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I lost this hope. He carries it all. Humans fail if they are Caucasian and ages 50 and above in the United States of America. President George Washington sealed that hellish fate by embracing Freemasonry. Crown of Thorns edit #3334💜💙💚💛 Anathema! In Jesus Name: Anathema! You lose forevermore all glory to GOD. You never silence LOVE’s Love Human yellow, red, black, and white because we are PRECIOUS in the SIGHT of GOD!





September 29, 2016

Four days before, they tried to force me to get help after which I spun out and looked the crazy they kept demanding I be. On the day CPS came into my home to make sure I was not an unfit mother while my family sat there and actually thought I should be going through this, Joy B died of a double bout of cancer. She is a Catholic. She has seven children. It is all glory to GOD.

This testimony naturally takes me back to October 18, 2014. This was one day before the birthday of my husband of my youth. It was the day my second Beaty cousin died of a double bout of brain cancer–just like his great-grandmother died in my bedroom when I was ten on Crestview Drive in Garland, Texas, where I was raised and where my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty died twice in streets of that little town (Revelation 11)–the child was ten. I saw John Paul Jackson die and he was gone February 18, 2015. Jesus came to me in spirit realms and began to reveal further the calling on my life that day–He begged me to remember how he is human so I wouldn’t be that much more scared as I have been for nine long, long years but I am relatively safe now is how I feel today in 2017.

On October 21, 1933, and at the age of 30, Grandpa Robert Hilton Beaty was killed by his own truck rolling over him. He laid as dead in the street as my own brother did in 1978 and 1980. Then there is David Wilkerson. John Paul and Dad died in beds wracked with the sin of the people of the United States of America. Dad died in his own bedroom three hours before the 28th anniversary of Curtis and Cara Coffey and in that moment, the paper vow upon my soul was gone but the love I have for Curtis Edward Coffey will never leave. He understands that; nonetheless, by Father’s Day of 2017 Curtis fully admitted that he lost hope, needs more physical proof to believe me, and denied my testimony until he sees more proof while some of his children think I have destroyed my marriage and my family. This pain in my life must be lived through; but I know love of LOVE and I know Jesus as King of kings in Jesus Name, amen.

After I wrote this poem below on September 29, 2016, I wrote in a page of a diary and asked GOD to forgive me for the calling on my life; I couldn’t carry this anymore. Then, a seven foot man appeared at the back of a church in a room. He spoke his name to a woman right as I walked into the room and stood there transfixed. You are transfixed when He tells you what you needed to know to survive that particular moment until He doesn’t talk at all–but that night, he had to physically and fully turn his back on me so I could move.

Nowadays, He doesn’t have to turn his back like God Father turned His Dear Face away from His Son Dying on the Cross for all of Humankind. These days if you are this little girl, you know Him, He knows you, and so that is that–no matter where I am these days. I simply hope Christians don’t want to be my friend today, September 26, 2017, because they know Guyz show up around me sometimes. I am a person, too, and He knows that. He weeps there. HE WEEPS there too. I saw it on His Dear Face any number of times.

Anyway, that time he was seven feet tall and named Justin. That incident along with communion and prayer over people including Justin happened November 19, 2016. Gary didn’t pray for me. We took hands and went up above simply because the moment in time that night was so golden; so precious and anointed; so Gary let us take him up.

Before that day of November 19, 2016, Holy Spirit Whom I have from GOD told me to burn that paper. I told Curtis and did it. Curtis threw the ashes off the back deck and the rain drenched the ashes of my asking what Justin said no, no, no, let me carry this burden for you. Forgiveness is not what you need, Dear One. True King of kings leadership is what you need. 

I have fully reported the horrific reality of this testimony I am writing this morning in allegory here. Perhaps it is true I will forevermore now share my relationship with the ALMIGHTY in allegory and poetry here at Uncovered No More. Perhaps my family of marriage will understand me better that way; but then again, perhaps not.

I cannot care about these things but of course as a mother of ten children I do care. What a cacophony of error this sentiment appears to be. But it isn’t, you see. I have lost so much, look normal after nine long years, and gained Christ. There is absolutely nothing erroneous about that truth being honestly testified right here at Uncovered No More which is a stupid little website blog that has seen a lot of weird; a lot of miraculous; a lot of treacherous; and, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in allegory, testimony, poetry, and the living of it.

As anyone can imagine, there is a difference, a vast chasm of difference, between the leadership of any Christian male not Him and the King of kings standing seven feet tall in justice as a 33 year old male in love with us all. I had already met Justin. I will not release that information any longer–but I had already met him, talked to him, and then he disappeared. He wasn’t seven feet tall the first time and I though he was either a man sent in for some reason or an angel. I didn’t know back in about 2014-2015 when that incident happened but I do know now. All that I have to say is that the year 2020 will obviously be so glorious no matter what the worldwide news is saying that I am in awe at the love of I AM for me and you, oh human world.

So let me repeat the truth of my testimony even though my Coffey family is denying my testimony from September 25, 2016 and beyond for however long this agony is placed on my prophetic form as a prophetess in the office of it: I am not insane. Jesus is King of kings. He is here, He is here, He is here.

Believe my testimony or not but GOD REALITIES and MYSTERIES  are being handled differently NOW than they were being handled previous to September 24-25, 2008, (on the 25th in 2008 a demon of Insanity spoke through my voice and my father exorcised it off in Jesus Name–he said it was huge) all glory, all glory, all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen.


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