She Swallowed the Key Part Two


A daughter came in

a man left

I walked a dog

Not feeling bereft


Not feeling bereft but

ever watching to pray

a lovely school bus lit up

His Way today


They waited for me

so I went up the hill

encountered that lovely pole

and prayed my fill


And I love them all

their interpretation came

He doesn’t care about

Valleys, Shadows, Shame, or Fame


He just loves me

So wow that is that

and I swallowed a key

hanging onto that mat


I say it was a mat

that isn’t first heaven true

it is a pole in my ‘hood

where love grew and grew


So I can tell you one thing

NOW about blind leading blind

They stomped on my Pearl

That obviously He finds


You didn’t believe me

You didn’t lead me

so that is when HE

made a very strong Three


Interpretation: I took a walk in dawn’s darkness and protected my family again. But what you don’t know, and you never will, is what I prayed to GOD WHO HEARS as IMMANUEL.

I swallowed the key in this stupid little allegory after I locked blind leading blind out in that prayer. I gave them their king. He thought he was protecting me, that One of Human leadership (they are white-skinned and they are a group older than me). He simply sold my soul to Satan and called me insane.  As for me, I have overcome by the word of testimony across nine years all glory to God and in Jesus Name, according to Revelation chapter 12.

I would suggest if you are white, male, a Christian, and in the United States as a Citizen older than 51, that you work out your salvation post haste and repent according to James 5 and 1 John 1:9. I listen to the prophets of this day. They are warning you ever so carefully, as are some key Tribe Judah leaders I listen exclusively to over email and Twitter. I am free. I am normal. I never denied Jesus. I feel like Galadriel in Lord of the Rings–I passed my test and must go into the other country all glory, all glory, all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen.

8:41 AM Central 9/26/2017

from an interactive song list given to me by Jesus somehow on my iPhone yesterday

Midnight by Coldplay

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

Call Your Wives–Hidden Figures (Original Sound Track)

Ballad of the Sad Young Men by Roberta Flack

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Numb (feat. Eminem) E by Rihanna

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring by the Beach Boys

Twenty Seven Million by Matt Redman

What Now on YouTube by Rihanna

One last parting testimonial shot at 10:21 AM this morning: Donald Trump is an in real life Judas Iscariot. At least he’s right out there in the open. That’s good I suppose in this convoluted world of ours called the United States of America. Because here’s the real deal, Babes, which the Evangelical Christian Idiot Crowd couldn’t perceive: had Hillary made it at this point in time, and with the track record of her dear hubby-poo, we’d have had a Herod in the female form (book of Acts) on our hands over here and I dunno ’bout you but I do know ’bout me: I’m tired of the worms eating guys and gals who are blind leading blind. Oh yes I am. Here’s the deal: what I actually prayed this morning simply called the plagues of the Book of Exodus onto those those plagues need to hit because I have already written Circumcision, Zipporah? thereby indicating to Jesus Christ and God the Father how my work as her as far as the circumcision of Baby Boomers, Millenials and Gens X,Y and Z was OVER in Jesus Name, amen.

Across 4:44 to 5:44 PM I took the full loop and was soaking wet when I got home. It is not the first time rain showed me latter rains of tears cascading down, down; down. It is upon the Face of God Father’s Countenance where I see the latter rains. And since I see them there, I know them in my heart and on the Face of Son as well. I don’t know why; however, the I AM PAIN brings forth the dwelling of King of kings. This is love to keep the commandment. This is the commandment to love Lord God first and then neighbor as ourselves. In this love structure 144 place I’m unaccustomed to, there is no more weeping and Jesus encourages me to practice, My dear; practice staying here. If only they would have come. But they didn’t. It is love to gain Christ and learn to cry and dwell in love with them all, painful as this is to know but I learned something today about me and the Father: He pursues me partially in this place in such a beautifully tender way to where He proves to me that I really do love past all the rest. I really do, in Christ.  How free it is to know this and learn to foster this place of trusting the work of Holy Spirit patiently within me and those Christians around me.





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