Gideon Prevails Today All Glory to GOD Part 2

One Non-Cacophony Visionary Cycle Today

All snapshots herein are from the last 2 walks in my neighborhood all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. 

I have seen the Lord in many body forms. All of these are a mirage. They are Him to be sure, but they are not Him to be sure. Therein is the difference between—but not betwixt—Lamb of God and King of kings.
Here is a Moon Rise from April 29, 2018 on a walk in my ‘hood after a full day of deliverance work. “BreakFast” by NewsBoys in Jesus Name amen.
Love God first; love neighbor as yourself. 
One Rabbit’s Eyes & a Crowing Cock Part 5 (edit #11167)

if you ever doubt how hard Jesus Christ works, I suggest oh Human It, that you go sit yourself in a corner and get over yourself. Appreciating Your Daily Signature Pieces

Robert Edward Coffey is a spitter image of Patrick Clayton Beaty. I’m going to use dry humor. Thank You God Father. I’ve got ten kidz and one brother. Dad told me some years ago that he never worried about raising me; but Patrick? Yuppers Dad worries about that one. So God Smiles in the Beaty-Coffey family and had Cara pop out a Patrick perSONality in my tenth child, a son, named Robert Edward Coffey. God Father was extravagant for Dad with this daughter. Father didn’t want him to worry up above OR down below. I didn’t sign up for raising my brother in a son. That’s the deal with Elect. God signs you up and teaches you to praise Him in the whole perfect mess of it. Yay God and in Jesus Name amen. 


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