Double Moons Prayer Initiative Audio Files, Part One

Uncovered No More Audio

Key to Double Moons


This is a prayer initiative which I wrote under unction of the Holy Spirit in 2013 from June through August all glory to God. The last recording is going to be the conclusion. The story of my life is on this blog in the only state I am willing to leave my life story within. I am no longer going to explain myself to humans. Thank you for your consideration.

This is the United States Prayer Initiative which I wrote in 2012~2013 as my children and I prayed for this Nation all glory to God.

Jericho March, Part One:

Jericho March, Part Two



I am being released from a certain sort of testimony that I find hard to define; however, it has to do with Revelation 12 what I am talking about: testimony in hell is different than testimony on the earth as a person such as myself who is of the kingdom of heaven….on earth. I am skilled at both types of writing; but that does not mean I don’t have some learning to do to completely stop the testimony of hell.

So here is my first step: I am deleting the key article on this website as linked above though I will leave the link itself to testify to my intention to have exposed myself yet again to the American Populace. There are many of us who write in order to help you come back to Jesus Christ. I think the current testimony on this website blog roll, which is going to remain for a while is my guess in the Lord, is sufficient to let any interested reader know something: God’s not dead. Many educated people are dead as they live. It isn’t my business to determine if you are one of those. I love you, Jesus loves you, and I’m going to write like that all glory to God.

In addition to this decision, and due to the nature of testimony in hell, I am going to refuse to read all of my printed works save Uncovered No More: praying for America. Perhaps some day that one book will go to print. This is of course up to the Lord all glory to God.

But here, my Beloved, I stay my hand in love with I AM: the Untold Story of Uncovered No More has many, many beautiful dreams, visions, and commentaries that are root love as according to our Root of King David Jesus Christ. I think I just found my answer to a question I asked Jesus this morning which is alluded in this interlude: why so much hard testimony, Jesus?

It is one thing to write in love with the Rock of Offense. It is quite another thing to write in love with the King of kings and Lord of lords all glory to God. It is all love. This is the commandment: love the Lord God first. Then love our neighbor as ourselves. You and I can do this now, oh yes we can, with a lot less interference from Satan. That is one thing I will do: I am sure as heaven going to read the conclusion of the lovely little book from hell, Uncovered No More: a four blood moon testimony (vol 3). That conclusion is our new beginning, you see, in which case love never fails. Love.never.fails.

Here is how I will parse out all my old writing: I will place articles where I am led to place them one day at a time all glory to God across two website blog rolls: Rivers International and Stupid Christian. And I will read each article and place that recording at the top with the printed work underneath it.

I also have a lot of mentoring writing to do that will land at Rivers. This website blog is live testimony. That much is obvious. How nice that it is now heaven’s testimony but I’m not changing the sub-title yet. Lemme tell ya something: I don’t trust you, oh Caucasian Christian of America. You need to gain back my trust, Babes. Come on, be a stupid christian with me and maybe I will learn to like you again. If there is any question about my love–of all of humankind–in any Christian heart across where-ever I am now known, well, shaboopie go talk to God about that please and thank you.

It is my testimony, shortly lived across a stupid, weak, 50 year life, how it is ferocious to have love for the darkest angel out there, yes it is. But when Jesus tells this little sister to go ahead and love Lucifer, I submitted to the will of God in my life on heaven and earth and learned to love him in the fear of God and under unction of the Holy Spirit.

I do believe that is one ferocious life lesson I am personally very thankful to have finished. I still love Satan–forevermore where he is. I cannot say that about Leviathan, False Prophet, or Beast (Rev 13-21). This is because there is nothing to love in False Prophet, Leviathan, and Beast. They are entities made up of human free will, and Jezebel along with the witch associated with the synagogue of Satan, are caught up in False Prophet–the judgment on women is different than it is on men in the Christian Church and outside of it all glory to God (1Cor7; Rev 7). Where there are prophecies, they cease, where there are tongues, they vanish away, and when I was a child I spoke as a child–when I became a woman I put away childish things.

I never had a baby (the millennials) who weren’t already mostly grown at about three weeks out of the womb. I have a picture of my son Patrick at three weeks old. Curtis took the picture and I’m holding my son up who was smiling as big as any adult, and it wasn’t because the boy was passing gas ha! In that moment, or in the moment when I watched Edith sit in her high chair at about 8 months old and concentrate so wholly adult-like that I was amazed, I began to learn what a steep hill raising millennials truly is.

My kids–I’ve had to learn how to make them have a childhood LOL! They hate me for it but they’ll thank me later. That’s my testimony today. So help me God you will have a childhood, kid, is my mama-secret. It is all glory to God and in Jesus Name, amen. May the whole world have an immediate return to the true heaven on earth: childhood and aged adulthood. When we fellowship with those two loves of our lives, even when it is hard, we are in fellowship with the God Father. (smile in Jesus Name, amen)


Tower of Babel, Part One

Tower of Babel, Part Two

In Conclusion, a Rainbow

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