Perhaps now, after Jesus, Gabriel, and Michael saw to every detail of a 51 year life by which I was made able to be destroyed and also destroy for a short season, those brothers and sisters of my Christian Youth will think twice about denying Jesus anything at all in Austin, Texas. But then again, perhaps not.

I don’t care, I love everybody, and I hit delete on my last retention list forevermore right after taking a bath. Eara stumbled in for some cough syrup just this moment. All my kids living on this property are sick. And I suppose you all can begin again without me because I’m busy. I’m busy in my neighborhood.

I cried again.  Why this time, you ask? Jesus stands there before getting on the cross and he says, Do not weep for me……. But I have. I have wept for Jesus, that 12 year old child and 33 year old Man because 33 is so young to have died for us all only to come back and it’s like in 2017 still that adults never knew him.

There is always a reason to reject the children in America for after all I’m only a child and all I’ve known is rejection and destruction with a side of demoralization for a long while now.

Jesus knows this. I know this. American Christianity does not know this. And it’s why I’m busy. Peacefully, I am busy here at my place of ministry as I’ve always been. But today it is different.

For the first time in a 51 year life of an American Prophetess I’m going to do the wrong thing and forgive y’all for myself.  I did forgive so many times—then I  kept retaining when the stubborn nature of Christian people  in America misunderstood me and hurt me time and again. I cannot do that anymore. I cannot hurt me anymore in love with people. Love is an illusion to those people but it isn’t to me.

I’m willing to be wrong again. They never were. But what you didn’t ever do was lead me or help me in what happened for nine years. It was an impossible situation. It still is. With God, all things are possible. Stop, look, listen. Don’t go to churches like Austin Oaks. They live in a glass house of non-existent, starchy Christianity. They turned down my membership for reasons—me not denying my highly gifted nature—that many people live with. Then they decided I’m not worthy of membership because I’m just an extension of a man since I’m married. It’s people like this who cannot see what is wrong with our current President. This sort of Christian existence never care enough. And they pass away. It is just as much a glory to God as my supposedly demoralized prophetess existence is, though, and so I hit delete for the last time like that.


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