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This article is hard-hitting. Don’t ever forget the death procession of my life America which is sure and fast judgement and God’s living, breathing love of humanity: February 14, 2014 False Prophet Bob Jones died. February 18, 2015 John Paul Jackson died. I’m finding out he isn’t elect. It’s his father and mother who are elect. And then, hours before Curtis and I had been married 28 years, Dad died February 3, 2016 and he isn’t elect either. My election came from John & Mary Davis and Beaty who are my paternal great-grandparents and the election  is strong so it came forth in Robert Hilton and Eara Davis Beaty. Patrick Clayton and Cara Ann Beaty are elect Tribe Judah Gentile. It is all glory to God. 

The last death testimony thus far is this massacre on Valentine’s Day 2018. My testimony was so thoroughly denied in America it is obvious why I should place Psalm 58 in here and leave the rest to God all glory to God. 

John Paul Jackson and Cara Ann Beaty have been ministering our whole lives together. Other people found that out about me–I do not know what John Paul Jackson knew or thought from September 25, 2008 until his death on February 18, 2015–so I was very clearly put in a disadvantageous point of reference as a prophetess for my nine year trial by fire that ended in February of 2018 by the grace of God. That is not to say I am finished with resting up after what I have been through.


7 men of God I love and am not ashamed about it

💜Jesus🖤💜💛💚💙Patrick Clayton Beaty💜Frank Schaeffer💜Scott Evelyn💜Michael Shane Davis💜John Paul Jackson🧡Curtis Edward Coffey💙💚💛💜🖤Jesus💜

And then there are 13 children. Lemme tell ya something about Aaron, Edith, Patrick, Margaret, Dorothy, Mary Han, Alva Rich, Eara Abby, Lydia, Esther, and Edward (both those boys), Micah, and Justus with Cara Davis-Beaty-Coffey-Jackson: we don’t settle for nothing less and more than I AM.

Righteously, we don’t settle for anything else. And anyway yesterday (2/28/2018)— y’all I’m not kidding here: there was this guy up on a mechanical platform (yellow to be sure) fixing the Church’s Chicken sign on William Cannon.

*sigh and shake my head ruefully* Dad-gum y’all but that man looked like John Paul up there as I drove by going to pick up Eara from work. It’s kinda like when cranes showed up moving train cars in my ‘hood near the Feed Depot. I was like, um, this is a bit exaggerated guys; yes it is.

I’m here to tell y’all Gabriel, Michael, and Jesus are good at exaggeration in Austin, Texas. It’s like this: they stand around unseen going 🤔😳 and plotting how to make it more obvious around here so I don’t stumble around that much more. Now when Gabriel smiles, um, you gotta watch it. The real fun and games get up and going when that Angel smiles. 


Anyway…..Michael Shane Davis is a very, very singular election as are the two Beaty children according to John 21 in this present darkness. Up to now, Shane cannot be killed. There are witnesses. Shane is a very real modern day Jeremiah and Apostle John. 

So now the terrorizing part is over. I love you Jesus. Thank You I AM for ordering the situation of my life so I can abandon myself to YOU with no more ties of humanity on this earth. And I can do that with a clear conscience after what I was put through to be where I am in the Eyes of I AM ALONE. The rest of you have no idea, though people tell me so many things about what they assume I need to do, to say, to be, as a human–you have no idea what you are talking about when it concerns me. I forgive you.

Notes from this YouTube Video linked above

Why I am doing this note-thingy for Streams Ministries International? I’m entering into one of my dreams, painfully today, and I have already Periscoped about that dream.

John Paul Jackson was teaching in about 2011 or early 2012 in this video. They who released this video on YouTube are vague in the release of it. Thank you all for your sensitivity. I didn’t have the dream I shared on Periscope until 2014 if my very human, yet spiritually paranormal, memory serves me correctly. So what am I telling you? The top paragraph (not in bold) of this article is what I’m telling you. John Paul and I are realm traveling spiritualists. You never catch up to us. But people believe that about John Paul and hate me for how highly gifted I am.

Here is the deal: John Paul is dead to the rest of you and he is not dead to me and Jesus though I’ve never seen Jesus and John Paul at the same time. I cannot say that about Patrick or Gabriel to be sure. I do not have any idea why that difference is there.

Another case of this pairing of my brother with a glorified body is Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. I have seen Robert Jackson and Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr. together with me—but we were in a library sitting at three round tables like me, Bobby Conner, and Keith Miller one time.

Keith kept his face in his plate. Bobby Conner kept smiling the Gabriel way. I was like Keith, Buddy, stop already.  This happenstance of our weird, New Jerusalem, life happened in the last quarter of 2016 (?) on Esters Boulevard. Yeah, John Paul and Diane drove Curtis’s Subaru to the D/FW area while I slept in the back. I’m just kidding.

