Blood Sucking Hell, Be GONE in Jesus Name WORLDWIDE Part 7

I Don’t Want to be Insensitive Here, Part 6 (edit WP #11184; cool)

I see the Bright & Morning Star in a Squash Plant. So America, grow squash. I don’t have to because several plants spontaneously came to me this Spring.
I have girlfriends. You have NO IDEA World of Intelligence & Decadence of Synagogue Satan. When we hug, forever, see Bright Star’s Love Dripping like Honey and Olive Oil off our prophetic forms in Jesus Name amen. “Hope for the Broken” by Cory Shelley
MoonRise April 2018 all Glory to God
Just FYI, I changed my mind. The Moore’s are elect Tribe Judah righteously through Beth. Cool, hey? America doesn’t deserve Texas, Cara, and Beth. God gave you to US anyway in Jesus Name amen.

Lone Star’s One more thing: mountains move and it is in Jesus Name, all glory to God.




I have already colored the other side. Here it is. The world is never worthy of Mama Love Second John. We are given to you by God and by God you are going to listen.

“Invisible” by Plumb is playing at 7:20 AM on my InterActive God iPad List and I just saw it turn to 7:21–May 1, 2018. I will never back down forever. Neither will Beth. Does American Christianity have any Texas Questions?

I bet Bobby Conner has no questions. Naw. We three are way too busy to ask questions. We take you out and move along. God raises you up. Or not. On the last day in Jesus Name amen.

One Rabbit’s Eyes & a Crowing Cock Part 5 (edit #11167)

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