False Prophet 1966-2050

Isaiah 41-44; Jeremiah 5-29; Micah 2-3; Revelation 16-20

Live Performance River Lea by Adele and I have this to say: I drain swamps in Jesus Name amen. I’ve lived in a jungle. Jesus moved me November 19, 2016 all glory to God. The Jungle used to be on Uncovered No More in its infancy. It is now on Rivers International unlike a whole bunch of testimony that was and is the Untold Story of Uncovered No More that is a thumb drive of my initial blog testimony. I have one, only one, blog book left from all of my blog work of the last four years. My publisher is destroyed. My three to four books which were going to print are now destroyed effective January of 2017.

Shane Davis and I have this type of life. In addition, if you compare the financial status of Streams Ministries International against that of Bethel, MorningStar, or Eagle’s View much less Chavda Ministries International, you know who is Esau, so to speak, and who is the youngest brother Jacob, the supplanter. I can tell you one thing about SMI and UNM operatives: we are supplanters all right, and proud of it.

Get the hell out of Austin, Texas, people who are glory seekers. You do NOT KNOW what you are doing and you have caused so much damage and pain in the lives of those two ministries that you ought to be ashamed of  yourselves.

To be clear, I have people show up in churches that are simple people seeking God day to day like I do. They know something is up. I’m not talking about them. I’m not talking about the lady whose Volvo I complimented in the Slaughter Lane HEB after church today, either. Or all the bald guys and their families…or the ones who check me out at stores and keep going too…or those who nurture my children…. or, or, or…..  This is 7/16/2017. When I say “after church”, it means I went to three of them. God help me survive the American Christian Debauchery ongoing in Austin, Texas. God help me!

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