Shut the Fuck Up & Down Lucifer in Jesus Name #10790



Today 1/11/2018





You and I cannot hate Satan to his place in our Holy of Holies, oh Christian. Hate, in a human form, does not perpetuate love in many cases; America is one such unjust case save the elect here.

This I learned from September of 2008 forever: I love Satan. And if I love Satan, I want him to go where GOD DICTATES he should be.

This is how I was led by Jesus for a little season of Armageddon AtroCities in Texas: I love 1/3 of the Angels–but I do not say that I love the ruler of this world. I didn’t say anything about him save one thing: shut the fuck up, and I did it on a numeric day of 1/11/11.

I dared to love 1/3 army–I’ve felt their love–and Satan. It makes no earthly sense, my Beloved, it makes no earthly sense. God Smiles there. Yes, it’s because He knows I’m known as a gifted lady in Austin, Texas.

And then all of a sudden, when God Father smiles, everything makes sense in that Eye-Blink. And that is the deal. God blinks His Eyes a lot. They are long-suffering blinks of visions of terror; alone-ness in critical negativity humans love to despise Him with instead of bowing the knee, desperation for we are created in His Image, and all of that which allows us to see our beauty mirrored within I AM as Father fathers us all–human and angels alike.

It’s a mystery. That is a good thing today, 1/11/11– I can say that lots of things make sense when I think about them from this blog article’s seemingly pointless point of view.

Well now. I can release this fourth volume chapter by chapter. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. Words; words; words: I’d rather speak them @CoffeyCara1 than copy and paste the typing of them so many times over.

The last piece of this article is simply in my handwriting the date and title of those Periscopes which will not be placed on my public or private FB. It will be on Twitter, though. My old world is not interested in three volumes of testimony, destroyed. Had they been determined to be interested, these Beloved human friends of mine, they would have had compassion by now and saved up the money to publish them again.

My Loves–who are my Loves? I saw it painfully in 2017. That’s how you get an angel man (men) taking very good care of their little sister here and there to get this blog article written. Yes, that’s how you get Cara here–my family? Angels. I’m married to them, after all. You’ll be hearing that little garden called me being read on Periscope but it will be after February of 2018 and before December of 2018.

Why? Well, my true loves humans live and die in February so I will honor my Living Love Song Human that month. My babies? My ten babies were born October, April, November, September, June, March, August, July, May, and May. Dad was born in May. Mom was born in February.

So there you have it: Nothing and Nobody but me ‘n my angel family in January and December. It are our months, you see. Gabriel and Michael will see to it that those will be Cara Love’s two months of Angel Family expressed to all of humankind forevermore in Jesus Name, amen. Mystery? You got that right. Mystery is what is faith’s free falling failure one hundred percent of the time. We will travel the realms without you, humanity, yes in those two months. It’s an in-real-life magic carpet!


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