I Had a Dream This Morning

And I’m beginning to read Dr. RT Kendall’s  Pure Joy so that is nice. I’m looking forward to some artwork coming forth soon. Um yes, Dr. Kendall. It is time for another Reformation.


The feature image and these below are from one tree on our property or my next door neighbor’s property. We like to share God Art over here, and she has a resident owl while there is also a resident hawk a few doors down, too. All creation worships.




A8B674BB-5AD6-4143-8F67-E50F5AC3D6B6In the dream, I was at a store. I needed to purchase two bottles of wine but since I have the Nabal of a husband (Revelation 13) that I actually have as it concerns human men in the Christian Church, I knew I could bounce a check to purchase the first bottle because it was a fine wine. The second bottle was not a fine wine but it was nice nonetheless. So I made a choice. I didn’t care if I bounced my TruWest account. I bought the wine.

The Marvelous Billy Graham on Heaven on Earth

The above article was written on 4/3/2018. You don’t own me America; I don’t care about you; my Babies have a cold; so here is what I say to YOU: ACHOOOOOOO.

Billy Graham died 3 years and 3 days after John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name amen. Alpha Omega speaks in a weaving of time eternally. Amen.

By the testimony of Robert Edward Coffey on 4/2/2018, as he was playing Minecraft on XBox with Esther Grace Coffey— Satan is dead. Now Mama tweaked a little of that accurate testimony as I contemplated my next home school lesson in my office. But that is neither here or there to Jesus in the largest scheme of time King of Kings holds keys of. Here it is 4/3/2018 at 8:56 AM: “Mom, you gonna make the pancakes?” Yes Son. Coming up. “Oh La Di-Oh La Da” by the Beatles is playing. Yay God.

American Ministerial Christianity played hard ball with two Men of God: ArchAngel Gabriel and Jesus Christ–September of 2008 through January 1, 2018. You fought against one little girl, her brother (both of them) and ArchAngel Michael: who are the three humans glorified I’m talking about? Cara Beaty, Patrick Beaty, and Michael Shane Davis.

Any congregations touched by the people listed above (they got deleted like they always do because I love them in Christ but their love of me I consider dubious, and, that is that) have spirits of light up in your business.

So set your affairs in order and die your own way. Your males cannot become Sons of God by the actions of Bobby Conner of Eagle’s View Ministries in September of 2017. Jesus was there. So those two Men of God saw to the works of the ministry of New Jerusalem and did the best They could to lessen my suffering. It didn’t work.

Excuse me for reminding everyone: Patrick Stephen Coffey, Alva Richard Coffey, and Robert Edward Coffey; Aaron Jackson and Micah Jackson; Justus Davis popped out Sons of God due to the righteousness inherent within Elect Cara Beaty and her spirit brothers John Paul Jackson and Michael Shane Davis. (Second John; Revelation 12)

In Jesus Name, the gavel just dropped again. When Jesus gives me dreams, that is henceforth what is going to happen in the New Jerusalem here at

Uncovered No More.

~Tara Ann Moons otherwise known as Zipporah and Judge Deborah of the OT

I would suggest American Christianity pray real hard that Cara continues NOT TO DREAM in my sleep so very much lest He our God Father smite you; and smite you;  and smite you time and again with curses. That ain’t my business. It is my business and always has been to be me. One day at a time, I’ve always been me so whatever.

You all went too far so many times over and used my children so many times over you need to be thankful I am not coming down any harder than this the day after Resurrection Sunday, April 1, 2018. Ya’ll do realize my birthday with my reciprocal son Patrick Stephen is coming up, right? Ya’ll think I’m nicer in love-never-fails than I actually am. Or as the case may be, you start rumors that are untrue to suit your sullied conscience. Wow how yellow-bellied is that?

I’m not ashamed. Nor do I care about humans anymore. It is all glory to God. There is nothing new under the sun in your world. So I moved across October of 2016 until December 1, 2017 when Mahesh Chavda told me the job was finished. I hid my work of the ministry even more so that I didn’t get privately verbally abused as much. Again, it didn’t work.

What the fuck ever. Moving along in Jesus Name, amen.


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