I Don’t Want to be Insensitive Here, Part 6 (edit WP #11184; cool)

One Rabbit’s Eyes & a Crowing Cock Part 5 (edit #11167)

But on the other hand, I do NEED a break from being pulled apart by Christians, Witches (see how some women, not many but some, are going to find out in the future according to Revelation chapter 2 that they are a witch and they hate children here in this new book review on my new blog Conversations with Paul), and other people generally and then again not so generally being goats, sheep, turtledoves, rich young rulers, unwise virgins awaiting the Bridegroom and wise virgins awaiting the Bridegroom.

Ahem….I will dryly admit that I’d like to see ArchAngel Michael’s definition of the word “virgin” and I am just saying………(Jude).

Moving along here: as it pertains to the ministry of Uncovered No More, Houston, I have a problem. Key people associated with Austin for many years that were not and never will be “Beaty” Folk who are elect Tribe Judah are feeling displaced right now. ((Hugs))

But as the artwork for this article is going to say, my Beloved: Fuck Fortune, Full Speed Ahead for God Father and in Jesus Name, amen. (Book of Jude + Book of Second John)

Let me say what I just said in Christian terms. I’m smiling. Yes, I am smiling. Here is why: talk like a Christian and act like a Christian ain’t the way it goes on the earth with human humans. Lemme explain a whittle bitty something: Jesus always worships and obeys God the Father as THE KING who IS Angel/Human too.

The ONLY WAY angels get out of the war of Armaggedon is to either be as they always have been and remain unmarried or Boom! tangle with a woman and become like Jesus who is born of a real Virgin named Mary His Mother.

Why am I pointing this out? (laughing outright) I am pointing this out so that I can get the BREAK my freaking highly gifted selfie-poo NEEDS. I ain’t loving myself to NOT POINT THIS OUT. So go to hell in my hand-bag on the earth if you don’t believe me.

Now on to the nice part: you are not necessarily a part of Tribe Judah as elect leadership or adoption (Revelation 7) to live in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas. And I have people all over the place who know me who tried to pressure me to adopt them into Tribe Judah because they knew I am elect. That was obvious for quite a few years.

Lemme tell you WHO IS ADOPTED: 13 children–but only in one manner of speaking, and just one. His name is ArchAngel Michael. (Jude) If you think any ArchAngel or me are gonna try to define the difference between adoption and election, you are an intelligent IDIOT— plain and simple. We are busy. Don’t even take a number and get in line here to figure it out. 

Wait on God! Be still and know He is God! You have a tribe. As to this woman right here named Cara–I’m going to write and “art” the beauty of all 11 Tribes someday. It ain’t someday yet and what is more……Yesterday by the Beatles is hitting me in the back of the head allegorically-speaking right now.

Heaven on Earth will have 11 pages on it for this beauty some day. I don’t need a Tribe Judah page over there because Tribe Judah is most definitely on the Earth full time. DUH!!

Please, please, please: do not get your undies and/or your panties in a wad, ok? OK!!



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