Transcript of “Here It Is” Part One

Either late last month or earlier this month, I took a walk in my neighborhood. I rarely do that anymore. It is because negative Christians got an underhanded hold on me. They are counting on my looking stupid and insane. They lost. I don’t care. You may go to hell on earth in a handbag now in Jesus Name, amen.

Back to my walk. I recorded a video. I’m going to transcribe parts of this video. If you are one of the ones in the above paragraph, I’d listen to this transcript because here is the deal: hell on earth is a good bit easier to take than hell in second heaven, I would imagine.

That’s a little different sort of “imagining” than John Lennon sang about with Yoko Ono one time, yes it is. I have a question: I wonder if John Lennon felt, or is feeling, heat? I dunno. But neither do you. And I need to see a little more respect of me in Austin, Texas, you know? No….you didn’t.

So again, I’d suggest you listen to this transcript. I’m cleaning up my blog and photo stuff because flashback can get the better of a gal. January 1~Father’s Day 2017 is what got the better of me. Shaboopie!

Simplification is my lifestyle for my whole life. That little item, simplification, never got me out of prophetic pain.

No worries. I’m here to say that the 2/3 army of angels have been interpreting my writing and other public work my whole life. It’s what was done in secret, dark, places that got me as wiped out as I got. No worries, again. Jesus loves you this I know for the Bible tells me so. And we all know I’m talking about humans. Just humans. Have a nice life in Jesus Name, amen. Don’t touch my 13 children in your thoughts. (smile)

“Good morning. I’m on a walk in my neighborhood because I’ve got a busy day and if I don’t walk all the sitting and getting up and down that I have to do during the day and into the night gets to my back.

So, I just had a thought that is probably very crucial right now. Here it is. Christian husbands, no matter how faithfully long you’ve been married to one woman or how many divorces you’ve had–wringing your hands in agony wondering why you couldn’t make it–you have an issue you never understand or see.

It comes out of the book of Exodus where Moses was not allowed to enter the promise land and where the children of Israel did what they did because the giants were in the land and so…..(pause)

And so you turned around and you said, “It’s too big.” A lot of Christian men, particularly, sin and are idolatrous in themselves towards their own intelligence according to Joel and Acts chapters two–the Holy Spirit is being continually poured out in waves, in ocean waves is what I see when I say that–and, and when you do not foster your private life with the Holy Spirit, there is too much going on in the world as it pertains to love grown cold to grow your faith according to faith, hope, and love in 1 Corinthians 13.

And so you will keep your glory days of the past because when you’ve been plucked up out of a non-Christian, difficult life it’s glorious for a season. It’s called your honeymoon with the Holy Spirit and then, working out your salvation in fear and trembling starts.

Please let it be understood that I just explained being snatched out of hell fire according to the book of Jude in the above paragraph; therefore, 2 Peter 2 must be studied in this concept. 

The Lord testifies to us that love grows very cold. When you tack into love grown cold in your personal relationship with Holy Spirit, it’s what I call an Exodus moment. (Please think about precept upon precept concepts here of Isaiah 28 to get a larger picture of why Jesus would tell us to take it one day at a time because issues in our lives can, and will, build up when we are blinded by our sin–no matter how long we have been a Christian.)

I don’t think that was actually Moses’s issue which got him the inability to enter into the promise land, generally speaking.  Instead, I think he was carrying that issue for the children of Israel. There is nothing new under the sun, that’s Ecclesiastes. So in the modern day we have these men of God who carry issues. I can tell you very point blank several of them in my testimony: Howard Clayton Beaty, Robert Hilton Beaty, Shirley Beaty, Edward Kenneth Beaty, Patrick Clayton Beaty, John Paul Jackson, Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, Edward John Klonek.

I was crying on this walk. The reason being was because I am watching people struggle in this arena and they are not turning away from love grown cold. They are blind, leading blind, as Christians. I am a post-Christian. Across my 51 year life, I had a lot of blogs and writing be wiped away and I pointed out that that comes as the cost for my being a Seer in this recording that I am transcribing–and that I was doing the video to get this stuff out of my insides. I said I needed to close this hell door right then. This is not the gates of heaven I was speaking about as I cried my way through this recording.

When a man marries a woman and then becomes a Christian, and if he does not view his wife who gave her life up to be with him and be one with him–if that Christian husband does not view her as a sister and adore her as Jesus adores His Bride (wife of the Lamb), then he will automatically rule his wife according to the curse on the wife who is cursed with her husband’s rule. You will think you are being a Christian in this place when you are actually being idolatrous toward yourself and your own little life.

As you see her and treat her as a sister, it is how you will treat her as a mother. Let me state this again: if you don’t treat your wife how you would treat a sister whom you are loving as a sibling–first, then you will treat her in this dominant way according to the curse as your wife and the mother of your children.

Men who have this issue: Esau, Nabal, Disciple Peter, Judas Iscariot–though we don’t know if he was married. Disciple Peter was a very difficult man. That’s the sad thing about the modern day–everybody hates on the Apostle Paul, and particularly women.

They want freedom in Christ to mean ever so many things that it doesn’t mean according to the New Testament record. It is a grave misunderstanding in our Christians midst how we think we can teach anybody how to relate to the Holy Spirit. No. It is our job to love them as Jesus Christ Whom we are one with, and that is pretty much our only job.

Preachers need to tell of the glories of God in their lives. I honestly think we need correction to stop coming from the pulpit and be within a small group like divorce recovery and/or AA for correction and discipline of broken masses of people in our midst.

That would be putting tribes of broken people together for delivering the oil of healing of the Holy Spirit. We need our common sense back. But if you have men and women of God who demand to be right in their interpretation of the Holy Spirit’s work and of the entire Bible……

See, it’s not difficult to see the work of Jesus on the earth or to see Him. Where the difficulty comes in is that you will never see the Holy Spirit Whom you have from God and you are not your own therefore, glorify GOD in your body. You are a temple of the Living GOD.

Love grows cold due to the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit so inherent within the spiritual atmosphere. I’m closing that door and locking it all glory to GOD.

I will not pray about this as we are instructed in First John how we shouldn’t pray for some things–we should never pray for all things haphazardly. We need to learn sensitivity in our private lives with the Holy Spirit in the temple of our heart (our own Holy of Holies place and God Alone knows our hearts). Making a proclamation in the humility of GOD is one thing. Demanding from GOD because you think you know better is Synagogue of Satan work and He will reduce you; He will reduce you.


Jesus denies these types of people. They are goats. I am going to do a second part concerning goats. I am not praying for you. I am no longer crying for how you went too far with this prophetess in Austin, Texas. But I love you and therefore, there is a part two coming soon.

Clouds written yesterday on Three Rivers dot blog. This video was recorded as the Jewish New Year began and I have a series concerning Esau and Jacob which will be featured on Rivers International which is in progress now which began to form in my mind’s seer line of vision as the Jewish New Year 2017 began all glory to GOD.

Caught in the Balance by Toto Part Two


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