You will soon find out, one way or another, that I burned my left hand this morning. I had a curling iron accident. It was nothing compared to Debbie Davis. Then again, it was not equally anything to Esther Grace as a young child. Watch me America. Watch Jesus America. Watch Alva Richard Coffey America. He up and decided to ask for salad last night. My Man is hungry. So he will get salad but Rich…..I’m putting some matchstix carrots in this salad though you are kinda iffy about grated carrots. 

Text to Curtis

at least he thanked me



Don’t miss that beat

Don’t miss that heat

Where Dad died dead

It truly hurt our head

But let’s be joyful

In the morning toyful

For where toil falters

God uses elder Walter

To wipe my camping

Away from my lamping

It is a story I told

That now turns to gold

I hope you have a safe journey home today and tomorrow Curtis–with my children. My how nice it is getting to know them again. I really appreciate how sensitive to me my children are. I appreciate that as they express it to you.

Remember you don’t have to believe me. You don’t have to understand the poem but I hope you learn to enjoy poetry and other lovely things harder to understand because then your interpretive skills will sharpen. And it is my hope before God that you will understand Jesus better as your skills sharpen in Jesus Name, amen.

Dorothy is about to be 21 and so my prayers for you herein are being prayed forward, or prophesied if u wanna look at it thataway, until her birthday. (4 hearts: blue, green, pink, green)

See ya’ll soon. Off to do yard work.


A girl named America Checked me out just now. I’m at Slaughter Lane HEB.

I met a Man at PromiseLand two Sundays ago. He was almost 70 when I shook His Hand. It was cold. My hand today is hot. I don’t think He likes that, do you America? 

I called Curtis in the Target parking lot and told him about that Man that day. I told him earlier or a little later after that encounter that now all free will was taken away and Curtis was scared, or he had a guilty conscience, or he didn’t care, or whatever. I have seen Curtis die. I have seen Scott Evelyn die. I have seen John Paul Jackson die. Let me explain.

  1. John Paul Jackson was ordained into the ministry of Uncovered No More by Gabriel and Jesus Christ in the parking lot of the headquarters of MorningStar Ministries.
  2. Scott Evelyn valiantly died in holistic black armor on the eighth anniversary of my insanity incident of September 25, 2008–so that was September 25, 2016 after which a seven foot Man named Justin showed up at Cathedral of Praise, which it will remain now, on November 19, 2016 all glory to God.
  3. After Curtis told me God told him to wrest control of my financial holdings of our family’s life in 2017, I saw him die in white garments of light. Curtis is a spirit of light. It is that simple. I have seen to his comfort on the earth all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. But then, Jesus judged the works of Curtis Coffey on the earth as seven foot Justin and cut him in half, castrating him, after I saw Curtis as a spirit of light. It did not matter which American White Boy I married, they were going to turn into a spirit of light because that is what they had been. I chose a man for marriage according to Revelation 17, not Revelation 2-13, you see. I am heartless, I love Curtis and he hates both me and John Paul Jackson, and that is that. But there is a seed of some faithfulness in that vessel called Curtis Coffey and he stayed for whatever reason he stayed across the last ten years. That didn’t comfort me in 2017 when he told me point blank that all of my ministerial work before that point that I forced him to do with me was a bunch of “crap”, and he said that in one of our intimate moments. American males have lusted after me for years, Curtis did porn and had to be forced to repent, and I do not care that I’ve likely been seen naked since cameras were sent into my home at some point or other or they were placed to where when our window curtains were pulled, I could be seen. My room has been searched. And now, at 10:43 AM, I’m getting a call from 202-860-3406 in Washington, DC. The natives are getting nervous. I will not deny the truth: Curtis sounds just like Donald Trump sometimes.

Now you will get pictures but you damn well will get nothing else. Everybody stand back. Like I said. I don’t think Master is too pleased with my burnt left hand today. But I said your welcome when He said thank you so that is that today anyway.

I love You Jesus. I love You God Father. I love You Teacher Holy Spirit. I love you Curtis. I love me too. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.



Arms Wide Open and Sacrifice by Creed

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