My Sober Testimony Part Two

Churches in America Part Two

365 Promises of God Coloring Book is my prayers for those being paired to move into the ARC I have testified about for quite a while now. If you were physically born in America, and if it was before December 10, 1962, which is my brother Patrick’s birth date, then you are not entering that ARC. I do not any longer pray for you.

I pray for your children and/or grandchildren as they are paired up two men by two men according to the life ministry of Jesus Christ in the Gospel Record all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen.

My physical testimony about this subject is simple:one body form of Jesus Christ showed me a tattoo on His left arm below the elbow. One body form of my brother Patrick Clayton Beaty showed me a tattoo on his arm, too, and that man–though in a slightly different body form but at the same place of business, also showed me a small 13 tattoo on his upper left forearm. I have a ministry of deliverance surrounding tattoos all glory to God.

Otherwise, I do not look at tattoos. That is none of my business-how you mark your body. It can be noted in Revelation that Jesus Christ Himself, in which body form He stays at all times as Human Jesus, has a seal on His Body. I cannot remember the exact wording in that book. You may go find it. I think it’s a Thigh where there is some sort of physical marker. This tattoo ministry work is kind of like the work of new names from Revelation chapter two.

1 John 5:15-17 And if (since) we [positively] know that He listens to us in whatever we ask, we also know [with settled and absolute knowledge] that we have [granted us as our present possessions] the requests made of Him.

16 If anyone sees his brother [believer] committing a sin that does not [lead to] death (the extinguishing of life), he will pray and [God] will give him life [yes, He will grant life to all those whose sin is not one leading to death]. There is a sin [that leads] to death; I do not say that one should pray for that.

17 All wrongdoing is sin, and there is sin which does not [involve] death [that may be repented of and forgiven].

Nobody can understand my pain today. I assumed too much and Christianity loved me too little for ten years. But if I want the truth, then the only one who actually loved me holistically was Patrick Clayton Beaty in my whole life and then he was ripped from my existence on September 27, 1980. What love is this? It is Jesus Christ who gently unblind-ed this little sister gradually, crying so much every time I cried, when I would have to blind myself to the grim reaper’s realities of Revelation in a ten year solution to the war of Armageddon worldwide. I should not be here today typing this. I should be either physically or mentally dead like so many people are just from the misunderstandings about me that came about as it concerns how Jesus was and still is drawing me to face to FACE in a way that I do not much understand because I cannot understand it. If there is one thing I am an expert on in my life as a 44 year Christian, it is this: leaving the REST to GOD.

Death not cursed is easy and simple to see in the Old Testament: Enoch, Elijah, and Moses. The farther away we get from the curse worldwide, the more each and every person, if they are supposed to go up above, will be able to in a glorified body simply get in an elevator and go there like one of my children dreamed: as according to the life story of Enoch. He was no more according to the Bible, and he was in the seventh generation from Adam. I have been assured by Jesus that my men of God will experience this sort of death I just explained. It is my request before God that that covers all children of those dear, golden men as well in that mysterious place that I only gaze at with painful tears in my eyes this morning as I for the last time begin again in the New Jerusalem. At least, my Loves, at least I most fully understand myself now and can smile at you if I am out and about. Thank You Jesus.

I am not saying anyone in my story older than me, like Curtis, have sinned a sin unto death. But I am equally not saying that they have not. I am not praying for those not in ARC anymore for one simple reason: I already have and then you stop after a point because faith says to do that. What is finished, as taught to us by Jesus Christ in His Death’s Beauty, is finished. I’ve called a conclusion numerous times. I was desperately trying to get less pain for my family and me. It worked sometimes and at other times, particularly for Curtis and me, it did not work at all.

None of you can know my pain. Curtis keeps telling me he has pain as well. No, he doesn’t–not like the pain of love which gives up him, his children, and her own reputation as a very pure Christian woman who is highly successful with fruit in my life galore to have the testimony I actually have. His very last 3 month testimony is my testimony of what I am saying is true.  Curtis is saying I have an ill reputation just like was said about Jesus Christ. God help me, how difficult day to day.

Rivers International: “And If You See…”

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