One Hospital’s Wilderness Part Eight

Retention & Ryan, Part Seven

254 Chains
December 19, 2013

Alva Richard is our sixth child. God named him in the night watches when we lived in Mobile, Alabama but he didn’t get here until we lived in Austin. That was March 12, 2001, and he showed up by surprise in our living room. Curtis caught him. A fireman cut his cord. And my mama weighed the boy on her scale on the dining room table.

Richard (#6) and Eara (#7 who is a seer and named after my paternal grandmother who died at the age of 42 as I was l almost driven insane at the age of 42, which is a physical numeric manifestation of relevance of UNM according to Matthew chapter 1 and the 42 Jewish generations it took to bring Jesus Christ to us as a baby,) were outside hunting rabbit. We shot and bagged one. When we came back in the house, Mom was at the stove. It was early morning and Mom and Grandma (my mother, Mary Virginia, who lives on this property too) were planning to make breakfeast (a typo on Richard’s part that is accurate allegorically) for the family. I came in and let Dad know that I was going outside to clean the rabbit we had killed.

<i>This depicts the last five years. You see all of us working together in prayer. Breaking the “feast” is because I have fasted while walking many a morning the past year and a half or so, and then broke my fast after walks as I prayed. This is particularly true as I addressed upper level demonic forces in the Name of Jesus and according to the book of Jude.

<i>However, this incident is looking ahead because of what is happening in the next scene. I have left American Christianity, and in a sense I am breaking my 144 allegorical year fast and prayer walk. The reason it is going to be a “feast” when I break my fast is because I am now being prepared to pray for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. That is going to be one huge feast, right?</i>

Scene changed: Mom had been possessed and chained away from being able to do barely anything. We lived out in the middle of nowhere. So Mom had to go far away to the doctor for this bondage.

<i>This depicts all of my life ever since I was 14 (33 years ago) when my brother and my dad’s brother Edward Kenneth Beaty died ten days apart in September of 1980. Curtis even can look back and see how he was set apart. We both have known Christians to be at odds with us in various ways over our entire marriage up to this point in our church experiences, and I have testified that painfully the last five years in writing publicly. But I have always lived apart from Christianity in many ways as have my parents. It’s a little weird but the truth. Curtis had a dream last night which depicts how his walk began when he was around fifteen to prepare for our marriage and his subsequent walk as the husband of a gatekeeper in Austin, Texas.</i>

Mom said she’d be back within two months. She went on a trip with two men in a white Mustang. They traveled into the Alps. The two men were driving and they crashed because after they climbed a big mountain, the car went down too fast and was completely destroyed. The men had blood on their heads, and it was a gory scene. Mom told them to stay where they were and she went to the hospital on foot.

(According to the previous episode above) Things turned out worse than they looked. Mom had heavy chains stuffed inside her clothes which had been a quilt/comforter we own. The doctor tried to fix the problem but it turned out that she would have to stay at the doctor for longer than a year (15 months).

Eara, Hannah, and Richard decided to go visit Mom at the doctor. We didn’t make it before I woke up.

<i>There is a lot of unseen damage in my life, which I have admitted on this blog, and Richard dreamed it here. To protect himself, Richard told me he figured this was past. But this is current, and this dream is telling me how my healing is going to take longer. This will help Curtis move me toward healing.</i>

<i>The two men driving the car who were damaged in the car accident are ministerial, congregational, and grassroots men allegorically whom I took on a five year public prayer journey. The “mountain experience” is written on this blog, and the prayer journey is the white Mustang (that can also be considered a horse for some understanding). If the date on a blog article is 2013, then that is likely what any reader can look at as what was going on in this dream as we climbed the mountain. That the men are not dead tells me they are not harmed in the physical world, and I have basically left them where they are while I have been snuffed out of the Christian American Community and must go to the doctor for healing after what I’ve been through.</i>

I am undone. I will never be the same again as a Christian woman. Heavenly Father, I ask You to help me on this earth to get a grip and move on after I rest. If I have done anything in the first or second heaven to the people privately within this testimony that harmed them, then I ask you to forgive me.

