A Conversation with Jesus, Part One

It doesn’t take much with Jesus, you know. A few words and your life is not yours anymore. And, isn’t that what Christians knew all along? Yes, yes it is. I laughed this morning because, well, it is simple and we all think we are going to conquer it all for Jesus when we never will, we never will. What we must do is what our Jesus said we must do: become children again and walk that way.

I’ve seen him thrice in that place of a conversation with Jesus. I’ve seen body forms of the Lord so many times now it is exhausting to contemplate–for him likely just as much as it is for me to admit it. I dunno what it’s like to be able to walk through walls and appear as any number of men of God to a stupid 51 year old woman who just keeps moving, but it seems to me He gets tired being the Son of God and Man just like I get tired being a mother of ten kidz and a prophetess in the office of it.

I have been watching and praying across 4:44 AM Central this morning, so there will be pictures of how my day is beginning. I don’t get a walk today because a thunderstorm of love supreme swept upon us here in Austin in the 3:00 hour or so. I slept soundly and I hope you did too.

I told us in some deleted FB public recordings that I wasn’t going to release the math of my life from April 14 to April 14 across 2017 and 2018; however, the time has come during a thunderstorm in August of 2017 when I have finally put my life of three blogs, a ton of coloring work that I love, and my home schooling of children in order for the last time.

So many times across the last ten years, I thought this life of mine is SO freaking complicated, and it was. It was. It takes Jesus, one tiny conversation, and three times of seeing him for me to realize it isn’t complicated for me anymore.

Yesterday, Austin Oaks put in their new pastor and I fell asleep in the packed congregation building. God help me, that is a blessed relief, hey? But the sardine on my left and my right were two men of God whose families weren’t with them–I seriously doubt they knew what to do with the gal in between them who colored and fell asleep while lifting my hands straight in the air a couple or three times to catapult the world into the Throne Room all glory to God while my Esther Grace did it at the YMCA that afternoon.

Oh the people swimming with my children–so beautiful when I looked up from my coloring and saw them populate the heavenly doors ministry of Uncovered No More, Eagle’s View Ministries, and Chavda Ministries International in Austin, Texas which is embodied within Three Rivers otherwise known as Rivers International: if you’ve got one, you’ve got them all so to speak.

It is the river of Revelation 22 I’m talking about so don’t try to figure it out, people. We cannot figure anything out anymore. If you’d like a glimpse, go view the tortoise Bobby Conner and I dealt with across Asia, America, and back again on my Uncovered No More public page–@CaraAnnBeatyCoffey. I also announced on that page beforehand how I finished my work of the ministry right before Bobby Conner and I spoke the pain of a tortoise in the wilderness.

Here is the math, first:

2017 – 1948 = 18

At this time, Jesus is 69. Israel became the nation it is in 1948 all glory to GOD.

51 – 33 = 18

I am 51 years old. Within my life bio, it is found I have 144 in my core. The man named Justin who led me to take communion and then came down out of heaven (Revelation 9) as the Morning Star on November 19, 2016, is 33 years old.

Eighteen is the physical representation of two things: 666 and 99. Something repeated is worth remembering, right? A double portion of judgment beginning in the house of GOD when Cara was 50 and Jesus was 33 on November 19, 2016, is evidently enough for the King of kings and Lord of lords but I couldn’t testify it until Bobby Conner was freed, all 13 of my children have the last name of Beaty, and Jesus told me my standard poodle Bar None Valentine is well cared for on a walk somewhere or other in this crazy town called New Jerusalem; Austin, Texas.

If you have any questions, go ask Brother Mahesh. Brother Mahesh is Brother Mahesh and he will explain it to you simply and with a sense of humor that brings a camel to the HEB parking lot where Jesus told my parents to buy a new battery a few years ago so that Esther Grace could pet it and Curtis Edward could take a picture in December of 2016.

Any questions? I hope not. This is LOVE, that we keep His commandments. This is the commandment: love GOD first and then love our neighbor as ourselves. All in all the one thing I think about human Christians of America is simply this: you are too complicated and actually think we are going to whip this all in order when in truth, it takes the 2/3 army of angels to do it with you all and it took me ten long years to watch and pray enough for Jesus to pet my Valentine who is now the Dog of Eara Abigail–and have a conversation with me to fix it for your little sister in Austin, Texas, after which she would fall asleep in a congregation meeting because becoming a tortoise in a wilderness for a few days was a bit of a stretch but it is over.

My three “E” daughters, and don’t ever forget Edith and I named that dog together–are a very powerful female three according to Job 42, Joel 2, and Acts 2 all glory to GOD.  Edith takes care of Valentine with Eara, and if you didn’t have Esther, Eara, and Edith and then Edith, Eara, and Esther, you wouldn’t have this testimony right here. They live free now in an unlocked Garden of Eden with all their siblings of the 144,000 remnant seed (Revelation 14, 21, and 22).

Do not assume you know what my daughers, all three of them, have gone through. It is unspeakably painful what Curtis and his three sons have gone through, too. It is all unspeakably unto the glory of God and there are people and angels in Austin, Texas, nurturing my family; however, there is only one Man in Austin, Texas, who can nurture your little sister so we will leave it at that all glory to GOD.

