Evelyn Rose, oh Evelyn Rose, Ryan Loves You Part Seven

Diana, Sia, & Lady Gaga on Heaven555 all glory to GOD

365 Names of GOD by John Paul Jackson

365 Promises From God’s Word Coloring Book

666 on Cara’s Right Hand 🤚

She could cry because he stayed with her, and died faithfully, only to be there again. She chose not to cry when a 33 is on the back of some white shoes. It isn’t that there are no tears. It is that she keeps looking up, and even at that one window where he slumped his shoulders and He died thrice; a billion times; and thrice again because he turns his back; he turns his back; he kills himself deeply and turns his back. I never knew why.

And then there is the corner of her downstairs bathroom. It is a jail cell, you see, where she chooses to cry now. They never see the pain of being me, and one tear (tare) dropped today 10/26/2017 as she lay her burden of humanity down another time. Perhaps she must needs forever practice this too (2). Two did; do still lie (lay) their lives down with her even as she stood strong, he hollered at her to get the fuck up so she did; and then, she dragged her little love beside her left side so dirty, so damn dirty, she remains but they two loves don’t. They keep getting back up again with her, our Gideon, is two who is one M/F/M. It is their visionary death, these three, until it isn’t.  I don’t know but I know I’m known never new (Knew).

I’m not tired. I’m not in pain. You roasted my sanity. It is entirely my GAIN. All glory to GOD. And none your own. You sought to make sure. To sit on His Throne. So I will play your game. That is entirely nothing new. But when billions are dying. You will turn deathly, pale blue.

Why was I so obviously in love with you all? Why? It got me nothing new. It got me only nothing new. You let me burn. You let Him bleed. So what is this? A chapter of time not revealed. It is too silent to care; it is too loud to hear. When will He really come? That is nothing to fear. It is all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen.


171 A king was born
September 19, 2013

I did not capitalize the title of this blog article because the King is Jesus Christ. As I have already shared in <a href=”http://www.uncoverednomore.com/node/170″>The Shattered Glass</a>, my children have been born in certain prophetic patterns that have alpha and numeric prophetic relevance.

Margaret Elizabeth had a dream before she moved into the third bedroom upstairs where Edith resided before her marriage June 22, 2013. And I am going to place it here because I have been praying for “Moses, yet redeemed” on this website. And I also wrote my second book by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ in that same attitude, and I feel this dream depicts it. There is a shack in this dream, and Edith had a deliverance dream some time ago where there was a shack with a sleeping princess (tool shed of gifting). I had to use Edith’s dream to help her through a deliverance from an upper level demonic force that attacked her terribly in the spirit world at least twice. Edith has had some very scary dreams, and one nightmare that she cannot speak about lest she break down crying. That dream depicted her and her father’s suffering across their lives. Two of her deliverance dreams are recorded in my first book.

Mom (Cara) had a baby. The labor was really easy and the baby just slid out with little pain. I originally didn’t even know Mom was pregnant. The baby was born in a shack of sorts. Not at all civilized like a hospital or home. The baby was really cute, but he didn’t look like a Coffey baby. His face wasn’t chubby like us Coffey children were as babies. The baby’s name was Ryan (this means “king”).

<i>This dreamed birth mimics the birth of my sixth child Richard which signified my conception of another pregnancy in the spirit that took twelve years for delivery. No one has known I was pregnant like this, and the shack is a storage place for spiritual gifts. There are many spiritual gifts of the common people being held down.</i>

Dad (Curtis) carried the baby up on a platform. The platform was similar to what the ancient Egyptians used to get great big stones up to the top of their pyramids. It had two levels, and Dad was on the highest one.

This is Curtis’s partnership with me in the third, and second, heaven as it regards the public ministry of Uncovered No More. He has paid for a whole lot. I am just a housewife. He has also lived with a mysterious woman who has changed a whole lot, and it has required him to change. I cannot say how much I have been struck with fear that he would leave me because of how I’ve changed, but he loves me deeply and that would never happen, and I thank the I AM for this protection over Curtis and me.

Suddenly, a large army started marching in formation up the lower level of the platform. Dad knew he needed to get out of the way but he didn’t know what to do. He threw the baby down on the ground into some tall grass. I (Margaret) went to the baby and picked it up and was cradling him in my arms. The army was HUGE.

This is the army preparing for Armageddon. Richard has had a dream or two where he is marching out in that war. In the book, “Heaven is for Real”, little Colton Burpo told his dad how he saw his dad fighting in Armageddon, and he specifically stated how the women and children don’t fight in that battle. He also saw Satan, but the Burpos never could get him to tell them what Satan looked like. He would become almost mute if asked. I believe the child’s testimony, and I have been writing for protection of women and children according to Second John for a long time. Christian ministry is not at that place of protection yet. Also, how Curtis protected the child in the dream (well, allegorically I am laughing to say) and Margaret picked the child up is the prayer ministry of the Coffey family as a whole.



God Has a Last Name YouTube LifeChangers by Bob Mumford.

On 10/20/2017 I hit delete after I bought this coloring book before I went to Austin Cathedral. It’s called forgiveness. It’s called I love you. Can I get rid of this whole retention list? I cannot and it is because I never bargain with I AM. What I have submitted to three Men of God to judge is up to me. God help me I’m not going to leave SMI and UNM in that political mess 2008-2017. I don’t know anything else but love and I won’t tear any pages out of this book. I will color and fall in love with American Christianity again. I believe in romance of I AM. I believe in passion for I AM. I always have and I always will in Jesus Name amen.





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