The writing I have done on this blog and in both books are a miracle. I should have turned bitter by now, but I have been well cared for all along and the Lord did not allow me to be tempted <b>by demons</b> any more than I was able. It was demons who did all this pain work and not the people, and that understanding is very much according to Second Corinthians 10:3-5.

440 My Angelic Dreams
February 1, 2015

Across 2012 and 2013, I had four angelic dreams. I am going to list them here:

1. In the first dream, I was in a home and there was a bomb sitting out on the back porch that I could see because there was a large window. And I rushed out while pulling people out of the house.

Then, I saw myself as a woman cowering behind a large figure of my husband who was the combination of the body of Christ as spoken in Revelation chapters two and three. He was a “giant”. I was cowering behind him as the wife, or concubine, <a href=”″>Hagar</a&gt;.

The other “me” was a woman who I would learn in the next scene was named Tara. That means “star”, and we actually have a street down from us and across on 290W that is named “Tara”. This woman looked at the giant and told him to go ahead and hit her because he drew his hand back to do so. But then, he just paused there.

Tara grabbed his hand and ran away from the bomb after that, and then the scene changed and we were facing a helicopter with the fighter pilot calling out to me. He called me “Tara”. He thanked me. And then he reached his hand out to try to take my hand as I ran away because I was afraid of him. I came back and tried to reach up for his hand. At this point, the Holy Spirit awoke me so I didn’t touch the angel in the dream. I hyperventilated and started to cry. Curtis rolled over and hugged me to help me wake up. And then, I told him that people do not understand about the Grim Reaper angels as I went to the bathroom and tried to settle back down to go back to sleep.

2. In the next dream, Curtis and I were in our house Uncovered NO More in the sky. And I was sitting out on the porch with an angel. We were at a patio table with an umbrella over it. I could tell he was my business guardian angel. I could see Curtis in the kitchen, and he was washing dishes. This other war angel came up in a yellow jet and hovered close to the patio so I got up and went to talk to him. He asked me if I knew where “Lane Birdwell and his father” were so he could go get them and take them to jail. I told him I didn’t know and then he flew away.

3. I was in this house and I saw an angel with cork screw and blond hair come up to me and tell me that we would be married in six months. This was around December 11, 2013 so I knew by that day in June of 2014 the dream would be discharged. Then, the scene changed and I was in a hallway with him and he ducked into a den. This was the den where I was sitting when my brother died in Garland, Texas. There were two men in that den and the angel talked to them. But I couldn’t see because the door was slightly closed. Then the scene changed and I was in the living room of that home where we lived when my brother died. The angel danced a pretty dance and then I awoke.

4. In the fourth dream, I was awakened in the dream to the angel who I was going to marry (publicly) in six months telling me that I shouldn’t ask why. This was the same word from the Holy Spirit which I heard as I walked out of the hospital upon the staff declaring my brother dead on September 27, 1980.

All of these dreams have been discharged. The angel marriage was discharged publicly by a rain squall at Inks Lake in May of 2014 one day before our Esther Grace’s ninth birthday. She was getting baptized. I knew at the time that the marriage had become public knowledge though I’d had this guardian angel watching over me my entire life all glory and thanks go to God for His provision in all our lives as Christians.

The other dreams all have been recorded as seven years of “tribulation testimony” on this blog in four years and seven weeks, but as of April 20, 2015, I had to un-publish all but a little over four pages of this blog due to demonic interference associated with a number of issues of my life as a prophetess. It is recorded in <a href=”″>Going Home</a>. This blog will get a little larger after this point: some of what I’ve already written will be edited more thoroughly and then re-published. Some of it will not see the light of day ever again, and my lips are forevermore sealed concerning this issue.


Across the years of my life from about 1978-1980 until 2014, I have noticed that angels of God show up when my father and I are living on the same property. Here in Austin, we have two homes connected by a porch situated on about two acres. At the other time this occurred, I was living with my parents as a 14 year old. It was the time-frame of when my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty died. The house was in Garland, Texas. And the marriage dream above was in that house and one other from when I was living in Jackson, Mississippi, dating Curtis.