As to Jesus: He is so beautifully normal it is just….I’m speechless. (Laughing, but not LOL, not LOL; now I need to go have another cup of something warm and comforting but probably tea this time).

The feature image is the book in which I have conversations with GOD. It is the one place I am point blank honest with me and HIM. The coloring page is where I am going on Rivers International. I haven’t begun to color the anti-thesis page yet but here is what is written in blue gel pen: 2017 Jewish New Year; Elder Brother Esau; PeaceMakers Arise.

To be clear, am I honest with you? Yes, oh yes, I am honest with you; however, I obey Apostle Paul explicitly from the New Testament. Where I have someone whose conscience is more sensitive than mine, I minister to them there and bare the weakness of both my human frame and theirs as much as I can patiently and ask forgiveness for the rest. If we cross our conscience, it is sin. I cannot begin to tell you how sinful I am. My conscience is that of the Holy of Holies, but there is a Revelation 17 place that I knew to stay for a 51 year life so that when I was 18 years between a 69 year old Son and a 33 year old Man, I would write this testimony right here all glory to GOD.

That is what it is like to be innocent as a dove but wise as a serpent. God help me. What a thing to be learning 24/7. Have a nice day. I love you. So does Jesus and God Father love you but you knew that. It bears repeating 24/7, oh yes it does. Now let me tell you the Way, the Truth, and the Life:

If Cara has seen Jesus, she has seen the Father. Father never comes back down. All of them that I thought were Father were Jesus across the last three years but particularly after the fourth blood moon of September 28, 2015 all glory to GOD. When you go home, you see the Father. All the glorified bodies I’ve seen went back up. When you are in the Presence of Father, you never want to leave but sometimes, you are sent back as Mary the mother of Jesus, Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr, Robert Paul Beaty, Robert Jackson, John Paul Jackson, and Scott Evelyn showed me because they had work of the ministry to finish. Only a very few people came back down with Jesus, and Patrick Clayton Beaty is here to stay. When I think I see someone in someone else, it is the resurrection concepts of Lazarus that I am seeing–both of them. That is all the explanation I can share with you because that is all I should share with you. The Christian Church of America in the ministerial and congregational constructs are going to get bored: you need to take Bobby Conner as your example. He quotes the Bible and does a good Father number on ya: keep it simple Sweethearts Christian Worldwide and we are going to see us go up above with no curse whatsoever in place. I suspect eventually, all men including angels will become seedless just like 69 year old Jesus Christ.

That way, no more children will be born. My children are tacking into this ministry of I AM to deliver women of pain in childbearing naturally. They either don’t want to have children, will only have a few and adopt, or have animals as their children while being mothers to the world like my Edith Renae and Eara Abigail (2 John). Esther Grace is like Brother Mahesh. She is Esther Grace. I don’t know what that child is going to do with her life, but I’m just saying that you have a very powerful something-or-other in Mahesh Chavda and Esther Grace. (chuckle)

Here is how death is beginning to go 24/7/365 if you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, are saved, and work out your salvation with fear and trembling while on the earth all glory to GOD: Enoch, Elijah, and Moses. It is that simple for men and women according to headship principles within the Timothy books and the Corinthians books of the New Testament. If you want congregation principles, Apostles Peter and Paul release that. If you want personal relationship with I AM principles, Apostle John is your go-to with the Teaching of Holy Spirit 24/7/365 all glory to GOD.

All the rest of it fits with those three guys and the Holy Spirit connects it all up for you while I fall asleep in church. If you are sitting next to me when I fall asleep, please nudge me if I snore (LOL). And um….don’t let me drool. Please don’t let me drool or bob my head. Please have some compassion on that little sister in your congregation buildings. 


L-R: my early morning blog work; a dark picture of a window so that I could show Gospel for Asia how it is raining in Austin, Texas, as they release testimony of street children who are rescued in Bridge of Hope; the coloring I did for Bridge of Hope world and time-wide; and, an owl who is saying that the more he/she watches and prays, the less he/she says because that is wisdom from above: 1 Corinthians 13 style but not other styles. There are different manifestations of wisdom just like there are different manifestations of hate.

I have justifiably hated some people here lately and I do not need to ask forgiveness for it. You are supposed to be angry, and hatred is simply an extension of anger that is un-quenched by repentance (James 5; 1 John 1) in the human form of others whom you are angry with, righteously. We all know that.

I don’t know where the doctrines came from that tell women and men in the Christian church that a meek and quiet spirit and whatever, whatever, whatever, don’t feel anger; however, the booming business of psychiatry in the United States tells us all that that is false doctrine. Can I hear a hearty AMEN from Luke the doctor who wrote a Gospel in the New Testament? Yes, yes I can hear him say amen. (Smile, chuckle, yawn, and there is a bit of thunder at 7:50 AM Central. Oh. One last detail this morning: as I walked into the kitchen from our bedroom to begin some rice cereal for my children and make myself a small pot of tea sweetened with honey, I viewed 6:44 AM Central in Jesus Name, amen.)

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