Brood of Vipers, Master sees You


While I was producing this artwork, the paper cutting tool was facing just so, below, but without the blade’s protective cover on. Details, details, bastard America. Edward had to push the camera button on my iPad to take my ugly little picture of my right hand. I shed blood, Babes. It’s like suffering with shingles or John Paul Jackson dying with pleurisy after licking cancer faithfully. You bastards kill my loves; kill my loves; kill my loves. And you judge me, pick me apart, and make my heart and body bleed and suffer on a regular basis.When are you going to learn that shows of “righteousness” mean one hundred percent nothing. If Donald Trump and that band of bastard Republicans don’t call it off of our budget like Elizabeth Warren and the actual president of this great nation, Bernie Sanders from Vermont, is telling them to do then hahahaha you gonna get some more artwork and nasty language coming out of this serpent called Cara according to the entire book of Revelation but particularly Revelation 12-22 in Jesus Name and all glory to GOD amen.


I witnessed 7:44 after having already noted 6:44 AM in this artwork of this blog article this morning. Take it one day at a time, ya’ll. Because otherwise, this Mama is gonna take your little games and shove them up your ass. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen, how the truth is President Trump is a hypocrite. They all planned a Sanctity of Life Day on Roe vs. Wade’s Anniversary while shaming Elizabeth Warren in 2017. Yeah, that makes about as much sense as Satan being for the people of God called Elect.

The Republicans want to false-light-and-gold-guild their dirty work in the Federal Government right now. What the fuck ever. Me ‘n Frank Shaeffer are slugging it out with these bastards (Letter to Lucy A Manifesto of Creative Redemption in the Age of Trump, Facism and Lies by Frank Shaeffer & EJG2) while Brother Mahesh Chavda easily and purely uses the righteousness of the moment for both the Jews in Israel and the Abortion Advocates in the Throne Room: the babies who die each day because Jesus said it would be better if they’d never been born—on FaceBook last night. Go check my FB page or @theChavdas social media.

I done passed Brother Mahesh’s glory statement on in submission to Tribe Judah leadership faithfully according to the entire New Testament but particularly Ephesians and Revelation 12, 14, and 19-22 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

Prismacolors depicting the storms of the tsunami and earthquake eruptions across this week reported here by CNN: Prismacolor VeriThin #747 Black; #750 Vermillion Clair; #744 Poppy Red; #740 Ultramarine; & #740 and a half Peacock Blue. Prismacolor: PC922 Poppy Red.

Lemme interpret my colors: Ultramarine is oceans of turtledoves; Peacock Blue says “that bird is pretty but arrogant as the day is long, oh viper generation, yes that is the truth in Jesus Name, amen.“ Go to your place in heaven on earth called….the first heaven…and stop playing games. Anathema!! in Jesus Name, amen.

Poppy Red is used twice in these pieces of artwork as Verithin #744 and #PC922. The numbers say it all. I’m praying for the Opium Crises and all drug crises in general world and time-wide all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name amen.

I have interactive lists on both my iPhone & iPad. Late yesterday I was like, “Jesus, what is up with You?” because I was trying to simply listen to my normal lists and He divine appointment wouldn’t let me use the iPad.  I have witnesses. The YMCA saw me and Curtis there but Lydia and Edward didn’t get to go swimming due to a class. Esther was practicing volleyball and Curtis had taken her.  This is the iPad’s music:

Alive by Sia

Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) by P!nk

Solar Power Girl (feat. Timbaland) by Brad Paisley

Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary E by Rihanna

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Subset Leadership of Misinformation in Heavenly Doors #10742

Oh Subset of Leadership on Uncovered No More: you are the Man in the Mirror. Deal with it in Jesus Name, amen. You cannot figure I AM out so drop your intelligence and get over yourselves in Jesus Name, amen.

You are bastards. Deal with GOD and stop persecuting the Elect across all of time and forevermore in Jesus Name, amen. I love God first. Go read Exodus 20. Bow your knees instead of continuing in your own way and justifying yourselves before God in this arrogant manner that I’ve testified through and you were very righteously warned about in John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm Prophecy.

Sure it’s good that you are doing a sanctity day of life on Roe vs. Wade’s anniversary–or whatever. But until you deal with your budget in America righteously, you are anathema in the Throne Room to GOD.

Your little sister Cara Ann Beaty is up there, you see. It is in Jesus Name, amen. Deal. In the first heaven, the earth life—you need to deal and none of the real people worldwide are going to trust you until you DEAL WITH GOD. AND GIVE US OUR RIGHTEOUS BUDGET that President Barak Obama righteously with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton advocate for. This is in Jesus Name, amen.


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