In February of 2011, my parents were at our local HEB and an angel came up to them and told them to go immediately to get a car battery. After shopping, my parents came out to their new car, and it was dead so this angel jumped the car and gave them instructions. And then, he gave them a nameless calling card. This was the day after I had turned my first book, <i>Uncovered No More: clothed by God</i> into my publisher for the final time to release it into print. The book, and my second volume <i>Uncovered No More: loved by Jesus</i> were both un-published in 2014 because they were not sale-able according to Revelation chapter 13.

In 2013-2014, my father had to go to the hospital for various health reasons, and one of those times while he was under much duress, a black man came up to him as a nurse and settled my father down in his bed to help my mother. My mother now feels that dear man was an angel.

In 2014, I had two angelic encounters. In the first one, I was prayer walking in my neighborhood and I saw two angel men. I realized later they are angels. And then, I went into a Walgreens store and one appeared from a side isle, went behind the counter, and swiped my credit card to pay for some photos I was going to send to my mother-in-law. I thanked him for remembering me and he laughed and said that they just knew about things like that. He didn’t need my name to get my photos. I was a little surprised to say the least. I didn’t admit to myself that that was an angel for several months and then I placed the testimony on my website later, but again, a lot of testimony is now unpublished on this blog.

It has to do with how I actively refuse to allow “666” upon my right hand; therefore, I have un-published most of my blog as well as the books. I cannot take the demonic torment due to the call on my life. A lot of the testimony and prayer I have released before this point is highly prophetic and of a nature that is considered deliverance ministry.

Though I now understand the call on my life, I have withdrawn all of that testimony because there is ample proof within the now un-published work of all of UNM how I highly identify with the woman of Revelation chapter 12. I know what it is for the serpent dragon to hound me, and my entire Beaty-Coffey family, across four generations according to Exodus 20. As I stated, I cannot take the torment of it any longer due to the nature of the testimony within my About Page.


From Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (vol 3)

