Well Now I Know Part 16

Rocky Mountain High by John Denver, Part 15, on Rivers International

It is a good thing that Cara Beaty doesn’t have a child of the age of 16 yet; at this time is what I mean. For certainly you can figure out that I have had six of them turn 16 and the seventh is about to be 16 in August of 2018.

Happy 70th Birthday Jesus Christ on May 14, 2018.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When I ministered with Shane Davis in Mississippi in September of 2015 two times and after the fourth blood moon, he witnessed me get point blank, deeply angry after he kept testifying about his life and the life of his dear wife Debbie. Whom was I deeply angry about?

Happy Mother’s Day to me; Happy Mother’s Day to me; Happy Mother’s Day to me……that thar was a spree. It was a spree; that angered the tree; and the Lord See; doesn’t take thee. Doesn’t take thee in; to that fish’s fin; no matter trash bin; Judah win-win-win. Jonah whaled sail; Moses’s truck fail (or Moses’ struck fail); Satan has a tail; I scream over mountain and dale.

(PS: may I PLEASE stop screaming now? Maybe the green bug which just literally, I kid nobody not, crossed my ChromeBook’s key pad as I typed this plea at 6:39 AM on 5/14/2018–has the answer. I certainly NEVER have answers. I never have questions either. How boring, you say. Naw. Just…..Naw. Buggy Boo is now crawling down the cord.

He is one of those leaf-green fellas shaped like a leaf so watch me pick him up and take him to the Revelation 22 tree and place him gently on a purple leaf there. All creation worships and it isn’t a drain to weave that story 100 percent of the time–little leafy bug and I say so in Jesus Name, amen.

Kenneth, Wanda, and Karen Phillips and I knew a worship with our people this morning that is to be seen in the world that is here and is to come in the New Jerusalem. There were moments where I could worship in body and spirit life but no words–not even my speaking in tongues–were coming out of my voice.

It was peaceful–not a gagging. YES MORON NATION OF AMERICA: I have been bound and gagged many, many times as a prophetess in the office of it. OBVIOUS AT THIS POINT amen.

Ricardo worship led us with his lovely band. Ricardo has a super-power testimony. Don Moen was involved in the horror of it–Integrity Music, give up already and go to hell on earth in Jesus Name, amen.

Four hours of wailing by the father Ricardo in an airport is the miracle of it. Ricardo asserted what Austin, Texas and the world knows: we are fools for Christ. We have always been fools for Christ and we will always be fools for Christ.

You may take your life and stuff it where the sun don’t shine until you are ready to go with us one hundred percent of the time. We are not the strange ones to drop everything and call to God no matter the time or the place. He is I AM–and we call, we praise, we worship…..with every breath we breathe and every wink of our eyes. It is that simple. I don’t understand the rest of the world because they don’t call God enough. That is in Jesus Name, amen.

Karen Phillips and Debbie Davis are sisters of mine just like Diane Jackson of Streams Ministries International. Don’t ask us four any questions. You will get no words but you will get looks. America will someday learn that you cannot appear correct in the prophetic realm’s very public life’s Eye that I deal with a little more than a lot of people will ever understand–and pull one over Jesus’s Eyes. Um. Wow that I have to point this out in America on the 70th birthday precisely of the Man Jesus Christ in the New Jerusalem of I AM where Jesus Christ rules as the Lion of the Tribe Judah.

A Tribe Judah Queen should teach women and encourage men on Mother’s Day. That makes perfect sense. What never, ever, ever made sense to me was when pastors arrogantly thought they could teach mothers out of the Apostle Paul’s writings. Baptists are prone to that sort of…..poo poo.

Wanda Phillips did this for us four yesterday. She is Karen’s mama. Don’t expect Judah Mamas to do anything less than exactly what we need to do–and then some because we are over-achieving superwomen who do not care until we do and we don’t let you know when we do. That would be stupid. You’d just argue with us, verbally or otherwise abuse us, use us, and over-work us.Β OK I need a nap and it is only 12:45 PM today.

Don’t expect anything less from my thirteen kids either and I’m here to tell you that late last evening I was in downtown Austin. Patrick took me out for Mother’s Day–to the Flaming Fork on 7th Street. OK so; a little dry humor is right here but I’m not going explain myself. I’m just going to look at you and pick up both a sharp steak knife and a fork. HeeHeeHee HHaaawwww.Β Donkey me; donkey you; this puppy; done had the flu. But Eara threw up; that’s nothing Elect New; so what the freaking hell; Washington DC doesn’t love you.

Go watch the TeleVision Version of Sunday, 5/13/2018,Β  at PromiseLand–if they privilege you with it, America. Those are some mighty big cameras they have over there but I dunno where you watch from. I know Life Austin has live streaming but I don’t hear Pastor Kenneth mention that. I wouldn’t either if I were him. He is busy on Sunday just like I am–in heaven on Earth. Let me say that one more time: Pastor Kenneth Phillips is busy on Sunday like I am busy on Sunday. That is a very good assertion to make today all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.Β 

Ricardo led worship and Richard ate bacon wrapped pork while the rest of us ate a big-ass burgerΒ yesterday. Today–buggy crawled all the way up my ChromeBook cord and I now need to name him, IΒ need to go drink my coffee, I need to exercise, I need to nap, and then I need to do some chores. But I’m a little miffed. It won’t be picking stickers in the back yard today as it pertains to chores.Β The little fella is Stan, that’s his name. And today, I went to Office Depot for my new gel pen set–that was on sale. Check it out when I have my briefcase because into the briefcase it went. Yes, you see, I have several stations to do art work: one purse, one briefcase, one at my desk, and one near my recliner.

Doesn’t it feel good to be holistically organized, oh Super-Women of the World?

They smile: yes it does, Cara Love; yes, it does in Jesus Name, amen.




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