I Have Decided Part One

Get the Freaking Over IT American Church of GOD! is the last thing I needed to do as a prophetess in the office of it as it pertains to deliverance work from the curse according to Revelation 12-22 all glory to God.

I have seen Jesus Christ in the same body form twice in the past month–but other than knowing he was wearing glasses which he has done before when I did see that body form full on in the face, I could not see his face except to realize that yes, this was the same Man that I had seen a month ago.

Therefore, and understanding when God does something twice in Bible interpretation, I know that He is telling me my work is complete. As a matter of spiritual fact, I have that conversation recorded in my small coloring book that is just that: conversations with I AM and coloring which I am enjoying very much. I will treasure the book some day; however, at this point I feel great, great loss.

My family views my ministry as a complete failure. Curtis decided across about three months, and due to all the time I invested under the surface communicating with other ministries who refuse point blank to communicate with me for at least six years, that I do not have fruits of the Spirit and that I have lost a lot in the way of meaningful connections in my family. He held out for almost nine years hoping that I would see breakthroughs as a prophetess that he cannot see with his flesh eyes and therefore has come to the conclusion I just stated.

This is why I feel a loss but more to the point, I feel misunderstood. What I have accomplished was before God alone and I am trying to not feel like the failure I appear to be in the flesh life. As always across the nine years, I am yet again making practical changes to be more of the wife and mother I used to be before I was driven insane.

I will admit that this is hard for one reason: I have seen the Lord. My two worlds crashed; that very real happenstance did nothing for the health and well being of my family. And I am the sole reason that my family suffered these things in this current trend of opinion that actually was viewed by me on September 25, 2016 and beyond though Curtis says he only came to the conclusion he did across three months. This is hard because it was eight months ago that I saw the Lord for the first time in November of 2016, and Curtis is admitting he cannot believe that my interpretation is correct in that I am saying I have seen the Lord. He also feels that across the last four years at least I would not submit what was going on to other people’s interpretation. Why oh American Church, did you do this to the Coffey family?

In this one thing I will publicly defend myself for my own personal dignity: I knew late in 2008 and in early 2009 that my life situation and story would not be believed by anyone. That is still true, obviously. This happenstance on the surface does not, nor will it, ever mean I will deny what I know is the truth in my testimony.

Curtis does not nor has ever expected me to deny anything and I’ve always thanked him for this faithfulness to God in his life because I know I am strange, I know I have changed for the worse the past nine years, and I now am doing what I can to rectify some of the damage. It will take time for Curtis to trust me here. That time is mutual. What I am saying is that there are things which Curtis has done which he could have done differently, though he was doing his best before God as was I and we both know our only intent was and is to love each other as a couple. I am not here to expose his situation, though. At least, not this time.

I am going to one church now, but I do not know which one though I suspect it will be Austin Oaks for two reasons: it is close and they do not allow women to teach in the pulpit that I am aware of. Therefore, until I have the members meeting to finalize my membership in that church, I am not going into churches for Sunday morning congregation meetings. I am going to rest in the flesh life on Sunday mornings for that length of time. There were so many skirmishes of warfare in my life where I had to actively choose to rest in faith. I would look to Jesus’s testimony in those times the past nine to ten years to teach me how to survive. I do not consider myself to have survived yet because of this article right here; however, I am used to that feeling. I told Curtis this night that he witnessed my rapture. Two men are together; one goes up and the other left. But sadly, in this case across three months according to his testimony, it is two who are physically one flesh whom this has happened to, and Curtis clearly is left behind of his own free will and all glory to God somehow, but I don’t feel it. I don’t understand it. I cried today for this schism in the life of the Coffey family which I am powerless as the prophetess to fight and I’ve always been powerless here even before I married Curtis of God’s free will in my life.

Thank You Jesus that I am back to some semblance of normal after nine very long years. I love You. Thank You for loving me.

Churches in America Part Two

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