Hospital Experience
December 6, 2013
Bob Jones is the “bright fame” in the hospital bed. John Paul Jackson and my second cousin are Brother Adam and his friend. Curtis is Husband Adam, and Michael Pearl is the one who is saying, “Who is like God?” because that is what “Michael” means.
The Left Side of this allegory is Azusa Street and Thyatira. The Right Side is Ephesus and the “religious right” of the modern day who is everyone but Thyatira in Revelation chapter two.
By the time I reached the point where I went into this place of warfare in the heavenly realms, please keep in mind I had already suffered through the Double Moons Prayer Initiative.
I was degraded, lost, and guilt-ridden during that whole time, but I learned to listen to Curtis and the Holy Spirit to keep moving.
My trials were firmly set in place, much to Satan’s delight, from when other ministries discovered the openings they are stewarding. What they didn’t know, and may still not understand because I don’t know since they won’t communicate with me save one ministry in Mississippi, is that I have authority to go anywhere within heavenly opening properties.
Now perhaps they can understand my prison: I cannot live or work outside of heavenly openings anymore because my eyes are “wide open”. It doesn’t matter where I go. Satan knows exactly who I am in ministry, and he knew well before I was born. Let me simply admit: this is a rather deep feeling of alone-ness that I ignore most of the time to keep writing.
Little Sister has been praying in different places of the United States her entire life though she didn’t know it. They all do, you see, and we don’t quite understand what that means. But here lately, Little Sister has had a double edged sword in prayer. It has a handle in the middle and a double edged sword blade on each side. It was used partially as Little Sister cut a path through the Jungle of Christian Love in the United States a while back, and then when she reached the Heavenly Realms in many seasons of weeping, she would dance with it in the Throne Room sometimes too.
But this day, Little Sister was standing on the left side of the Bright Fame of Christianity Past because he was lying in a hospital bed getting ready to die. His generation fought valiantly, but in this particular moment he was crying and the tears spilled out of each of his dear eyes so she wiped them with a white handkerchief as she kept watching and praying with him.
On his right were Brother Adam and his friend. They are solemn, and Brother Adam wiped the tears from Bright Fame’s right eye.
But then the scene changed. The stark white, sterile serenity of the hospital room began to resound with wars and rumors of them. Little Sister suffered in even more prayers while “love grown cold” slapped her time and again. But her heart….her heart was not touched wholly until the last moment. There were only tears up until then for the most part except for when Little Sister was slain in the spirit a few times. The tears were shed with each stinging slap of oppression and slaying which were required of her because she was allowed a little space of intercession that Satan hated.
The day came when prophecy and testimony clashed horribly like a bomb waiting to go off. And Little Sister wept sorely for the truth of the matter is that neither can be drawn back so she had to do something. They did not know or understand her testimony and so they kept prophesying dark things. What should she do? Her testimonies and prayers must be worked out in her salvation with much fear and trembling by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ Who is The Perfect Love.
Little Sister picked up the double edged sword again. It had been standing in the corner as she wiped the eye of her beloved father and grandfather there in the bed who are the Bright Fame of Christianity Past. She has wept sorely for them; she has appreciated their love; yet, this deed must be done for the sake of us all. This is what Little Sister knew deeply without really knowing for if she had understood as much as she pondered, well, she would have fled already any number of times. There is that place of Divine Blindness, thank You Father.
In that moment, she took a hold of the sword, walked soberly over to the right side of the hospital bed, and quickly stabbed her brother and his friend in the stomach. They collapsed there, and their crimson blood spilled softly on the sterile white floor.
Little Sister walked to the far right corner, out of the way of them all, and collapsed upon the floor as the sword came clamoring down beside her. She was spent in her prayers. But there was no blood though the tears she cried at the very end were running in streams down her cheeks.
But you see, there should have been blood. “Love grown cold” stabbed Little Sister in the heart unseen at the same time she did her despicable deed of calling the prophesying of those who love Jesus back upon them in testimony and prayer. There was no blood in her dead corpse that day because her heart had been bled dry by all the piercings of degradation, rejection, and ignorance across 144 allegorical years that cold love inflicted upon her tender feelings and soul.
And then, he who asks, “Who is like God?” fell upon his knees beside Little Sister weeping, weeping, for he knew deeply how she made sure to protect him again when this final deed had to be done. The Jew, he has suffered enough.
Husband Adam was there, watching and crying, in the doorway of the hospital room. He finally entered, picked up his one and only Little Sister, and walked out of the hospital. She is going home now; Husband Adam will see to that.
He prostrated himself that day yet again to keep his wife from leaving the gateway bedroom when she was being tormented so horribly with the despicable deed of withstanding love grown cold so that perfect and fearless love could be shown to the Beloved of God in the United States of America. They have loved much, and it was her hope the whole time that they could know it even more deeply unto the marriage of home and congregation where the Beloved can be healed and restored. Then of course too, so that they can be sent out yet again unto a greater white harvest worldwide. (Prophetess note: there is a chapter entitled “Marriage of Home and Congregation” within “Praying for America”.)
Little Sister arose again. She took the two crimson blankets from her gateway bedroom and went back to the hospital room where her brother and his friend lay sleeping with their Father Bright Fame lying there.
And he who asks who is like God….he remains upon his knees in the hospital room. They are so cold, her brother and his friend, lying there. So Little Sister walked back in, helped them sit up, and covered their shoulders with the two crimson blankets of warmth which comforted her betimes when she had prayed for the world while lying prostrate on the floor in her gateway bedroom when the double moons came to her in their beautiful glory unto God.
All these men, and their lovely wives, can be certain of one thing. Little Sister will not ever leave them or forsake them in prayers just like the Holy Spirit is teaching her to do.

