How Title Pure Pain Non-Schism? Part One

No emotion; that’s what business is…..Lord help the witnesses….. ~Sucker for Pain by Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons

Learning to be a Living Witness

Jekyll & Hyde by Plumb

The two gentlemen from Twitter I have quoted are African American. And I’m not. Let me be honest about how my skin color betrays this prophetess. I never forgive my skin color Me while I never desire or despise other skin colors. So you see Jesus in this series ever so gently close a door in order to say: Cara that isn’t your ministry work. 

Let’s  just say when you’ve been in hell a lot and nobody understands that except I AM and angels, well, you feel alone. Exposed. Exhausted. And you feel like nobody cares. They moved on and keep moving on. I cry in this place sometimes. Do you? God help me.


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