365 Promises From God’s Word in Color Part One




Sealing off a testimony is a lot of work. Lemme Texas tell the whole world of population a little something: God knows. You never did in my 51 year life. Whatever. You cannot tack into my work unless God knows you as within the courts of New Jerusalem in which case I know you too as you know me. We understand one another. It’s that simple. And all glory to God, it is that complicated at the same Time.

So Uncovered No More is taking an Every Joint Supplies break. No worries Western Christianity—and abroad—worldwide. No worries. I’ve got @CoffeyCara1 Periscope and Twitter, FaceBook, and Rivers International to keep at the screaming down of wickedness and stupidity of arrogance. Have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas 2017 in Jesus Name and all glory to God amen. I’m also doing an interim work of the ministry with this coloring book here. Immortals by Fall Out Boy is good right here. Jesus never meant us to fix it ourselves. (Smile) obvious—but it sure as hell didn’t look that way for a 51 year life called Cara Ann Beaty. Sheesh. Understatement.




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