Following are a few glimpses from The Untold Story of Uncovered No More, and these specks are the only comfort for Little Sister from the whole masquerade. I need to testify literally that this article from which I am taking at the first began to be written February 8, 2015, and before I knew that my mother-in-law, Lois Elizabeth, died two days before. I began to write on my mother’s birthday and four days after Curtis and my anniversary in 2015.
It will be seen from subsequent allegory where we found out that Lois died, and was already gone 3 days later, the same day I found a beheaded rabbit in my walking path for the second time in this neighborhood as I took a gatekeeper walk with Valentine. I found the rabbit because demonic armies are always allowed to torment me a little bit due to so many issues; this time, Walter was the source of entrance since he was going to email Curtis and tell him that their mother was gone.
Please let the blood I write into this next article be noted. “He” is John Paul Jackson, and this is written ten days before he died so I was already seeing his death. Any time I see death, I am actively slain in the spirit realms to be writing of it prophetically like this. “My little Jewish father” is Michael Pearl. I was situating everyone safely in the second heaven and third heaven to be writing this way as my mother-in-law died and then John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International died days later.
As I have explained earlier, I prophetically testified Bob Jones’s death in April of 2013 when I purchased Valentine, and then Mr. Jones died February 14, 2014. Exactly one year later, a grand-daughter was born to the prophetess associated with another heavenly opening I am keeping hidden which is in Texas. This woman’s daughter prophesied she would have a daughter on Valentine’s Day, 2015, and I have held and fed this baby girl in June of 2015.
What none of them of that place knew and still don’t understand is how John Paul Jackson died four days after the baby girl was born. We see rapture; I see death, life, and death again with all my disjointed members of UNM spread all over the place without knowledge. Least of all of them in this whole time has been me. And yet, there are those people in some of these places involved with heavenly openings that have taught us things which ought not to have been taught. God help us become simpler.
And as I move on in this book, I will add that the one young man whose wife is my first cousin that I testified about in Jar of Hearts had a baby on Halloween day, 2015, which was also his birthday. The child’s middle name is connected meaningfully to No Greater Joy Ministries.
February 8, 2015
He sat at the stop sign at Eitel with me this week and laid his tired head upon Val’s beautiful body as I sat on the other side propped up against the pole. It is where we found out we were standing in a gap for 3.5 years and then 3.5 days we were laid bare; oh how Esau laughed. It is where we saw all the gore of the civil war. It is where we saw the beauty of the measurements of the temple according to Revelation 21.
I pick his dead body up, sling it over my shoulders, and walk the neighborhood. His blood drips down my jean clad form. I take him to Curtis this way; they embrace; their blood mingles with sweat and tears. Then my blood Edward comes down the stairs and leads us up; he picks his friend up and cradles him in his arms. I pick up my little love in my arms; we will carry them upstairs and they will bleed no more this way.
They all, my Elder Brothers, died and only Jacob remains to comfort the comfortless Little Sister. How can there be a rose scented walking path with so many thorns along the way? My soul knows piercings. Water and blood; blood and water. New birth knows not death, but it knows tears. Yes, surely, it does.
This story has just begun. He is crying; my little Jewish Father is crying and I am bereft of his fellowship. This does not make Little Sister happy and my little love already said God says to be happy. I will walk in obedience to the husband of my youth and make myself happy for after all, love covers the multitude of sins. Moses is redeemed.
So the judge and her husband are still alive because she left them in charge. They pray purely together and they are stable, hearty folk who know how to stand strong though Satan sifts us over and again. We love Jesus and it’s okay for we are overcoming by the word of our testimony worldwide and we do not love our lives unto death. (Author note: when I say I left them alive, I was talking about retention of forgiveness lists that I used multiple times to protect the elect, the innocent helping me as opposed to people like Walter Coffey who were attacking me, as I kept writing in hell.)
Little Sister leaves the Throne Room and heads out back of her father’s property. She released Angels here too; thank You oh God for Michael and Gabriel with their angelic hosts.
The dried blood stains her denim and shirt on the left because her little big brother kept faithfully dying. But blood never slapped her face; he saw to it gallantly, did he not? Yes Satan, he did and you do not know love’s communication I smile to remember. The Robert taught him love beyond the winter for such a day as that perfect storm shaking us asunder at the Tower of Babel. This “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan is so beautiful. (Keep in mind, I didn’t know John Paul Jackson was going to die here. I simply knew he kept getting slain in the spirit realms with me because I could see it as the war issue of the second heaven it truly was because I live within heavenly openings 24/7 and I always have. I simply didn’t understand how some of us are called that way until my blinders were removed in November of 2008 but the process wasn’t complete until I don’t know when. I don’t think I will ever be done learning about it all honestly.)
