I Doubt Anyone Realizes

How deep love goes……Today is very grave in the gravest sort of way. On the other hand, today is very beautifully golden in the most golden Way.

The feature image and accompanying pictures in this article tell a story under the ocean’s surface. And, that is what it means to be the prophetess in the office of it at Uncovered No More: that is how far down the LORD allowed me the privilege of covering the sin of the first and last generation (Exodus 20) in my life according to the TESTimony of Alpha and Omega all glory to GOD in a 51 year life. God never tempts. You test HIM. Then complain about the grade is what I have found as a home schooling mother who was so ripped apart by other Christians across the last ten years that it is nice to be done with that sort of thing and on the road to recovery with my true people all glory to GOD.

He is very patient, my LORD. He is very patient with me. I do not know if HE is patient with you. That is because that is your relationship with HIM and none of my business. But I know now like I knew when I was born in to this world on April 14, 1966, that HE is very patient with me. He never forsakes me. Here is the deal: when you forsake GOD and call it the other way around, what it means is you choose the Synagogue of Satan instead of the Garden of Eden, unlocked according to Revelation 22. That is IT in a nutshell. But what I released on social media today is something else that is within this paragraph’s mystery:

I have had many people not believe my STUID stuPENDous testimony from September 25, 2008 until father’s day 2017. I had already forgiven them upon my infant baptism in the Catholic Church on North St. Mary’s Street in San Antonio, Texas.

And…..according to 1 Corinthians 7 concepts, when the Apostle Paul says, and as to the rest, he is probably talking about concepts of Revelation 7 and 17. But if you are a Christian, here is what I am telling you married to Archangels Michael and Gabriel in the spirit realms: look in your own mirror before God. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? 

When you answer me in your deepest heart of hearts mirror, that will be your Judgment Day. Is it doomsday? It depends and God alone knows your heart and makes sure your whole life screams that at you or whispers it to you.

It depends upon the Holy Spirit. Everyone thinks His is a still, small voice. You have freaking got to be kidding me. His is THE VOICE of GOD. Now GO read the Old Testament and see GOD uncovered for your human sake so HE can have fellowship forevermore. Go read my agony across a 51 year life there, with my 13 children also in Jesus Name, amen.

I again will re-phrase what I just said and tell you what your judgment depends upon–if you are not me, my 13 children, and the myriads of people they represent as Jesus Christ in the flesh life across all of time–for are we not the Voice of the TurtleDove crying in the wilderness according to the book of Job and Psalms 74? Yes, oh peoples great and small, yes we are they.

I cannot speak for anyone else according to how I’m a mother and prophetess removing anti-Christ from the House of GOD in the New Jerusalem of Austin, Texas. But let me tell you something: I know my people. They know me. That is that and you will henceforth shut up around me. Forever hold your peace. Otherwise, I will turn and look at you. I did it today at Restore Austin. There are witnesses. It is finished in Jesus Name, amen.

Your judgement day comes when you are born–if you are in the Modern World and have basic needs met and basic education, I’m talking to you and you alone. It is that simple all glory to GOD and in Jesus Name, amen. I suggest you go read the New Testament again, whomever you are that can read no matter which tribe, tongue, people, or nation. The rest of us already known as the pure in heart whom we really are are very busy bringing in the sheaves with Jesus and His Angels okay? OK.




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