😳🤓 I need normal to be normal now, thank you all very much. God Father says that, not me. He wants his daughter to rest forevermore now and attend to my duties with I AM. Alone. Yes, I don’t feel alone anymore and I have peace. But again, that is not to say my raw insides have stopped feeling what people have done to me across a 51 year life and they don’t care. They don’t care. They don’t care. They just keep moving. I forgive them.

There were these meetings that I gather began along about 2010. John Paul shared about the 2nd annual one in 2011. There were slightly over 50 people involved: prophets, prophetesses, and apostles. Here were some questions they were addressing and therefore wrote a paper with information about these things:

  1. Is Ephesians 4:11-16 still applicable to prophetic and apostolic people? (Did John Paul wanna scream YES during those conversations, ya think?)
  2. Are prophetic ministries necessary? And how do we deal with being wrong and misinterpreting things? (I hope John Paul had a fidget spinner during this conversation because I’d have been, like, rolling my eyes ever so often and plugging my ears with music to drown out the yada yada yada.)
  3. Truth and biblical doctrine–is accuracy and biblical doctrine important to prophetic ministry? (Shaboopie)
  4. Is prophesying for money biblical? (laugh, horrified)
  5. Is the judgement of God and wrath of God synonymous?
  6. Does God still send judgement on people, nations, churches, etc?
  7. Prophetic eschatology and effects on interpretation. (There is that false prophet thing to consider, which I know, John Paul always considered it. Not that anyone in his ministerial midst or mine, or even congregational midst, as it concerns the Kansas City Prophets, listened to him….or me later.)
  8. Should prophetic men and women speak into political campaigns as habit? (I just voted Democrat all the freaking way 3/7/2018 and I bet my Brother Frank Schaeffer is doing the same thang so…..but speak to anybody about it in the Christian Church? LOLOL!)
  9. Is holiness another term for legalism? Grace means we don’t have to be holy, repent, or seek after righteousness. (John Paul was making a bit of a broad sweep in both directions here, wasn’t he? At this point, I’d simply do what I used to do but that blog work got destroyed: UNDERSTATEMENT.)
  10. Open theology discussion took place. *wide eyed stare*

After all of this plus some, a paper was co-written, and the title was, “Biblical Principles Concerning Ethics and Protocols Relating to New Testament Prophetic Ministry”.

After this point, John Paul spoke about the Perfect Storm Prophecy and reported on accuracy points within it. This video was about 3.5 years into the prophecy’s release, and I’m guess that means the video was made in 2011. There were five thrusts to the Perfect Storm Prophecy: Religion; War; Economics; Politics; Geophysical.

And then he spoke of “Chislam”. John Paul expressed that he had a real problem putting the Koran and the Bible into the same pew. There are places where they believe in Mohammad as a prophet (yes he was and you may go look at “false prophet” to get a glimpse of that shit) and Jesus was the Son of God. If you are doing this intelligent rigamarole oh “Chislam Nation” I’d suggest you repent again for the kingdom of God is at hand–New Testament style.

Then John Paul spoke of something that made me have to wait several days to finish this article. Let me enter into allegory my Beloved. That is the best way for John Paul and me now. Purple Lamborghini E by Skrillex & Rick Ross is playing as I type.

Hagar speaks today, again. She has spoken before. They never listen. My love child was born of Abraham 13 years before Isaac. And I Hagar love them both. How could it be; how could it be; how could it be that 13 children in the United States of America whom are Gentile speak of Judah our Love King of kings like none other; like none other; like none other? How could Hagar have known? They my men of GOD carry my backpack now and that includes John Paul but you never listened to him ’til he went up. Oh God I cry out! this is a prison I cannot leave without our entering of the total removal. The total removal removes your Little Sister while my Loves forevermore pass away in Judah and then come back! Come back! Come back!….in Jesus Name, amen. (Revelation 7 & 14) 

Now, 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman is playing.

Tribe Judah

John Paul Jackson spoke of the difficulty between Ishmael and Isaac and then he also pointed out the obvious humanism within what he coined as the “religion” “Chislam”.

Then he went on to wholly denounce yoga because of how and why people do that–the origin is the Hindu religion. John Paul Jackson said, “Physicality does not bring you closer to God. Your hunger for Him does.”

In deliverance, spiritual habits and physical habits must change. All healing stems from this as something is removed, and there are stubborn issues. Deliverance is inner healing of inner wounds. But wounding can drive you–repentance must be used for deepest healing.

That is enough, by God. I’ve written and talked about habit change through repentance (1 John 1:9) a lot. It’s all destroyed and I don’t write about it anymore. Why should I do that? You never listen. What do I do now? Watch and pray on the uppermost level is what I do now all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. How do I know this? Mahesh Chavda of Chavda Ministries International catapulted me up there when he told me “the job is finished” instead of praying for me because I stood in line that evening of December 1, 2017 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.



March 5, 2018

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