Roasting Marshmallows

HEB has these huge ones. Kids come around here and roast them or eat them raw.

If you are a Christian and tried to tell Tara Ann Cara what to do, how to do it, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera for these 28 years, go to the Baptist Church. You’ll die more comfortably that way. Or, you can go to the Pentecostal Church across the street from me.

I don’t care what color your ass is today, that marshmallow is officially being roasted when I bump the pump one cent as I buy gas to $26.66 *bitch laugh*.

He has the audacity the next morning to actually ask me to honor him in this thing called the roasting of his ass. I turn my back when he’s talking portal talk. He never sees the truth. I don’t care. Y’all submit one to another your old Bible way. Me, Bobby Conner, Mahesh Chavda, and my Catholic Cousin are doing submit one to another the new Jesus Way. 😍☀️😇🤔🤓💯🇺🇸💰😁🎉🏡🚂🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🙏🏻🙏🏿🌈💛💚❤️🖤💜

💥 Boom 💥 


Off to drink that second cup of Jesus Coffee. I’ll put the mellows back in the pantry. I ate my freaking fill of cheesecake last night. I never eat sugar anymore for the most part. Whatever. One more time ain’t gonna kill me. Yet today. I’m a waiting for how the jet set Crowd Austin, Texas are gonna try with me again today. On days like today, it is Fall Out Boy and Breaking Benjamin for me. How ‘bout you? How ‘bout you?


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