In Loving Memory of Scott Evelyn (smile)

The feature image was taken at Whole Foods in Hill Country Galleria yesterday as I set my school in order for this year. I’m gearing up for two teen kids going to ACC for classes as home schoolers with jobs here and there so they can have a phone and stuff and three kids who got isolated, as we all did over here, as the ministry of Uncovered No More testified fullest-ly the return of Jesus Christ and the Father upon the earth–so we home school at home, at abroad, and at home again around here. These Children of Israel teen and pre-teen do two things: kill each other and me (with toy swords and guns) on a regular basis and complain like pre-teens and teens do. Shut up. Thank you.

Sometimes, I dunno Who is Who and I’m just saying–like at Whole Foods. Thank you Amazon for buying them. Yay GOD!

At other times, THEY let me in on their SECRET GARDEN and then I move along shaking my head and looking forward to Brother Mahesh coming before Christmas in 2017 because if there is one Man of GOD who can understand my world it is Brother Mahesh. That man just keeps moving….like Jesus and me. Understatement.

I smile in the title of this blog article for one stinkin’ reason: I’ve already seen Scott. That boy dies and then gets back up again as fast as my daddy, John Paul’s daddy, and a few others. Now as to John Paul, shit ya’ll, that brother in Christ keeps it real and humorous but he keeps a distance with me. I don’t blame him. Poor Curtis never could do that keeping a distance thing.

Evidently, Bobby Conner don’t care one whit for distance, appearances, or disappearances. Have you ever seen “Runaway Bride” featuring Julia Roberts? I’m that gal all right when it comes to being a post-Christian in 2008 and beyond. To infinity and beyond with “Toy Story” is my style as I become bus, home-school Mom Austin, Texas, style and toodle around in my Toyota Corolla.

One of these days, I’m gonna get that Angel Dude here, there, and everywhere around here to give me a ride in his sports car. They are gorgeous and when you see a Cadillac in the YMCA parking lot with the number 4200 just like your Toyota has the number 4100, you know it’s gettin’ good in Austin, Texas. Let’s see what sort of witchy brew Bobby Conner and Mahesh Chavda can stir up over at Austin Cathedral come September through December of 2017. I’ll be around.

I’ve heard a couple of people close to Brother Mahesh over there tell the story about how God called him to some place or other on this cursed earth where he found a New Jerusalem people group and it looked weird but not to Brother Mahesh. And he was like, “If this is a cult I want to join it.”Β 

Um. Uncovered No More appears to be a cult. You are in, Brother Mahesh. God said so. As to Scott Evelyn, John Paul Jackson would not have gifted that man the heavenly door responsibilities unless the boy was Tribe Judah because I’d have bonked John Paul on the head one way or another if he’d done anything else. We never had to meet to be rockin’ and rollin’ 60’s style in heavenly doors. Now portals….watch me turn into a Black Mamba if you think I feel the same way about THEM. Moving on…………


In Loving Memory of Scott Evelyn

One moment ago, in a time far away

Our Jesus whispers eternally to me

Just a minute little loves, remember

Pray Tell and We All will be so free


I dreamed awake this morning yet again

As I drank deep from mourning tea

Full moon last night, visions of love today

A Face touched, succor taken liberally


We are broken; known anew; learning again

How to tarry on this island’s love songs

Where shall we go? How shall we stand?

Ministry, home, church, or framed in ocean throngs


I never lie; I always seasonally tarry

It is hard and atrocious; wide paths narrow

Reality broke fourth despite storm’s civil war

On snowflake’s winging visage of sparrow


Page Two

I see Judah; he (He) sees me; we smile

And laugh in heavenly views springing fourth

Rainbows aplenty; flowers bloom

Apparitions exist; storms stop; Sharon’s Rose blew


I am a stupid earth’s defining, wretch

Insane enigma lying seamlessly stormed

Ugliness grasped; run ashore; dashed and flung;

Tiredly worn; having dirty snowflake’s form


Beings broken faithfully, beautifully

Unseen yet grasped by prophecy~Three

Father, Son, Holy Spirit forms unity

Worked graciously fearless, faithfully mysterious


It was me, that terrible visage 13

Smothering flame so few years gone by

Austin heralded this work heartily ugly

uncovered no more while strong in my wombs of dry


Page 3

Time is relevant; space exists

Fanfares make while sackcloth rent

Truth extinguishes principalities equally

Surely non-cursed? There are no foes.


Tongues have ceased; we’re wordless blessed

Within prevailing storm’s place of rest

Obedience war’s won; fruit blooms 12

Healing transpires; a river flows blessed


Amid our failures, in less than a moment

Stars fall, suddenly, are rainbow’d bright

My Throne Visage remains unified

In Arms of Father; Wings of Dove; Kiss of Light

It is entirely possible that some arranged marriages are coming forth due to the severity of damage necessary to close portals in a three point triangle that turned into two shapes: circle and square with 144 in the core of each wall of the Temple coming down out of heaven according to Revelation 21 all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. The marriages in New Jerusalem swing the doors and gates wide open according to the purity of purpose of Isaac and Rebekah.

There is no paper–no vows–in Heavenly Marriage; however, be fore-warned: when GOD makes a man a eunuch as He did John Paul Jackson, that man will not want to be married to a woman again; marriage is too much work after what someone like John Paul has been through.

That has nothing to do with his family Tribe Judah and everything to do with the Synagogue of Satan and church sin of Revelation chapters two and three in Jesus Name, amen. So I would suggest widows in this age’s season not get offended. When you pass through the realms as John Paul Jackson and Cara Coffey have done as it is here in heaven and on earth, you don’t care about the things of the earth anymore and the people around you will judge you to be uncaring about them. Ask me how I know and I will look at you with steel in my eyes, take a sword of the Word, and shove it up your backside and then smile, tell you what you need to hear to show you I really do love you, and move along in Jesus Name, amen. How do I know that that is what I need to do?

You’ve freaking got to be kidding me, Christian Church of America. I done been doing it when I was forced to go to a doctor. That process started on the eighth anniversary when I was driven insane while Scott Evelyn was hard-struck by a tractor accident because of stupid Christians, all white men and women, who kept hiding from me because they are ashamed. You are not nice, you are goats, and I have some of these types in Austin, Texas.

You cannot hide anything from I AM. How elementary is that? I’m sick and tired of the Christianity of America. Go look at my public Uncovered No More page this morning, people. I done called you all out. Good thing I’ve decided not to “do” video on my websites. More people would drop dead like flies since the goat population of America is rather high in the Christian Church. That’s a fact of the matter that I cannot state strongly enough. So I won’t. Moving along…… Jesus Name, amen and all glory to GOD.

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