Her walking shoes crunch on her own dried blood all over the grass and stickers here. But she doesn’t care you see; her little love Curtis Edward taught her not to care. It’s just her blood, nothing more; nothing less. They are trustworthy and she really meant it when she thanked him. It was a favor. (Prophetic note: I thanked several people in a note late January of 2015, at least which is when I think I sent them a note, and John Paul Jackson was one of the people I sent a note to. That was the only time I ever thanked him personally. I am broken, so broken. I cannot believe I have to publish this hard story.)
She walks across the drain field crying because she sees his wise visage propped against the tree where her little rabbits died on Edith’s birthday. The omen of witchcraft becomes this day a poem of deepest father love because Little Sister picks him up and slings his live deadness upon her back after she pours the oil of gladness upon his beard so it runs streaming down his wisdom while the judge smiles expectantly there. She never left her little love and mine.
Little Sister gets her beloved Valentine, takes the judge’s hand, and they walk this extra mile with the Jacobs tucked away upstairs while the rich guard of blood stands watch. They walk together slowly; they take the hill down instead of up because they love themselves too already. They love them all together and sing a new song along the way.
As they take this little journey with Moses on her back, the Eagles lead the way so the morning star is not snuffed out. More loves walk with Little Sister betimes and she has known their presence on the right and the left; the left and the right; before and behind. See, here is her reality: the joining force was ahead of the first transgressors faithfully watching and praying while the Eagles fly and sustain themselves despite demonic hatred through the blood of the Lamb. It is why they testify of faith, hope, and love these three and the greatest of these is love.
On February 9, 2015, I wrote the blog article “Another Beheaded Rabbit” because I found a rabbit in my walking path. That afternoon, Curtis told me Walter texted him with the death of their mother three days before. After he told me this a little before 3 p.m., I wrote this next piece:
The Lamb’s Wife is everywhere now. She spins with the Sword fully outstretched above the Master because she is Uncovered No More. Four of her children hold on and spin around with her because we love the number four and God’s Angels. She fully surrounds Jesus, Little Sister, and Edward speaking in mighty tongues, praying, watching, wailing, crying, laughing soberly, and waiting on God the Father for the next step. The men spin in absolute ferocity of the fear of God while the women are Miriam leading in sobriety this day. They are all alive! It doesn’t matter which realm they travel in real life. She sees them alive!
On the outermost perimeter of this Army traveling realms, her three pairs hold hands with the deceased child, parent, grandparent, and great grandparent realm; they are all spinning perfectly suspended yet joining hands in one accord as the whole cloud rises above the diamond floor in deepest worship to I AM 24/7. (The “three pairs” are my three sets of children who are Edith & Patrick, Richard & Eara, and Esther & Robert Edward. Richard & Eara were the only pair of my female/male children in this tale who were switched from female-male at the time of the transgression to male-female at the time of creation. This all is about mirror images in testimony. For now I see myself in a mirror, and I actually remember my visage as a prophetess by this time in 2015 when I am publishing this book all glory to God.)
Ten days later, John Paul Jackson died on February 18, 2015 just as I have already testified I saw him die in the spirit realms on October 18, 2014, when Jesus came to me again and my third paternal cousin, Aunt Shirley’s great-great grandchild, died of a double bout of brain cancer.
Jesus came and exchanged places with the angelic “marriage” of my life according to Psalm 18 on October 18, 2014, and the first thing our Lord said to me was poignantly the most humble statement I would never have thought He would have said: “Cara, please remember I’m Human.”
Jesus Christ pleaded with this little sister. Quite frankly, it broke my heart as much as it broke my heart to write this book, all four of them now, that I have written and lived through along with so many other people.
And when I see those people other than Curtis, they seem to be afraid of me and I don’t understand why. If everyone is breaking my heart, can we not imagine how much we are breaking the Heart of our Love Jesus Christ? We need to be human with Jesus Christ so He will feel comfortable being with us in the flesh life someday. I now talk to my children about it all so they will understand the humanity of Jesus while still fearing, and loving, their Lord God.
I need to conclude this difficult chapter by giving a timeline of all the six men who died for me to be testifying today though I have told their stories already in this book for the most part as it pertains to UNM and heavenly openings.
