Holy Spirit Comfort & Protection in a Christian Life


The feature image is a quote from Doug Addison of InLight Connections. And I responded to his picture on Instagram. Here is the full quote. For your Christian information, I do not give one damn what you think about interpretation. Next time you want me to wait around for you to “Get It” oh Bible Scholars of the United States, don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs, inspecting your navel, and disrespecting Jesus Christ to the point of Cara Coffey’s author work being destroyed and John Paul Jackson going up hard-set like that.

What Doug said:Β “Be careful with advice from people who don’t understand you or your situation. ~March 7, 2018.

What Cara said:Β “You must listen to Holy Spirit now. Advice Christian to Christian is Idolatrous in details. Safety lies in healthy congregations. There should be no women as pastors or elders in congregations. There should be no fucked up male chavenism in leadership. Women MUST LEAD in ALL church children’s ministries and in finances as according to the testimony of Jesus Christ in the New Testament globally and 2 John removal of anti-Christ particularly. Get into a church. Love yourself by fostering your Holy Spirit relationship (Acts) EVERY DAY in Jesus Name.


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