This Befell Us

Source: 365 Promises From God’s Word in Color 

Let us never forget the promises of God in our valleys. This is my ❤️ song for myself and you.

The feature image is of a book I was led by the Holy Spirit to purchase twice in 2015 if my memory serves me correctly, and that ministry of the Holy Spirit was directly from Streams Ministries International but I’m not going into details. Let me explain: 

This is the edifice erected in my neighborhood in 2014. It took me a long time to take it down brick by brick. I block the memory of that time. The ramifications of this edifice is why the author-ship of the Double Moons Prayer Initiative in my third volume of testimony is Curtis & Cara Coffey and John Paul & Diane Jackson. Go read this whole article on Rivers International. I am here this morning in Austin, Texas, testifying to the entire world that Jesus Christ, God Father, the Coffeys, the Davis Family of Mississippi, and the Jackson Family of Streams Ministries International are still suffering worldwide in Jesus Name and all glory to God Father. I had to destroy all the real testimony like I’m alluding today. Our families were in too much danger so that is why I have the testimony how John Paul and I never met. It is a miracle I can write this way kind of like John Paul being catapulted off a bridge and landing safely down below. (Smile)

False Prophet 1966-2050


Top left: PromiseLand worship Friday night, (7/14/2017); Top right and Bottom left: my artwork accomplished at Graceland and Whole Foods on Sunday, (7/16/2017); and Bottom right is the Chapel of St. Catherine’s Catholic Church in Oak Hill where I watched, prayed, and colored the evening of (7/16/2017) all glory to God and in Jesus Name amen. The artwork was recorded and the images uploaded from my iPad at Dick Nichols Park (7/16/2017) thereby interceding deeply for the Richard of my life and the Aaron of my life: that being Alva Richard Coffey and Aaron Jackson. Please notice the author’s name in this article at Uncovered No More is Richard. You don’t be me and not pay careful attention to details since John Paul Jackson was struck within heavenly door ministries as he was plus the man he gifted the New Hampshire heavenly door to, Scott Evelyn, was also struck and it was on the eighth anniversary of my insanity exorcism the first time, September 25, 2008. Remember? The number eight means new beginnings, ya’ll. That wasn’t cool so I am here to tell the world this prophetess has been fixing IT for eight years while I saw Jesus on the way to the Catholic Church where the chapel was snapped on the iPad. He was riding a bike just like the first time I saw Him sometime in 2014 in my neighborhood doing: He always looks like the professional biker, you know? No, you don’t. That’s between me and HIM in Jesus Name, amen.

Bethel Music – Come to Me Ft. Jenn Johnson


This desk upon which the last three pictures were taken is in our Master Bedroom right now–I teach my three youngest there. My art/work desk is to the right as you face the wall. To the left is the half window I saw John Paul Jackson look out and slump his shoulders in the spirit realms in around 2004. God help me survive my memories in this house. The desk was built for my cousins because my mother home schooled them in Austin after Uncle John died of lung cancer at the age of 40 so my parents and my mother’s sister lived together with my aunt’s children. Uncle Robert Paul Beaty, who shot himself and died five days after my birthday in 2011,  built 3-4 of these desks and three houses–one of which is mine and that is that. GOD I look to YOU so I won’t be overwhelmed.


This Befell Us by John Michael Talbot



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