But before I do that, I have one more testimony of difficulty to share. I didn’t know John Paul Jackson’s father’s name was Robert like my father until December 5, 2014. I collapsed in a deliverance the day before in the parking lot of my grocery store. And then the next day, despite my fighting what the Holy Spirit was prompting me to do though I cannot remember why I was doing it, I finally looked up the name of Mr. Jackson’s father. When I saw it was “Robert” I collapsed again in my bedroom but managed to close the door so I wouldn’t scare the children. This is what I’m talking about when I say nobody could enact deliverance ministry upon me.
There is one last testimony in this vein. Somehow, I was aware Mr. Jackson, Sr. died in January of 2012. Somehow, I saw it somewhere in that very month and realized one thing before I ever knew the man’s name: about ten days after he died, on January 22, 2012, I opened the book of Revelation in the ninth and tenth chapters for the first time in knowledge and sight being cleared after four years of strangeness already since September of 2008. I began to read where it speaks of 1/3 of humankind dying and I continued to read, got scared, and then slammed the Bible shut. I opened it again many times over by now, but I never look at places in Revelation until the Holy Spirit leads me to do so.
Mr. Davis in Mississippi cannot look at Revelation. He couldn’t even read some of my writing on the Internet. He told me it made his eyes burn. There are other things this man of God told me. When we talked a couple of times in around September of 2015, well, what I knew only grew in confirmation because of what he showed me and what he testified. And I won’t even share in this book what sight these times of fellowship released within my ninth child’s allegorical life. This is Esther Grace who is named after John Paul Jackson’s mother in the first name.
But I will share one item: she saw the internal heavenly opening doors in the living room of the Davis family, and Mr. Davis testified a little bit so we both confirmed Esther’s sight. Esther saw a congregation room, with walls as boundaries, on the other side of the living room. She saw three angels in both places, too. It is incredible what is happening in the second heaven. That much I can say in awe today.
As to the Davis-Beaty-Jackson families of those three ministries, they perfectly exemplify Joel and Acts chapters two. Yes, oh people of God, the Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh all glory to God. Mysteries abound. I know my testimony is hard right now, but I look unto the Lord God Almighty who is the Maker of heaven and earth. I am but dust, yet, I am dust He created in His Image so that helps me realize our smallness is for a greater purpose. And I keep writing.
Robert Hilton Beaty
October 21, 1933
Edward Kenneth Beaty
September of 1980
Patrick Clayton Beaty
September 27, 1980
Robert Jackson
January of 2012
Robert Jones
February 14, 2014
John Paul Jackson
February 18, 2015
The first three men are my blood
The last three men are our sweat and tears
It is finished; I am undone; and Jesus has overcome the world
All glory to God
Three years and some days after the death of the father, his son went above stairs and I was privileged to testify through John Paul Jackson’s death while doing the best I could from a distance to keep praying for his family, may God help them all as this book goes to publication.
My prophetic testimony concerning John Paul Jackson as the sixth man who worked in death as Jesus Christ did like all of these men listed above, is simply how he had a baby girl in his prophetic insides when he was born.
Sixteen years later, a baby girl was born who had six dead men in her feeble form. The rest of the story is told in the Double Moons Prayer Initiative. This paragraph is here because there were 16 years between the birth of Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, and John Paul Jackson on one side of this sad tale while there were also 16 years between the birth of John Paul Jackson and Cara Beaty on the other side of that awfully difficult number six in this lineup.
Mr. Jackson was caught in the middle of my testimony as the sixth man who is a major prophet in the office of it at SMI like I am a prophetess in the office of it at UNM, and we both steward heavenly openings even though Mr. Jackson gifted his portion to Mr. Evelyn five years ago.

Author note October 18, 2017: Scott Evelyn died September 25, 2016. His was not the death of my Spirit blood brother John Paul Jackson. Scott and his side-kick Recie Edward Saunders 3 are where they should be and so help me GOD John Paul and Cara Ann are finally, finally free. You misunderstood us two from 1966 until Scott was tragically killed. Now you do not misunderstand anything at all. Good for you. You killed my brother. GOD is vengeance and HE repays. It is in Jesus Name amen.

John Paul my little Love Brother—your Work will be appreciated and that president of your beautiful ministry will straighten his ass up. As to Diane, I’m sorry what happened. I forgive her you see, don’t you? It’s OK. Jesus overcomes the world. Don’t you Rest In Peace, Man of God. Rest on the Earth with me as soon as GOD allows unless it was so bad you just want to stay up there like my daddy is choosing. 😘💛💜💚🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏿🌍🌏🌎🌈😭😰😡🐉🇺🇸

The Great Surprise by Bob Mumford & LifeChangers on YouTube

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