Just In Case You Ever Wonder……

Just in case you ever wonder about highly gifted seer types like me ‘n John Paul Jackson, I’m here to tell you we can talk to the living not here. We can talk to the dead but that ain’t too kosher sometimes. We see angels; glorified bodies; interpret the book of Revelation; get hit with judgment and misunderstanding time and again; get offended; offend; and then get back up again. I said we get back up again.

I cussed John Paul out yesterday. He took it but he wasn’t too pleased about it. I get my dead back. Big time. SO……I assume John Paul went back up because I saw him and then I saw him and then I haven’t seen him in a while.

So he may have gone back up but come on ya’ll. This is forevermore we prophets and prophetesses in the office of it are dealing with. Shaboopie that’s an understatement. Anyway, when a bald guy pops up here and there, and when guys with small checkered shirts do the same thing, after a while the strange ones like me know they love me like Jesus, those Streams Ministries International people. They are probably just waiting ’til the Coffeys get a grip. They haven’t done that yet. It’ll be fine.

I’m not going to hit delete on this item right here over atΒ Rivers International: Concerning Streams Ministries International. I’m going to link this article inside of it instead so everybody can know the truth: John Paul Jackson and Cara Coffey love each other as a brother and sister. You can’t explain that and neither can I. But what I can do is lose again. I don’t have to be right. I have to be in love to get over it. What was that, Cara? That was that I suppose because if there is one person in the United States of America who is a Christian and about to be of the old fart crowd since I’m 51, it would be Cara Coffey who cannot ever, ever, ever ask why or define IT.

I wish to God I was smart enough to define IT. I’m not. Game over. I lose. I’m a bad woman. Ahhhh well. Everybody loves me anyway. Even Jesus, evidently. Shame on me for taking so long to lose again, hey?

A wilderness, a tortoise, a target

and a wee, cardinal girl free


Went to Asia in a man one day

who was seen to be Eagle Oak Tree


Three of Them saw a Paradise Pearl

and faithfully carried on to THEE


In meantime we found heaven undefined

across many miles of TIME and plea


Between lines of air and of space

there abides the LOVE Amazing GRACE

Interpretation: the three are John Paul Jackson, Cara Ann Coffey, and Bobby Conner; the Pearl Paradise are Michael & Debi Pearl. There you have it: Love Not Grown Cold America that makes absolutely NO SENSE from John Paul’s birthday in July of 1950. Or we could bring my daddy into it, and he was born in 1934. That’s a good number, isn’t it? Yay God and in Jesus name, amen.

I read the One Year Bible to my kidz today at the YMCA as they colored. Then, I went and began to jog and do my stretches. As I popped in and out of the cafeteria, basketball court, rec room, and bathroom now and again, there was this bald guy with a smile on his face. That just about explains the story of all our lives involved with Jesus in Austin, Texas. We smile and move on unless we are cussing each other out. What we don’t do is look holy unless we walk into one of 3-4 churches around here where a crazy lady keeps becoming a member and then backing out; becoming a member and then backing out; becoming a member and then backing out; shit woman, would you just land please and thank you?Β 

Anyway……I’m up to like 4 churches almost. How many more before we all start talking to each other? I dunno. I just go around smiling too and try to keep the cussing in the foyer if I let go and stop pretending in the church building while my oldest son hates the YMCA righteously because one of his friends cussed a wee, wee bit and was almost thrown out. You don’t mess with my son. He will pretty much hand you his opinion one way or another and take you out socially without you ever knowing what he did. I of course had to text his dad for the code to my iPhone’s regulatory stuff today because the fella hit delete on some stuff on my phone to help me keep a lid on some of my kids but I need my phone back. On it goes. Highly gifted love like Jesus. Highly gifted get hit and get back up again. Highly gifted remain and then die hard and fast only to have a little sister be able to see them later on the earth while nobody believes her and is scared for her in Austin, Texas. That is how we got here across eight years, you see. And, the feature image is the One Year Bible’s passage of today at the Y. The rest of them are from some work I did on an UNM FB page that I hit delete on a day ago. That’s because Uncovered No More is dead. I’m just me. At least everybody loves me. I love you. I hope you know that by now.


Β Okay, NOW……realize that Judah done broke off Israel. Yay God and in Jesus Name, amen. It’s gonna take King of kings to put it all back together Revelation 22 style, obviously. Archangel Gabriel and I have had enough. I’m not talking about Archangel Michael except to say if you were he in the book of Jude it would be unspeakably hard like the Jews during WWI and WWII, Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand, and John & Virginia Brogstedt with the modern day Jeremiah Tribe Judah: Michael Shane & Debbie Davis.

I’m now finally at peace. Any questions? Have a nice life everyone else. Huh?

144,000 – 12,000 = 132,000

You’re outnumbered, guyz and galz. You’re out-numbered because Gabriel, Michael and I have a deal. It’s called angelic marriage. And only 1/3 of them fell. The other 2/3 were like, um, 2008~2016 was enough. What the deal is it with ya’ll American Christians involved with heavenly doors? And they set about fixing it all glory to GOD.

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