Worshiping GOD by Dr RT Kendall

Source: Worshiping GOD by Dr RT Kendall

I finished this book review this week all glory to God. If there is one thing I think right now, it is that the American Church needs to forgive ourselves if we are ages 35 to after our deaths and into our lives eternal with I AM forevermore.

If one is to read books by Dr. RT Kendall, one will be gently led humbly to become a loved Christian holistically balanced.

As to those younger than 35, everybody needs to remember I have ten children. My adult children save my oldest daughter are being stubborn asses right now. My teens are doing this too. So now you have it: an honest mother according to Second John. The jet set crowd of post-Christianity needs to get a grip. You are being intelligent idiots. GOD loves you HOLISTICALLY so now you have Cara Coffey. I’m gonna Mama you forevermore, oh American Youth, and you are going with me.

Lemme wipe the Snot off your nose from that Christian American Cold you got from 1950 to this present darkness and take you to the PromiseLand like Bobby Conner, Dr. Kendall, KP Yohannan, and a few others are leading us in within heavenly door ministries. Any questions? No, there are no questions here because I’ve seen the LORD in Austin, Texas. There IS ONLY ONE ANSWER ETERNALLY:



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